To do Facebook Marketing, you must know some basic facebook names and terms. I will write the most summary and some basic things to know, then later you can study in-depth.

Temporarily part 1, I will put the following terms and abbreviations in the article:

1. Facebook Reach Terms

The number of people who saw or reached your post. There are two types of Reach, one is natural, the other is paid.

+ Reach Natural: that is, Facebook’s algorithm distributes post content based on the number of fans and followers you have on the Fanpage, and of course, you don’t spend a dime to reach those people. [Now that FB has reduced the article Reach a lot, Mark wants to make everyone run Ads :)) ]

+ Paid Reach: this means that you run Facebook ads and pay for them, you will reach people according to the percentage of the money you spend.

2. Engagement

Engagement on your post or page. Interaction with the post can be Like, Share, Comment or the page is Like Page.

Common facebook terms


3. Facebook Ads Terminology

This is the name that brothers in the “industry” often call haha. Short for Facebook Advertising means running FB ads. You must have heard it somewhere, right? I will guide you in detail on how to run accounts and how to run them in the following articles.

4. Set ads

Install a FB ads campaign, this is usually a time to plan and customize only in the ad account.

5. Campaign

The name of a campaign or a plan. Usually, they are called “Camp”, one Camp, two Camp.

6. CPM

Cost per 1,000 impressionism Also known as Cost Per Mille,  Is the cost to pay for every 1000 impressions of an ad.

7. CPC

Cost per Click is the cost per customer who clicks on the ad.

8. CTR

Click Through Rate is the click-through rate (%), this rate shows how many % of people Click or act on the ad on the number of impressions. The formula CTR = Clicks / Impressions (%).

9. CTA

Call To Action is a call to action, at the end of each post other events on the page. You should have a call to action to stimulate customer engagement. It’s really effective and people seem to ignore it. Just a simple request like “Like and Share our article to those who are interested” or “Follow us!”.
The above are very basic terms to start doing Facebook Marketing. Don’t worry because you can’t remember. You just need to skim through it and don’t need to remember it right away. These terms will be repeated so many times that you don’t even want to remember. Now to the next post.
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