In the previous articles, we learned the basic knowledge of Facebook Marketing and started building our own page. Now it’s time to learn how to sell with your Fanpage.

Select Product

Choose the right product, who do you want to sell the product to? What age? How much money do they make per month? What is their buying mentality? Why should they buy from you and not someone else.
Please compose a lot of questions as well as answers so that you can increase your chances of success when selling with Fanpage.

How to Post

Title ( Title )

You should write a brief paragraph of about 50 words. And remember that the content must be good and attractive, add a little sensation but not too much to attract customers. Since there are a lot of posts on Facebook a day, they will easily skim through if the title is not really attractive.

selling with Fanpage

Promotional photo Sample of Tiger Beer

Icons (Icon)

You should add some icons to make it beautiful and to attract customers. 🎁🎀🎲⏰
Link copy icon:

selling with Fanpage

The web interface takes the Facebook icon
How to use is just click on the icon -> right click on the article side (Ctrl + V)  -> “Paste” or “Paste” to be used.

main content

The main content should be about the product, like how you have researched the product. Writing does not need to be exaggerated but be sincere and a prerequisite is that you must understand the product to be able to convince customers to buy right?
I recommend that you write your own, if you can’t write, you can search on the screen of shops or businesses that are trading in the same products/services as me and learn. Remember, don’t copy 100%, just get the idea and then rewrite it yourself.


This part you should add, if anyone has read the SEO Fanpage tutorial last time, they must already know about it.
The syntax is: ” #” + “brand name, product” or a phrase to identify your page.


The images here should be homemade, self-taken or you can learn how to photoshop very simply. However, if you do not know photoshop, you can find beautiful photos online and insert your logo.
I also have a self-study design series here. You can refer to it for a basic clipping, enough for you to use for your business.

selling with Fanpage

Sample sales photo

Customer care

For a new Fanapage, probably not many people interact, you should run a little ad to get interaction.
However, the core thing about selling with Fanpage on Facebook is not running ads. But you have to bring value to customers. For every 100% of articles, use 80% of relevant information, information about the product, how the product helps customers (Remember, do not sell on these articles). The remaining 20% ​​is sales, which means you will insert a few sales articles and if customers see that you bring them a lot of value, their purchase rate will be higher.
After someone interacts or has customers, you must regularly follow up to take care of them, listen to them to improve your shop as well as your business. The common ways to take care are that you can reply to guests’ comments, message them …..
And to understand deeply about thinking when selling with Fanpage, what not to do when doing online business, you definitely cannot ignore the next article.
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