So, the last post in the series of DIY website design with WordPress has come, and in this lesson 8, I will guide you to install 10 more necessary Plugins for your website.

WordPress plugin for website development

In the previous posts, if you have read through, I have instructed you to install a few plugins on the website, but if this is the first post you read, I will guide you again.

Go to Plugins on the dashboard > Install New > Enter the name of the plugin you want to install in the search bar.


Remember, after clicking install, you need to click an additional activation step for the plugin to work.


Really Simple SSL

In post 2, I have guided everyone to install an SSL certificate for the website on Cpanel of hosting, but to activate 100%, you need to add 1 more plugin, Really Simple SSL.

Please download and activate> in the setting, click Active SSL to activate, when successful, please F5 the website again, if the left-hand side of the domain name has a black padlock, it means it has been successfully installed.

If it still shows the word “No security”, it still doesn’t work, go back to lesson 2 and check if it’s installed correctly.


This is a plugin with a lot of built-in tools and is recommended by WordPress.

The main function is still to monitor the website’s status, growth as well as a few things about the website’s performance such as how many people are viewing your website each day, whether there are any security errors or not…

WP Rocket

This is a plugin used to increase the loading speed of the website, I really like this plugin because it will compress the code in the web site to improve the page loading speed significantly.

Once downloaded, go to Settings > WP Rocket to enter the customization page.

Please install a few customizations as shown to speed up page loading.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

This is a plugin that allows us to compress the size of uploaded images to make the website lighter.


Rest assured, this plugin will calculate the minimum size without causing the image to be broken, if any image after compression can be broken, it will not be compressed.

Very smart, isn’t it!


After downloading, go to the website and log in with Gmail to get the free API key, then go back to the plugin’s settings and paste it in.

If you use it for free, you can compress 500 images per month.

The website above is also a very useful online place to compress image sizes.

Rank Math

Next comes an SEO plugin, most people and I used to use the Yoast SEO plugin before, but up to now, I have completely switched to using RankMath.

The feature of RankMath is much more convenient and versatile for the Seo-er brothers.

Updating bugs, as well as new features, continuously are the biggest scoring factor of this plugin.

Contact Form 7

This is a plugin that helps us make forms to fill out the information, leave data of viewers and customers in a very useful way.

The plugin is very easy to use when it comes to customizing the design of the form and can be inserted anywhere on the website with just a short line of code.

External Link

The plugin helps you to manage the links on the website effectively.

There are two types of links on your website:

  • Internal Link: Internal link on the website


  • External Link: Link to another website

The default of the website is that when a viewer clicks on these two links, the website will immediately load the above link in that tab. That is inconvenient.

I usually customize this plugin when people click on any link on the web that will display another tab.

In addition, the plugin can control Dofollow or Nofollow attributes automatically for SEO people!

Plugin wordpress for the editor

That’s it, the necessary Plugins for website development are done, now it’s time to go to the plugin for the editor.

Fixed TOC

This is a plugin that closely follows the process of readers when they read the article, when clicked, it can display a menu table so that viewers can easily track where they read.

This plugin I have interfered with the code so that it displays hard in the left-hand sidebar of the web. However, you can use it normally when installing.

This plugin currently costs $ 20 and must be purchased on another website, but I will give DR readers this plugin for free, you can download it here!

TinyMCE Advanced

Your editor to look like Microsoft Word lacks many things such as customizing the font color, table lines, line spacing…

However, after you download this plugin, everything will be solved, please download and use to save more time while editing text on WP.

Category Sticky Post

This is a plugin used to pin an article to the top of the article category page because when you write a new article in the category, the previous posts will be pushed down by default.

So usually I will pin the most important article or the one explaining the definition of that category to the top.

Simple Author Box

This plugin is used to decorate the author section, upload images and describe the author properly.

Besides, you can also insert icons for social networking sites.

I’m also using this plugin now and it appears in the right sidebar & at the bottom of every post!

Those are the 10 plugins I often use and find essential for your favorite website.

Please refer and install it.

The last post in the series of self-designing websites, I hope you can customize yourself a simple and effective website to serve your needs.

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