Coming to this article, surely you want to learn, register for affiliate marketing at AccessTrade? Affiliate marketing how to register?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Because the content in the following article, I will use all the “internal work” to provide you with the most detailed instructions on how to register for affiliate marketing at AccessTrade.

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What is AccessTrade?

Before coming to AccessTrade affiliate marketing content, how to register? Let’s introduce what AccessTrade is for those of you who don’t know about this Affiliate platform.

affiliate marketing sign up
AccessTrade is a reputable affiliate marketing network in Vietnam

According to the owner, AccessTrade is a very famous affiliate network in Vietnam.

Or to put it easier to understand, this is an intermediary unit connecting product/service providers (advertisers) and people who want to make money like me and you (Publishers) but do not have products or services. private.

When you promote, market products/services to Advertisers. You will receive a commission based on successful order through your affiliate link.


The origin of AccessTrade is an Affiliate marketing platform born in Japan, developed and operated by Interspace Co, Ltd (Japan) since 2001.

AccessTrade is quite active in Southeast Asia. Until 2015, this playground officially visited the Vietnamese market.



Currently, AccessTrade operates on the CPA (Cost per Action) model.

That is, when the end-user performs actions such as purchasing, registering, filling out forms, etc. through the Affiliate link of the Publishers provided by AccessTrade, the Publisher will receive a commission.

Probably easy to understand right? AccessTrade is like a “matchmaker” that will help Publishers like us find Advertisers and customers to earn that extra income.

Evaluate some difficulties & advantages when participating in making money with Accesstrade

In the midst of a matrix of affiliate marketing networks to the birth of the affiliate program, what difficulties and advantages will be encountered when AccessTrade affiliate marketing registers Publishers?

Let’s find out more so you can decide whether to sign up for this affiliate marketing or not!

Advantages when Publisher decides to affiliate marketing to register an account at AccessTrade

I personally see, one of the first advantages when signing up for affiliate marketing at AccessTrade is prestige.

For a Publisher like me and you, everyone wants to work with reputable companies, right?

This ensures a clear and transparent commission policy and benefits when participating. Just like the Publisher community at AccessTrade is very large, so it is somewhat more secure.

Sign up for affiliate marketing
The operation process at AccessTrade is professional and reputable

In addition, at AccessTrade today, I see that there are many products/services for people to participate in affiliate marketing such as tours, education, finance, hotel booking, e-commerce, etc..

Because AccessTrade operates in Vietnam with most of the campaigns coming from domestic vendors.

Therefore, you can completely access it easily without worrying about language barriers.

With AccessTrade, you don’t need to join various affiliate programs.

Instead, you just need affiliate marketers to register for an AccessTrade account and participate in campaigns and promotions in one easy place.

In particular, AccessTrade regularly organizes live streams to share experiences of making money with affiliates for Publishers.

Personally, I really like this point of AccessTrade, very professional like foreign affiliate marketing programs.

AccessTrade interface uses Vietnamese blogs and websites, so people can easily manipulate to support sales work more effectively.

Importantly, the consulting staff at AccessTrade provides quick and dedicated support, so I am very satisfied with myself.

I firmly believe that, with those advantages alone, it is enough to conquer everyone who comes with AccessTrade, as well as wants to do affiliate marketing, register an account right away!

Cons of signing up for affiliate marketing at AccessTrade

Nothing is 100% perfect, and AccessTrade is no exception!

Sign up for the program affiliate
The commission at AccessTrade is not too high

As far as I can see, the commission at AccessTrade is not too high on average from 5 to 7%, and does not increase with sales.

But don’t worry, AccessTrade also regularly holds top racing programs and rewards, productive Publishers.

At AccessTrade, there are some providers who suddenly stop the campaign, change the commission policy. Hopefully, in the future, this shortcoming will be remedied.

In addition, high-value orders often have low conversion rates.

Because the psychology of online shoppers in Vietnam is not ready to buy and decide to pay for an expensive product on the internet.


But I think, these disadvantages are not necessarily due to AccessTrade.

Surely in the future with its strong faith and development, AccessTrade will improve better.

Is AccessTrade a scam?

Surely, before deciding to register for an affiliate marketing account at AccessTrade, many of you have asked yourself the question, Is AccessTrade a scam?

affiliate marketing sign upFor example, a commission report at AccessTrade so Publishers can rest assured

Or new participants, why is the commission every 150K but still not paid? Could it be that AccessTrade is a scam?
To this, I affirm that the answer is “No”. AccessTrade is a reputable affiliate marketing network so there is no scam.
The case that many new Publishers have not received the money is probably because you have not reached the minimum level that AccessTrade prescribes of 200K to be withdrawn, or not until the date (AccessTrade pays 18 monthly).


