And today, I will guide everyone on how to create and optimize SEO Fanpage.

Create a Facebook account

Most people already have it, but I give a quick guide for those of you who don’t have Facebook or go HERE to register.

Create Fanpage

Next, you access and you will see the page creation window pop up.

Instructions for creating and optimizing Fanpage SEO

Fanpage creation interface
Go here, depending on your purpose, create a fan page according to your wishes, for business, choose Enterprise, and if your page is a community page like “Relaxing corner, Thanh 28…”, press the right-hand side. right.
Here I will choose the left-hand side because I will make a demo page about selling clothes.

Instructions for creating and optimizing Fanpage SEO

Naming Pages and Categories
Here most people have their own brand names, you can set them to your liking. And if you don’t have a good brand name, I recommend ordering it according to the product you intend to sell because it will be very good for the SEO Fanpage that I will mention in Part 2.
For example: If you want to trade in men’s trousers, the name of your Fanpage should be “Southwestern Pants – Imported from the US” or “Southwest Pants – Genuine VNXK”, for example.
Go to the naming section, you can put it as you like. The category I do is about business, so I choose “Business Services”. And a small note is that if you choose to be a Business Service, you must enter the address, city, and zip code (700,000) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Add a profile picture and cover photo

Add here enough images of the Page (can add later if you do not have a specific image). The recommended size here is 900×900 pixels for the avatar and 851×315 pixels for the cover photo.

Instructions for creating and optimizing Fanpage SEO

Fanpage has been created
That’s it, you continue to watch P2 of the article to know how to optimize Fanpage SEO. Just a few more simple optimization steps and you have ready your “Faces” with customers.
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