Doing SEO will have a lot of necessary tools, but today I will share 3 main tools to do SEO & some basic indicators in these tools to evaluate the power of the website!

Ahref – The leading tool for doing SEO

This is one of the tools that I think is the most powerful of the tools I have access to, it almost solves 80-90% of the problems that SEO needs.

Ahref is a company that provides SEO software, they have quality data and information sources (Similar to Google). This tool brings all the benefits of a website evaluation, keyword research, competitor research, web growth, traffic growth, content recommendation, keyword rank check…

công cụ ahref

Some stats about Ahref

AR (Ahref Rank): An index that evaluates the web site’s rank, domain name, backlinks, content quality…

This is an indicator collected by the individual company, it is not 100% true of what Google relies on to evaluate website strength. However, this is one of the reputation indicators that you can refer to. to evaluate your website as a whole.

DR (Domain Rating): This is an indicator of the strength of that domain (domain name), based on many factors such as backlink strength, reliability, traffic…

This metric is prioritized for evaluation at Ahref over the UR index below.

UR (URL Rating): this metric shows the strength & trustworthiness of that URL, which means a site can have multiple URs depending on the path you check at Ahref.

Based on the quality of backlinks pointing to the page, you have a scale of 1 – 100 to rate this score. The stronger and better the backlink, the higher the UR score.

Moz – Good tools and utilities when doing SEO

Moz is also a company that provides SEO tools, they have a lot of small tools in this ecosystem.

công cụ seo Moz

However, today I only introduce the indicators I often use on Moz such as:

DA: (Domain Authority) This index also talks about the strength of the website according to Moz data, it is almost similar to Ahref’s DR. Also an overall assessment of your web strength & quality, backlinks.

PA: (Page Authority) Similar to the URL Rating above, it measures the strength of backlinks pointing to the website’s URL.

Spam Score: This is one of the metrics I’m very interested in, as the name suggests, it represents the percentage of spam content. The higher the Spam Score, the more duplicated your content is.

And if the content is duplicate, then surely the value brought from those content is 0.

10 articles on your website that 9 articles are almost 90% similar, it proves that you are very “lazy” and just want to copy and copy the content to see the quantity. SC is usually <10%

Majestic – Measuring Website Reputation

Majestic is the third tool I want to mention in this article. A tool to help analyze the reputation of the website as well as the reputation of Backlink when doing SEO.

There are two main indicators of this tool that you should know are TF & CF

công cụ seo Majestic

TF (Trust Flow)  Represents the average quality of Backlink.

However, TF also digs into the reputation as well as the category that the Backlink points to. TF range from 15 – 25 is too great for your website.

CF (Citation Flow)  This metric shows the average number of Backlinks. This is one of those rare stats that “lower is better”.

Why is that? To put it simply, if this index is high, it means you have a lot of backlinks shot to your website. However, it is extremely dangerous when the CF is 2, 3 times the TF.

That is, if your CF has 30 points but your TF only has 10 – 15, it means your backlinks are not appreciated at all, a large number can be spammed links & heavily penalized by google (Because they think you are trying to increase your backlinks). My index is up for beauty, not really for the user)


I have briefly shared with everyone about the 3 tools I find most necessary to do SEO. Through this article, you probably know a bit about the indicators that large companies use to evaluate websites.

However, keep in mind that these metrics are not 100% correct as Google identifies them.

They are just simulating the factors that Google evaluates a website to provide indicators for Seo-er, SEO businesses can recognize and refer.

See you in the next posts, I’m Rick. Thank you everyone for reading.