Facebook ads are not approved for many reasons, but the main reason is still that your ad contains keywords that are banned by Facebook. Today DR will list some basic mistakes for you to avoid!

Some words are forbidden

“tobacco”, “acne”, “scar”, “Physiological weakness”, “Human sensitization”, “weight loss”, “weight gain”, “alcohol”, Bones, “joints”, “ Sinusitis”, “Functional Food”, “Diet”, “Passport” “Driver’s License” “Red Book, Household Book” “Dating”, “Shades”

Related to Health, Medicine, Hospital, Emotion, Health, Mental

Words that are prohibited from advertising on Facebook in this area:
Liver, Heart, Bones, Joints, Sinusitis
Functional foods, Patients, pediatric patients, Clinics
Healer, Healer, Healing, Death, Pain, Despair, Suicide, Death
Prohibited words related to financial currency

“Borrow”, “Borrow”, “Currency, finance”, “Unsecured loan”, “Credit loan”, “Interest” “Tax” “Lending”, “Disbursement”

The content is listed in the form of chemical ingredients, chemicals, and names of substances

Vitamins, omegas, acids, etc., fiber, medicinal ingredients…

Statistical content, specifying someone by name, gender, race, Country

That man, that woman, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, woman, male

That man, that woman, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, woman, male
UK, France, Germany, USA…
Black people, white people, ethnic…
Vocational training, Employment, office rental housing
Surveillance Camera, Security Camera
Committed Content
Committed effect (acne treatment, scar treatment, baldness treatment …)

Error in the close-up image of body parts


This error is most common for ads for fashion (bikini, underwear), jewelry or Spas, beauty products, dental, beauty salons, cosmetics Facebook will not approve ads for those This ad for the reason contains adult content, inappropriate sex, health, offensive effects, ..
Comparison error: Before After
Using words that infringe trademark rights

A few other violations

Ad account history that has been reported or violated
QC policy violation
Have violated many times
Suspicious advertising behavior: Create multiple ads continuously in many places with different wifi IP addresses as well as different Facebook login devices.
Not paying the debt to Facebook
Doesn’t work often.
Admins in 1 also ad account have suspicious behavior or violate policy

Error at Facebook

Sometimes it can also be because FB is mistaken, in this case, it is okay to appeal according to the suggestion. When I don’t know the reason why my ad post was not approved or deleted, I can only blame it on only facebook, what now :))
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