Imagine, if your work is too much, but you do not have a specific plan of what to do, what will happen?

As with blogging, a successful social media strategy requires a regular publishing schedule, attracting and reaching readers.

So, to ensure that the content you create is completed on schedule and more smoothly, let’s update some of the “genuine” Social Media Content Calendar tools below:

Evernote: Content calendar, task management, and post organization

Evernote is known as a familiar note-taking application for many marketers. With this application, people will easily track all the content and programs included in their media campaigns.

In particular, this tool will have work items divided by hour, day, week, a month for people to track detailed blog and social media content.

In addition, Evernote also integrates the Web Clipper tool on Chrome so that people can easily save links to their Evernote Notebook, for convenient sharing with others.

Best of all, this application also provides additional features to help you unleash the content above in the way they want.

For example, you can easily snap a photo and save it to your Evernote files for later review.

Loomly: Create content strategy and content calendar

If you want a tool to help you manage and control social posts more easily and effectively, don’t ignore Loomly.

In addition to being a “warrior” to help manage content, Loomly is also appreciated by many marketers for providing an effective source of inspiration and ideas for their posts.

At the same time, it also allows people to schedule posts, analyze those posts to easily see the performance of marketing campaigns.

However, Loomly’s most powerful feature is the mockup model.

This is a model built to help users communicate a general idea based on the information and actual products obtained from user feedback.

In addition, Loomly also supports approving groups that can submit models, view version logs, flag for approval, and more.

Thereby, it will help users easily arrange posts logically when there are many different ideas in a project.

Trello: Task Manager and Content Scheduler

If you do marketing without knowing Trello, it is a big omission. It’s a tool for organizing content, especially in group collaboration.

With Trello, users manage and view a full work schedule, so you can visualize what content is coming out when to publish.

More specifically, in this tool, you can use the “tags” feature to assign tasks to others along with “Boards” and “Lists” on Trello.

Thereby, making it easy for you to map out to-do lists, implementers, content calendars, campaign plans, ideas from team members, etc.

Sprout Social: Calendar and social content

Social content calendar and publishing tool – Sprout Social is a powerful assistant that makes it easier for anyone to plan and schedule social media posts faster and more efficiently.

Accordingly, you can completely schedule the content to be automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. every day.

In particular, with this tool, people can also tag each post on social and add captions easily, for the convenience of campaign tracking and reporting.

In addition, Sprout Social has also developed a feature to optimize sending time, this tool will help you analyze your social media data, and automatically publish at the time when users are most engaged. .

Each tool that we introduce above has its own characteristics. But all of them will help make everyone’s Social Media Content Calendar more effective and professional.

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