In the content of the article “What does affiliate marketing specifically do?” I talked about the affiliate marketing model for Publishers who want to earn more passive income from MMO.

So, what will the affiliate marketing model for businesses, units with products called Advertisers benefit from the affiliate program?

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What are Advertisers?


In a basic affiliate marketing model, there will be 3 main participants: Advertiser (Product Provider), Publisher (Affiliate maker) and End User (Customer).
In addition, depending on the model, there may be an additional Affiliate Network (Affiliate Marketing Network) that is the object of the link between the Advertiser and the Publisher.



Specifically, Advertiser (ADV) is understood here as businesses, companies, and sellers with products/services that need to be promoted and marketed to more customers to achieve the desired revenue.
Simply put, an Advertiser is a provider.
affiliate marketing model
Advertiser is understood as a product supplier in the Affiliate model

Besides, an indispensable component in the affiliate marketing model, an important factor to help Advertiser achieve the main purpose is the Publisher.

Publishers here are individuals and units capable of marketing, advertising, and introducing Advertiser services/products. In short, a Publisher is a partner to promote products.

In this affiliate marketing model, the relationship between Advertiser and Publisher is “Win-Win”.

Specifically, Advertiser has a product, Publisher has the resources to introduce that product/service to many customers and lead customers to purchase action.

With each successful order, Publishers will be paid a corresponding commission by the Advertiser previously specified.

At this point, surely everyone has a better understanding of the role of the Advertiser in the affiliate marketing model, right?

So where do advertisers and Publishers connect affiliate marketing? How?

How does Advertiser cooperate with Publisher?

From the perspective of an Advertiser, the affiliate marketing model (affiliate marketing) will be similar to a traditional distribution channel, but the implementation process is simpler.

affiliate marketing model
Advertiser can make their own Affiliate program or through Affiliate Network

Advertisers only need to post an affiliate ad request, provide business information, and the product will be received by small individuals to participate in promoting and introducing products.

At the same time, advertisers will create their own affiliate marketing programs for sellers to manage, as well as make statistics of their own affiliate marketing activities, etc.

Because each Publisher has different regulations and fees, the agreement has some obstacles in terms of time and unexpected costs.

In case, advertisers who do not have their own affiliate marketing model can link up with reputable affiliate networks to cooperate.


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In recent years, the strong development of the internet, it has contributed to helping Advertisers simplify the search process and negotiate commissions with Publishers.
Besides, with more and more modern affiliate marketing models, it helps advertisers easily measure effectiveness, saving time and advertising costs.

Advertiser benefits from affiliate marketing model?

As I mentioned above, in the affiliate business model works under the “symbiotic” mechanism, which means that both parties benefit.

In particular, for businesses or advertisers, the affiliate marketing program for sellers brings many great benefits.

Benefit 1: Through the affiliate marketing model, the business name spreads strongly

Affiliate marketing model Affiliate marketing is a great form of sales, because of its strong spreading ability
affiliate marketing model affiliate
Optimizing effective profits when doing Affiliate Marketing
Specifically, when you register as an affiliate like a business, the unit that has the product available will help you take advantage of a large number of potential sales factors without spending a single marketing dollar.
At this time, your branded products/services will be strongly promoted and spread by a huge community of publishers.
This is completely unthinkable compared to previous traditional forms of marketing.

Benefit 2: The affiliate model helps advertisers optimize profits effectively

Affiliate marketing model affiliate marketing is not just a tool to “make money” for Publishers. Besides, it also helps Advertisers to optimize profits effectively as desired.
affiliate marketing model
Increase sales effectively with the Affiliate model

Instead of having to spend a lot of money running ads but with extremely low conversion rates, with this affiliate marketing model, businesses that don’t spend money on advertising still have sellers for them.

Advertisers only need to pay commissions for successful orders of publishers instead of burning money for other marketing campaigns.

Of course, to be able to attract many publishers in affiliate marketing and sales, the advertiser needs to prepare a part of the marketing budget in the commission.

But the profit earned from Publisher orders will be more and higher than other forms of marketing, so this investment is well worth it.

In addition, when building an affiliate marketing model, advertisers can also limit the waste brought by marketing.

Because the affiliate marketing model, it will allow you to reach the right customers with real buying needs, instead of targeting the wrong audience like other marketing campaigns.

