Hi everyone, many of you have questions about how to change your username on shopee (the same name displayed under the product when customers search).

But the username is often confused with the Shop name, so what is the difference between them and how to change it?

Difference between username and shop name on Shopee

Username is what you use to log in to your Shopee account (Most log in with your phone number) and it will show up under the product when customers view the product.

cách đổi tên đăng nhập shopee

The shop name is the display name of the shop when searching in the Shopee search bar, this name represents the shop and cannot be used to log in.

How to change the Shopee login name?


Note: Shopee username can only be changed once after creating an account, cannot be changed a second time if you have changed your name once before.



Please log in to your Shopee account > On the top left corner there is an avatar with your current username > Hover your mouse over and select My Account

If you see that the Shopee username can be edited and as shown below, you can completely change it, just enter the name you want and click Save

sửa tên đăng nhập shopee

If the username part is blurred and cannot be clicked, it means that this account has been changed to the username and cannot be changed anymore.

How to change shop name on Shopee

The shop name can be changed a bit easier, but keep in mind that:


Note: When you change your name, you have to wait 90 days before you can change your name, so please consider this


The way to change is the same as above, just change the login name to the shop name, edit it and click Save.

There is another way to change the shop name on Shopee is to go to Seller Channel > Shop Profile > Shop Name to change.

Thank you for following this post!