Shopee pays sellers via Shopee Wallet, let’s learn how to pay sellers with Digital By Rick.

How does Shopee pay sellers?

Shopee is currently paying sellers via Shopee Wallet. Sales of Delivered Orders are transferred directly to the wallet.


Orders in the Delivered status are counted when the shopper clicks Received.
If the customer has not clicked, automatically within 3 days after successful delivery, the revenue will automatically be transferred to the wallet.

How to withdraw money from shopee wallet to card

To withdraw money from Shopee Wallet, you must add a bank card to your Shopee account to receive it.
Go to Seller Channel > Bank Account. If it was added before, it will appear like this.

thêm thẻ ngân hàng vào tài khoản shopee

If you have not added a card, click Add Bank Account, fill in all information and wait for Shopee to approve.

thông tin thẻ ngân hàng tài khoản shopee

Manipulation on the computer

Go to Seller Channel > shopee Wallet > Enter Password > Request Payment

yêu cầu thanh toán shopee

Action on the app

Go to Me > Shopee Wallet > Withdraw

rút tiền trên app shopee

On both devices, you can see the Transaction History of the wallet

What can money in a shopee wallet do?

Money in Shopee wallet can be used to pay for goods when people make purchases on that same account.

Besides, the money in the wallet can also be used to buy other Shopee services such as FreeShip Extra and Keyword bidding budget ( Shopee Ads )

So you know how Shopee pays sellers, continue reading the articles in my Shopee Sales series.




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