Called a content writer, but unfortunately, we are not just writing? The brain always has to work at full capacity, squeezing out ideas, squeezing out each word. But…


Content is difficult

Isn’t that a joke

Write forever write forever

Have a mysterious day


So, if suddenly one day, you run out of ideas to write, your mind is empty, and the words are like a leaf rolling, try immediately refer to the Portent tool. This is the “lifesaver” of our content people after many years of fighting in the “writing” arena, so the “co-writers” are welcome to consult.

What is Portent?

For people doing content marketing, it must be no longer strange to the Portent brother. This is one of the extremely useful tools in supporting the warriors to “kill words” on content, finding topics when they have no ideas.

Portent is really a very meaningful tool, giving suggestions about attractive article titles based on the content and ideas that writers give through the keywords you provide.

For a content creator like me, the title is the hardest thing to think about, so Portent really helped me a lot in conquering that difficulty.

How to use the Portent support tool?

Once you have “missed a step” or have already immersed yourself in this content subject, what else can make it difficult for you, right? Just kidding, once the invite tool is available in front of you, using it is also very simple.

Just like eating rice, here you just need to have a computer connected to the internet and follow the following steps to be able to use it:

Step 1: Visit website

Step 2: On the Portent homepage interface screen that appears, an empty box will appear with the message “What is your Subject”, roughly translated what is your topic? Then proceed to enter keywords.

Step 3: Press Enter and wait for the results, if you want more options then continue to press “See Another Title”

Notes on using the Portent. tool

When you want to use the support that comes from the Portent tool, keep the following in mind:

– Tool with a support interface is English. So, to get the desired results, you should also enter keywords in English.

– Do not use English keywords in the plural form.


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– Actually, when using this tool to help find interesting topics, it is difficult to use immediately. Most of the time, it will throw at you ideas that are a bit “crazy”, requiring you to add “a little fish sauce, a little salt” to turn it into a unique idea for yourself, isn’t it interesting?

Sometimes I think I just do content, but why is it like a “lotus”? But come on, with increasingly modern technology and many supporting tools, let’s just try to take advantage of it to make content more convenient and effective.

Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, stay tuned for our upcoming Digital Marketing Tips & Tools.