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Currently, most people doing SEO Websites often outsource Content articles (Content blog posts). Because an seo project needs a lot of writing, often the in-house team of the parties cannot do it themselves. However, when hiring content, the seo-er should pay attention to the number of words and % unique content of the article.

Check the number of words in an SEO article

Usually when making content, people will ask to write an article of 500-800 words, for example.

To check quickly, please go to: Please copy and paste the text you need to check into the box


So you can count the number of words. This tool can also help people check to spell (of course better for English grammar).

Check % Unique content in web SEO

An interesting point on when SEO on the website is if you go to copy 100% of the articles of other websites and bring back the same paste on your web. Google’s algorithm will scan it (if the google search engine has already indexed that article before you) and will penalize your site.

So how can you tell if your outsourced content is infringing or copying someone else’s content?

That’s when the tools to check the uniqueness (uniqueness) of the content came into being. If more than 90% unique, it means that 90% of the words in that article are self-created and do not match any other article.

Go to: the text you need to check into the box.

Then click on Check Plagiarism


Wait for about 15 seconds, the tool will return the result like this:

So your article is 100% Unique and has no duplicates. Usually, this number is at 90% which is temporarily acceptable.

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