Content Marketing is likened to “becoming a hundred families”. But sometimes, you feel happy because you bring a lot of value to the readers through the content you write. But there are also times when it will leave you feeling frustrated and not interested in continuing.


I never thought I would do content, nor did I choose writing as my personal hobby. But “the predestined fate that it grabbed the content profession” had to “smash it with the spear” only!



So, after a period of “immersion” in the words of a “dry” person, I have gathered some experiences that have helped me improve my writing skills “better”.

Hope these experiences of mine will help everyone when pursuing content marketing.

Watch and read more

If you want to improve your content writing ability, it is really necessary to “watch and read” more. But what to watch and read every day to write better more emotional content?

Then read more books, see what the content on social media is worth every day.

For me, watching social networks not only helps to relax my mind, thereby also helping me to gain more access to the outside world.

Or I often join content groups, where I share a lot of good articles, tips on making content, .. I believe that is also a way to help you access more inspiration to write content. than that.

I am sure, no one can write everything coherently from the beginning, they must have the basic knowledge first.

Therefore, the background knowledge from good books, from the information you update every day are the most authentic materials to help you convey in your own words.

This will make customers put their trust in your products/services instead of just saying, “cheating”.

Appreciate your inspirations and motivations

Content marketers always have “sensitivities” to each word. There will be many times when you will feel stuck or depressed because the content you write does not bring high value.

But, pay attention to see that there are always many inspirations around you so that you are not pessimistic. It can come from a good story, a couple of lines from a friend on social networks, a piece of advice from someone, and even customer feedback that inspires and motivates you. that’s better.

I’m not too great about content, my writing ability is still weak, but I like to read and learn from seniors and seniors who have inspired me a lot so that I can improve my skills better. every day.

Think of yourself as a reader, not a writer


“It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them” – Philip Kotler With higher expectations, they expect you to not only meet their needs, but exceed them.)



So, to know what customers think, you must be your own customer.

When writing something, especially a sales article, you should put yourself in the position of a read more to know what they want through the article, through the article to know what they get in return. because you only write with the attitude of a writer.

Learn more support tools

The process of doing content marketing is not a day or two, but the content will change continuously depending on the time and market trends.

Fortunately, there are many content research tools available today that can help make your content work more effective. Eg:

– Information research tools: BuzzSumo, Lead FWD, Quora, Reddit…

– Tools to support the working process: Google Docs, Asana, Slack, …

– Keyword analysis tools:, Ahref,…

– Idea finder: Portent, Hubspot,…

So, don’t ignore the help of these powerful tools to make your content creation process easier and more effective.


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Change yourself, change your future


“You cannot grow and progress without Change; And those who don’t change their minds can’t do great things.” George Bernard Shaw –



In this content marketing industry, it changes every day, “variable change” continuously. If you just stop doing what you know without learning and improving, it is easy to be “rejected” in the profession.

For example, before I was only used to writing SEO content, I also thought that I would only be able to do that type of content. But no, so far I have learned many other types of content.

I believe that, if you are willing to change, the results will be different. Be yourself – Be your better.

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