Hi everyone, this is the first post in my DIY website design series.

Before making your own website, you need to understand a few basic things to be able to run a website. That is:


The background of that website: Here I will guide everyone to use WordPress


Domain Name: In order for the internet to identify and for your website to work, you need to register a domain name according to your own discretion.

Hosting: Also known as servers, these are virtual servers to put your website online, you also need to register for a hosting or can use it with friends.

How to buy cheap domain names in Vietnam

There are many domain name providers in Vietnam and abroad, but I choose the VN provider because when I have a problem, it’s easy to contact them to solve it. And later payment or upgrade is also very convenient.

Personally, I use Inet  Domain Name Provider, click on the link above, and choose a domain name for yourself.

Register an account in the user section on the right corner, then go back to the homepage and enter the brand name you want to register for the website.

For example You register a domain name for the SunQ Sunglasses brand, enter ” Kinhmatsunq” in the search box

The system will prioritize displaying the 3 most popular domains: .vn, .com, .com.vn. Depending on the needs of each person, there will be many different options. If you sell nationwide then .com is a reasonable choice.

Or you only sell within Vietnam, register .vn.


According to my experience, the .vn domain name will be more beneficial for Vietnamese people to identify their brand, as well as to be supported by Vietnamese law when facing lawsuits…

Therefore, the .vn domain name will be more expensive than the .com domain name due to taxes, and when registering, you must submit all information as well as the ID number or identification document to own.


Please click buy > Click on the cart icon on the right-hand side to go to the checkout page > Click continue

Here, please enter all the information marked with * to pay, select “Pay online” for quick payment via bank card.

It will take about 20 minutes for INET to contact you and process your order, please wait patiently!

How to buy cheap Hosting in Vietnam

If you bought the domain name above, you already have an Inet account, on the Menu bar select Hosting > Web Hosting



At this point, many people will have the question that if you have never managed a website yourself, is it difficult to use?

You can rest assured, in the article I will guide you step by step very carefully. And Inet they have a 24/7 phone & chat support team, so if you have any questions later, you can quickly get instant support.


After accessing the Web Hosting section, you will see that there are 3 main service packages of Inet. If you only operate one website, choose package A, if you have 1 – 5 websites or want to buy together with friends, choose package B.

SSD Storage: That is, the capacity of your hard drive, Inet supports package A of 20GB of space.

You can rest assured that if you operate a website, at first, if you use it a lot, it will only fall into 1 – 5GB of space.

After clicking register, the buying operation is the same as above, go to the Shopping Cart and choose to pay for your Hosting.

Instructions for pointing domain names to hosting

Go to UI > Service List > Select Hosting to get a preview of your server’s IP.

Please copy the IP range to proceed to point the domain name to the host (IP is usually in the form of 4 numbers separated by dots)

Then go to the Domains section next to it > Click update records.

Please enter the record like below and save each one by clicking on the green checkmark

Below, I let the domain name Record value be for example “kingmatsunq”, but please replace the domain name you just bought.

After saving, you have successfully pointed the domain name, please wait for about 20 minutes for the record to take effect.
So that’s the end of the first post, some of you will be a bit “suffocated”, right?
It’s a very understandable state when you’re learning something new.
However, please try, this series I wrote to guide those who do not know anything about programming, code as well as information technology.
In this day and age, the providers are very developed and they always want to aim for the simplest and easiest operations for their customers to use.
Please continue to follow post #2 to continue the journey of creating your own website.

>> Lesson 2: How to install wordpress on hosting & choose the right web interface