Are you passionate about Marketing? But the Covid 19 epidemic, financial conditions, time, … are the factors that prevent you from being able to access the latest Digital Marketing knowledge?

Then save up for the following completely free, fully certified online marketing courses to help you develop your digital skills. Thereby helping you get closer to the latest quality marketing job opportunities from top employers in Vietnam.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is one of the Digital Marketing online courses organized by Google Digital Garage specifically for beginners.

In particular, the course content mainly helps newbies get an overview of online business, different forms of digital marketing, as well as being introduced to the supporting tools in the full Google ecosystem. most enough.

After completing the course, in order to receive a certificate from Google, people must complete:

– 26 modules (equivalent to 40 hours of study)

– Do a test after each lesson (tutorial video) and after each module

– Pass 80% in the final test (final test) consisting of 40 questions

Moreover, when you complete the course, you will definitely gain more knowledge not only about Digital Marketing but also how to beautify your CV/Linkedin, translate industry knowledge into English if you only studied digital before. in Vietnamese,…

For myself, this is a foundation course that helps me understand the foundations of Digital and continue to build and conquer more advanced courses.

Immediately receive a Digital Marketing certificate from Google right after completing the course, learn and register right here

Google Analytics Academy

When starting to do Digital Marketing, have you ever thought about how to reach a group of customers with these strategies and tools?

If you really think like that, the Google Analytics Academy course is an environment that helps you solve this problem.

The design course is in the form of a video, covering all 4 groups of content:

– Google Analytics Foundation Principles

– Fundamentals of digital analysis

– E-commerce analysis

– Mobile App Analytics

Guaranteed, after completing this course, it will help you gain a whole new perspective, expand your marketing knowledge to come up with the most suitable strategy for your work.

Free Digital Marketing course from Google, don’t hesitate to find out and register right here

Facebook BluePrint

Facebook Blueprint is one of Facebook’s completely free online training programs.

Specifically, through this course, people will understand the basics of marketing skills and run effective ads on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Currently, Facebook Blueprint has a total of more than 90 video courses. Most people can complete it in 15-50 minutes and new courses are updated regularly.

All it takes to follow this course is a Facebook account to get started. After completing the course and you can take the exam to get the certificate of Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Learn marketing for free from Facebook Blueprint easier here

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist is one of the free courses for beginners to lead themselves on the arduous marketing path.

This course will include a lot of small programs on marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Email Marketing..vv…. A total of 11 single courses, approximately 21 hours of study, provided by 11 leading Digital Marketing experts in the world.

Ensuring that after each learning path, everyone is equipped with analytical skills and digital marketing tactics, from marketing plans, content strategies, SEO, effective analysis.

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist is a training program of Linkedin, a famous social networking site that focuses on businesses, or professional individuals who need to connect to find jobs, recruit and search. chance.

Everyone can learn and sign up for the free course right here.


Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification

This is an intensive training program in Digital marketing that is certified after each course. These trainings are conducted by the same marketers currently working for Hubspot.

The course has a total of 11 classes completely free of charge, after each class, there will be optional homework assignments. Thereby will be very suitable for those who want to study courses at their own pace.

This course provides you with knowledge of:

– The basic foundation of Inbound Marketing

– Applying the model of Inbound Marketing to businesses

– Define the purpose of the company

– Define business goals

– Build customer portraits

– Develop the business customer journey

HubSpot is one of the most famous websites for Inbound Marketing, invested by many famous companies such as Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Salesforce. Find out and register for the course right here.


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Hopefully, the above free courses, it will help people access interesting knowledge about the world of Digital Marketing. The knowledge, skills, and experience in the industry will bring you practical benefits.

Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, stay tuned for our upcoming Digital Marketing Tips & Tools.