When accessing this article, I am sure that you understand what Affiliate marketing is, right? But with the “new projections” into the profession, I believe that many people wonder “When doing affiliate marketing, is it okay to buy products by myself through my affiliate link?”

Then, the content of the following article, let’s find out in detail.

Is it possible to buy goods through my affiliate link by myself?

For those who do not know, how the Affiliate model works is that Publishers will use their affiliate links to promote and market products to consumers.

When someone makes the conversion required by the Advertiser such as making a purchase, registering a form, downloading an app, etc., Publisher will receive a corresponding commission.

Therefore, many new Publishers think “I can buy goods through my affiliate link to receive a commission”. Is this correct?

Usually you can still buy goods through your own Affiliate link and get a normal commission.

Especially e-commerce sites will accept this. Because the majority of their products are physical products, there is a commission of no more than 5%.

Along with that, their purpose is to sell a lot of goods, so they will be easy to let Publisher buy through their own affiliate link.

However, there is a note that if you buy goods through your affiliate link in large quantities for the purpose of speculation or resale, you will not receive a commission.

Or digital products, items with high commissions, fastidious e-commerce sites or working with large affiliate networks, etc. will often not allow Publisher to manually click on their Affiliate link to purchase.


In short, buying by yourself with your own affiliate link in the Vietnamese market to receive a commission is quite low.

And in case you do affiliate for a foreign country, the chance is zero. Even you will be permanently locked out of your affiliate account.


What are the consequences when buying through your Affiliate link?

As explained above, not every time you make a purchase through your affiliate link, you will be charged a commission.

Especially when working with many difficult advertisers or affiliate networks and permanently locking your account, the amount of commission you can not receive before.


Even, you no longer have the opportunity to collaborate with them.

Therefore, everyone needs to learn the clear rules of the collaborators when doing affiliates to avoid breaking the rules they set out.

In case you intentionally violate the purchase by yourself with an affiliate link that the Affiliate Network side has not regulated, you must accept that “penalty”.

At the same time, consider this as a life lesson never to repeat if you really want to make sustainable money online.

Wrong ways to buy yourself with your affiliate link

It is a fact that Vietnamese people are famous for their intelligence, but also many tricks.

So many foreign affiliate networks are quite bored when cooperating with Vietnamese Publishers.

Even many big Affiliate networks in the world do not allow Vietnamese to register as affiliates. Or a lot of units selling domain names, VPS Hosting all block IPs from Vietnam.

Especially newbies do not have much knowledge, want to make money fast, so they have found a way to circumvent the regulations of Affiliate networks.

Typically, self-purchase with your affiliate link.

Here are some mistakes that many Publishers have made to buy products with their own affiliate links that are easily “penalized”.

Register to purchase with another email address

This is a common thought and action of many Publishers who want to buy with their own affiliate link.

Here you will register a new email account to make purchases and want to bypass the Affiliate Network?

You think they don’t know this?

No no, they totally know you’re infringing.

Because information such as your computer’s IP address, model, network operator, operating system, etc. are all reporting you to the affiliate network.

Because affiliate network companies own a top-notch information management and storage system. So with this way, the chance to overtake them is almost zero.

More importantly, do they want to expose you or not?

Fake IP address

If you own the IP address that is accusing you, do you immediately apply the fake IP trick?


Fake IP means connecting to any website with a Proxy server, helping to mask your computer’s real IP address with a virtual IP range.

With this Fake IP, it will be more appropriate when you want to ensure safety when operating on the internet, avoiding the eyes of hackers …



Listen, this way is quite interesting, can help you buy products with your affiliate link easily?

But really you still get detected. Because the big Affiliate Network companies have many modern devices that can scan and analyze very sophisticatedly.

So if you cheat on a large scale this way, be careful.

How to successfully register when buying by yourself through your Affiliate link

If you don’t want to be discovered by the affiliate network, you are buying with your own affiliate link to receive a commission? Rest assured, there is still a way.

You can simply ask your friends to order and you pay for them.

Or you can go to an internet shop to register your personal information and a new email address to purchase.

However, you should not be too subjective when intentionally violating the rules that the Advertiser or Affiliate network offers.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing or more broadly MMO. First and foremost is to bring value to others.

If you bring a lot of value, your chances of success will be higher.

Not to mention, wanting to go long and far on this road requires you to invest time, effort and money. Do not think about “tricky” to make money online in the fastest way.

Important “slowly but surely”.

As for buying through your own affiliate link, it’s not wrong. But if you abuse it too much for the wrong purpose, you will certainly be dealt with clearly.

So, to make sure to make money successfully from affiliate marketing, read carefully the regulations of the affiliate network or advertiser. Do not try to violate the rules that they have set out so that you can “survive” on this road.

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