For marketers as well as for those doing online business today, English is almost a must to know. Most marketing materials today are also in English.

Today I will share a web extension called Ddict that can pronounce + translate into Vietnamese with just a double click.

How to install in Chrome

Installing this add-on is fast because it’s on the web, no need to download programs or anything. You can insert it right into your Chrome browser.

Note: This is a utility that can only be used on the web interface at the computer (not available on mobile)

Install link here!

translate extension

Click Add to Chrome, a confirmation window will appear -> Click “Add extension” or “Add Extension” with the English interface.

tool dịch tiếng anh

If it appears like this, it means the installation is successful.

There are some cases where you have to go into the settings on the widget bar to enable the features. Look at your widget bar there’s a blue D, click on it and click on the gear icon (settings) then open all the features.

User manual

Try on the following text “Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry”.

Double click on the word to be translated, you will hear the pronunciation of that word & translate.

As far as I can see, this utility supports most languages ​​​​in the world because I have tried Chinese.

In case you want to translate a long text then highlight the text to be translated and press Shift

tool dịch tiếng anh hay

Thank you for reading and hope this extension helps everyone to speed up reading English in their documents.

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