After sending an email, how do know if the recipient has read it or not? Instead of having to download software, install software with cumbersome operations, everyone should install the Streak extension right away. Make sure you will be surprised with this “mail checker assistant”.


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What is Streak’s email checking utility?

Streak is known as an interesting email management extension that recruiters, marketers, etc. love very much. This utility is integrated directly into Gmail through the add on Streak CRM for Gmail.

In particular, when adding this utility to Chrome, users will easily monitor emails to know if the recipient has seen the message or not, and schedule an extremely professional email delivery.

Besides, this utility also helps users organize, sort, classify customers, work between groups in the company, etc. Thereby helping you easily manage incoming and outgoing emails conveniently. than.

Instructions for installing extension Streak

Similar to other extensions on Chrome, with Streak, the installation is extremely simple in less than 1 minute following the following steps:

Step 1: Everyone clicks on the link to access Streak’s homepage

Step 2: Click on ADD TO CHROME.

Step 3: On the screen that appears a window asks if you want to add this Extension to the Chrome browser or not? If you agree, click “Add extension”

Step 4: A new window appears, click “continue”

Step 5: Next, the user will select a specific Gmail account, then click Allow to allow Streak to access some parts of Gmail.

How to use Streak?

Talk about using the Streak utility a lot. However, the content of this article will guide the basic and important functions of Streak for everyone to refer to and experience.

Track sent emails (have been viewed or not)

After installing the Streak utility into Gmail, everyone will open the “inbox” on Gmail. Then you choose “Turn on tracking by Default” to track emails.

At this time, on sent emails, an eye image will appear, everyone please make sure this eye image is always bright for its email tracking and measurement function to work.

After the email has been sent, if the recipient opens and reads the email, Streak will notify you immediately. They will show up as the eye shape will turn blue.

At the same time, based on that, users can also identify how many times the recipient has viewed the email and where it is. It can be said that this is an extremely useful function that you should immediately add to your browser.

Schedule an email

There will be many cases where you don’t want to send an email right away because you guessed that the recipient was busy and could not see the email at that time. So, with Streak, everyone just needs to pre-compose an email and set a time to send it, which is extremely convenient.

This utility will automatically activate and send emails at the time frame you set. To use this function, people just need to click on the clock icon next to the send button and adjust to the desired time frame and click save to finish.

I’ve used this feature before, it’s very useful!!!

Customer grouping

This function is the installation of a Pipeline, namely, you classify customers according to specific pipelines. For example, New customer, 1st contact customer, 2nd contact customer, the customer is negotiating an order, customer has not placed an order, customer has placed an order, customer repurchase,…

Depending on the audience, everyone will have appropriate email content. Then you only need to compose an email but can send it to all recipients in a very convenient customer group.

This is really an interesting function for us marketers, isn’t it?

Above are instructions on how to install Extension Streak into Chrome browser super simple for everyone to apply. It only takes about 1 minute to install, but the functions of this utility are really useful for email marketing and recruitment. So, if anyone has not added it to the browser, try it out right away.


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