Are you learning how to do affiliate marketing? Are you wondering what is the best affiliate marketing app for “poor monkey” Publishers like me?

If you do not have enough conditions to buy yourself PC and laptop sets to make money from Affiliate?

That’s okay, with the content that we provide right below, we will reveal the affiliate marketing mobile marketing applications that many Publishers have successfully experienced.

Make sure you absolutely will choose “true love” for yourself on the journey of making money from Affiliate by phone.

Let’s start!

Make money on your phone easily with Affiliate Marketing AccessTrade program

If you have learned about the Affiliate marketing business model, surely it is not too strange with the name AccessTrade, right?

affiliate marketing app
AccessTrade is one of the effective Affiliate platforms today

This is one of the leading reputable Affiliate Network in Vietnam today with providing many products, cooperating with many Advertisers, etc. thereby helping Publisher have more confidence in cooperation.

With the AccessTrade platform, you don’t need to have a fancy computer.

Instead, with just a smartphone, with a smooth internet connection, it is possible to make money at home with AccessTrade’s affiliate marketing app.

Specifically, people will access the website: by phone to register for an account and start their affiliate marketing program.

For example, if you want to make money by promoting a skin cream product, you will sign up for an AccessTrade account and get the corresponding link for that product.

When anyone buys products according to your affiliate link, you will receive the corresponding commission.

Basically, the AccessTrade affiliate marketing app is really a reputable playground for those of you who have not found the right app.


If you do not know much about AccessTrade, how to register and join the Affiliate program here, do not skip the article ==> Instructions to register for affiliate with Accesstrade.


Shopee – The No.1 Affiliate Marketing App in Vietnam


Shopee can be considered as the “national application” today. When this is both a shopping paradise and an affiliate marketing application that attracts the most Publishers today.



Similar to other affiliate programs, making money from Shopee affiliate marketing app is also simply understood that you will promote the products of Advertisers on Shopee.

affiliate marketing app
Shopee is an effective Affiliate earning playground

When a customer buys a product from your promotion or referral through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

To be able to make money from the affiliate marketing app from Shopee, people also need to register to join Shopee’s affiliate program here.

The process of registering for a marketing program with Shopee is not too complicated.

But as far as I know, it takes a long time to get approved by Shopee, because the number of Publishers in Shopee is quite large, so if you wait too long, you should contact Shopee to support quick approval.

One point to note when doing complete Shopee app affiliate marketing, you need to own a social networking site, website, blog, etc. to integrate the affiliate marketing feature.

If you don’t have your own social networking platform, website, etc., then you should create or build yourself a qualified system to make money with an effective Shopee affiliate.


If you do not know where to start creating a website or blog? Then refer to the simple process of self-designing a website with just 8 super simple steps with Digital By Rick.



When doing Affiliate Marketing with Shopee, with each successful referral order you will receive an attractive commission.

When you work directly with Shopee, the commission will be higher than participating through intermediary networks. You do not need to share the commission revenue like participating in networks.

Make money Affiliate Marketing from Lazada affiliate marketing app program

As one of the famous e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, Lazada’s affiliate marketing application was available quite early compared to other exchanges.

Basically, the way to do affiliate marketing on Lazada is similar to other affiliate apps, only you will market products on Lazada floor.

app affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing program with Lazada

Bên cạnh đó, việc đăng ký làm affiliate marketing mobi trực tiếp với Lazada đòi hỏi Publisher phải có nguồn traffic sẵn.

Besides, registering as a mobile affiliate marketing directly with Lazada requires the Publisher to have an available traffic source.
As far as I know, Lazada only approves for Publishers who register with those who have experience in the field of Affiliate Marketing.
But if you have a website with a stable traffic source or a social networking site with a lot of interaction, it will be easy to register as a direct affiliate with Lazada.
After being approved as a successful affiliate, you can start doing marketing by using the affiliate link that leads to the product page of Lazada.
When you have a successful order, you will receive a real-time updated commission on the Dashboard.
However, in Lazada, to receive the commission you need to be at least VND 500.00, as well as having a contract with Lazada before.
Compared to other affiliate marketing app programs, Lazada will be a bit more rigorous, requiring Publisher to put in more effort to achieve a worthy income.