At the same time, end customers will also have higher trust when being consulted before buying by reputable publishers.

Benefit 3: Affiliate marketing helps advertisers reduce dependence

At the time when the affiliate marketing business model was not born, the supplier who wanted to sell a lot of goods had to depend on the distribution channel.

With this business form, there are many inadequacies such as easily leading to an overflow, expensive advertising costs to expand distribution channels …

affiliate marketing model (affiliate marketing)

When doing Affiliate, Advertiser no longer depends on the distributorNot to mention, in recent years, when the Covid-19 epidemic has complicated developments, buying behavior has also changed constantly.

Difficulties pile up difficulties when: social distancing, advertising forever does not an issue but also expensive, ..

With the advent of the Affiliate Marketing model as a “lifebuoy” to help support suppliers to reduce dependence on distributors, it still helps to increase sales and effective profits.

How do Advertisers get a good profit from the affiliate marketing models?
Advertiser’s forms of profit

In the affiliate marketing model, Publishers will receive profits through the form of CPA (Cost per Action), that is, the commission is generated on one action.

This is a fairly new form of making money, including the following fee forms:

CPS (Cost Per Sales): The cost of the commission received will be calculated based on each successful order.

CPR (Cost per Register): This is a form of advertising fee when customers perform the action of downloading the application and registering for an account, committing more deeply than CPI (Install).

CPQL (Cost Per Qualified Lead) – pay only when receiving quality lead information.

In which, Advertisers will often prefer to pay commissions to publishers based on CPA mainly, in order to maximize the benefits received from the affiliate marketing model.

As a result, advertisers can absolutely control their profit costs on each successful order, with stable performance or scale quickly without having to build too many other marketing campaigns.

The process of earning profits for Advertisers in the affiliate marketing model

In most cases, the provider will profit through the process of customers performing the following conversion actions:

mô hình kinh doanh affiliate

The advertiser pays a commission to Publisher
The client will access the affiliate link of the referring Publisher.
On each specific Publisher’s affiliate link, detailed tracking tools are attached so that the Advertiser can determine which publisher the click came from, which source and statistics on successful conversions and orders.
When a customer performs a conversion action such as making a purchase, downloading an app, filling out a form, etc., the affiliate Network system will send a notification to the Advertiser about the number of orders.
The Advertiser side will confirm the order and agree to pay the commission to those publishers.
Finally, Affiliate Network pays a commission to Publisher according to the number of successful orders. And the advertiser receives the payment directly from the customer.
Basically, the process of making a profit between the components in this affiliate marketing model will revolve around, with almost no end.


So how can Advertisers get more benefits from the affiliate marketing model?
Let’s find out with us right here!


How do Advertisers make good use of Affiliate Marketing?

Surely many people will think, as an advertiser will not need to worry too much about promoting products when participating in affiliate marketing.

But this is wrong thinking. Because to make good use of Affiliate Marketing, maximize profits better, advertisers need to:

– Invest in a good traffic source

With the affiliate marketing model (affiliate marketing) at the affiliate link of Publisher, there is a tracking tool, based on that, it helps advertisers to determine which source has many successful orders.

Thereby, it will help everyone come up with a suitable strategy, attractive incentives, and create a better relationship with that Publisher to increase the chances of cooperation in the next time.

– Create many attractive offers

Instead of just giving products to publishers to sell, the conversion rate will not be high.

affiliate marketing model
The advertiser needs to have a perfect affiliate strategy to improve the effectiveness of the campaign

In my opinion, advertisers should come up with some more attractive policies and promotions for the publishers themselves by increasing commissions, or incentives for customers…

This ensures that it will help stimulate the fighting spirit of Publishers better when advertising products, as well as customers, will also be interested in buying your products more effectively.

– Search and use multiple Publisher

When participating in the affiliate marketing model, the Publisher is an important factor to help advertisers make a profit.

When attracting many Publishers, it will also mean a higher sales rate.


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General conclusion

Increasing profits with the affiliate model for suppliers is completely easy and effective.

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But most importantly, everyone must learn carefully about the nature and operation of this affiliate marketing model, especially for advertisers who recommend having a specific and sustainable strategy to achieve the best results. .

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