In general, when participating in affiliate marketing registration at AccessTrade, you should learn more carefully the regulations and policies that the unit offers so that there are no misunderstandings between the two parties.



After feeling secure, satisfied with the prestige and professionalism of AccessTrade!

Let’s start answering the question titled AccessTrade affiliate marketing how to register with us!

AccessTrade affiliate marketing how to register an account?

Basically, you have understood the mechanism of making affiliate marketing programs at the prestigious AcessTrade without question.

If you are interested in this earning opportunity, now see how to sign up for affiliate marketing with AccessTrade right here.

First, you need to visit AccessTrade’s registration page here

affiliate marketing sign up

Then, at the registration page, you just need to fill in the information in the available form such as: username, password, email, phone number, create a login password.

Immediately after completing the information and clicking “Register”, a pop-up message will appear on the screen to notify you of successful registration. At this point, please go to the registration email to continue the procedure.

affiliate marketing sign up

Open the email, you will receive a message from AccessTrade with the content asking for confirmation and account activation. You just need to follow by clicking on that link (make sure the link is safe).

Immediately after that, you will be redirected to a new page, where you click the button “Login to Accesstrade”.

affiliate . program

At this point, the AccessTrade account login page interface will display. You just need to enter the correct username and password to access the AccessTrade admin page.

Sign up for affiliate marketing

In this AccessTrade admin page interface, you can completely view information about advertising campaigns, registration, creating affiliate marketing links.

In case you don’t know where to start or have trouble experiencing it, you can chat directly with the support person for detailed advice.

Basically, AccessTrade Affiliate Marketing registering an account is as simple as that.

However, in order to be quickly approved to participate in campaigns on AccessTrade, everyone should update their profile, information about how you sell, etc. in the “Personal information” section.
Note, in the blog/website information section, if you don’t have a website, you can choose a social network account instead. After completing the information, click “Submit” and you are done!
After answering the question of AccessTrade affiliate marketing how to register, how to make money with AccessTrade?

How to make money with AccessTrade?

Making money from affiliate marketing registration at AccessTrade is like doing business.
Personally, I see, most of the successful Publishers today are applying how to earn money with the Affiliate program and AccessTrade effectively such as:

–  Build and develop personal website/blog

This is the most effective and sustainable way to make money online with Affiliate marketing.
You start building and developing a personal website/blog with a certain topic that you are passionate about.
Then write articles, share valuable information with readers (like our blog).
However, in order to attract interested readers, you need to know a little about SEO (optimizing search results on Google).
affiliate marketing sign up
Fresh Lemon Blog and Affiliate Program

The first time will be a bit difficult, but if you learn and do well, your blog is on the top of Google, everything will be easier for you when doing the Affiliate program.


If you do not know how to build your own website/blog? Please refer to ==> Our series of self-designing websites with WordPress to make it easier.


– Build a Youtube channel to make money with AccessTrade

Youtube is similar to building a blog/website, except that you deploy it on the Youtube platform.

This way, you will build yourself a Youtube channel on a specific topic, create useful videos to attract subscribers.

When there is a relatively good number of subscribers, under each description you can leave an affiliate link below if viewers want to buy the product.

register for the program affiliate
For example a Youtube channel of Beauty Vlogger

– Leverage Social Media & Influencer Marketing Trends

This is how to make money from doing AccessTrade affiliate marketing sign up for an account for influencers on social networking platforms.

Sign up for affiliate marketing
Trending Influencer at Tiktok

To be able to become an Influencer, you have to build your own personal brand, become famous and known by many people.

Currently, those who have thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. are all Influencers.

After becoming an Influencer, you can do an Affiliate program by reviewing products, giving advice on products you use well, etc. Attached is “Link to buy here!”

– Build Email Marketing scripts

The way to make money after signing up for affiliate marketing at AccessTrade is mainly suitable for businesses when they already have a list of potential customer email data.


Don’t miss, how to write our effective affiliate marketing email content here.


– Run ads

If you have large capital investment, this is a way to help you gain customers and revenue quickly.

But one problem I noticed is that the profit margin when doing the Affiliate program at AccessTrade is quite low for each product.

So when thinking about it this way many people will think that there is no potential.

But if you learn how to optimize the cost of running ads, or combine many marketing methods together into an automatic money-making system, that’s also a good suggestion.

General conclusion

Done! So with this article, I hope to have given everyone a more holistic view of the AccessTrade affiliate marketing network.

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Thereby also partly answering the question that many of you are interested in about how AccessTrade Affiliate marketing registers?

So, if you are interested in the affiliate program of this platform, start registering and experience now to conquer the opportunity to get rich!

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