Make money from Tiktok affiliate marketing app

Like other social networking sites, Tiktok is not only a playground for entertainment exchanges between tiktokers but also a place for Publishers to operate and earn effective income.
affiliate app
Tiktok is a platform that supports making money from trending Affiliate

With the ability to spread content to users quickly and to the right audience, Tiktok has always been considered a good affiliate marketing app to do affiliate marketing.

I see, the strongest point of Tiktok at the moment is a large number of users, along with the posted content is video, so viewers can easily get a more visual view.

Thereby, it will help them easily interested in the product and stimulate the purchase action more effectively.

Therefore, to take advantage of this strength, publishers should have new investments in their posted video content.

Images should be meticulously cared for to be more beautiful, content is really useful to keep customers following. Thereby building for themselves a community of large and loyal viewers.

However, the difference when doing Affiliate on the Tiktok app is that you can only set 1 bio link to access a website.

In other locations, when you place a link, even if you visit it, it will not lead to that affiliate page.

This is the typical difference when you are an affiliate on Tiktok compared to other platforms that allow you to place links in many locations.

Therefore, the fact that Publishers want to make money effectively from the Tiktok affiliate marketing app is to create content that attracts viewers not only to interact.

In addition, the content should stimulate them to go to the bio and click on your affiliate link if they have a need that the content you want to convey and the money will come from here.

In particular, the higher the product commission value, the more people click on the link and make the conversion, the more money you will earn.

Not many people watch videos or interact with this form of TikTok Affiliate making money.

Make money from Facebook affiliate marketing app

“No matter what anyone says, Facebook is still the app with the largest number of users in Vietnam”

Therefore, this is also an effective affiliate marketing app trusted by Publisher. Why should you do affiliate marketing on Facebook? The answer to this question will be found in the section below.

app affiliate marketing
Make money from smart Affiliate thanks to Facebook application


According to statistics, Vietnam is one of the top 7 countries in the world with more than 60 million Facebook users. This is not a small number given the number of people in Vietnam.

In particular, the number of Facebook users in Vietnam are all aged from 18 to 35. This is also the target audience with high consumption and shopping needs.

At the same time, the trend of online shopping habits is also becoming more and more popular, so if you miss this affiliate marketing channel, it is really a mistake for Publishers.



How to do affiliate marketing on Facebook?

So, with the Facebook channel, there are many options for Publishers to take advantage of to do affiliate marketing. Eg:

– Share your personal profile: You can use your personal account to share your affiliate marketing link on your wall for your friends or followers. If the right need, they will be willing to buy for you.

– Create a fan page to do affiliate marketing on Facebook: Building a Fanpage is very necessary to build a brand image. Besides, this is also a reputable site for customers to trust more when accessing the link.

– Share in sales groups: Community groups are always the optimal choice to reach many customers. But you should not spam the link too much, it is easy to be “blacklisted” by Facebook.

General conclusion

Now you know the most effective affiliate marketing apps available today. Everyone can choose a few suitable programs to join and increase their passive income every day on their own phones.

In summary, we have a list of the best affiliate marketing apps with the following advantages:

AccessTrade affiliate program – convenient and useful product, easy to join but a bit low profit.

Affiliate Marketing App Shopee Affiliate – high revenue, many products, low payment minimum

Lazada’s affiliate marketing program – is a useful automated tool with, a high commission rate, but the procedure to receive commission is a bit complicated.

App affiliate marketing Tiktok – easy to use and quick to register, useful marketing kit to help optimize income.

Affiliate marketing app with Facebook – Support to reach customers quickly, increase conversion rate.


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