How to post clothes for sale on shopee?

Surely that is the question of many people when they first set foot on the road of selling on Shopee.

For many tech-savvy sellers, it’s easier to approach than those just familiar with the traditional way of doing business.

No problem! Digital by Rick will guide enthusiastically how to post clothes for sale on shopee and describe the shop how to sell the most products.

How to post clothes for sale on shopee

To be able to know how to post clothes for sale on Shopee, the seller must first log in to Shopee on a computer/phone.

Here are the steps in how to post clothes for sale on shopee, please follow them step by step so that your products can be listed on the floor!

1. Name the product and choose the category you will sell in

Select Seller Channels > Manage Products > Add Products

cách đăng bài bán quần áo


Tip: In order for the product to be professional, the seller should order it according to the formula

Brand + Product Type and Specifications + Product Code


2. Fill in the product information

Fill in the necessary information of the product. Buyers will easily decide to buy when you provide them with complete information about the product.

cách đăng bài bán quần áo

  • Product Description (required): Clothing product you want to sell
  • Category (required): Men’s or Women’s Fashion
  • Brand (required): Provide the brand you want to sell
  • Other attributes (optional)

3. Fill in sales information

cách đăng bài bán quần áo

  • Price (required): Exact price of the product you want to sell
  • Warehouse (required): The place where the shipping unit will go to pick up the product to deliver to the customer
  • Sort goods (optional): Divide different types of goods of the same product (different color, size, weight)
  • Buy multiple discounts (optional): It’s up to you to adjust the offer for customers who buy large quantities of products

4. Add an image for the product

cách đăng bài bán quần áo

  • You can only post 9 images for the product, including the cover photo and product instruction video to describe the product in the most truthful way.
  • For products in the fashion industry, we must provide a product size conversion table



Products with beautiful images always attract shoppers, thereby increasing sales


5.Update shipping information

cách đăng bài bán quần áo

  • Include factors: Weight after packing (grams), Packing size (cm), and Shipping fee
  • Choose the right shipping unit for the product based on the requirements of the shipping channels.

6. Update additional information in the Other Information section

cách đăng bài bán quần áo

  • Product Condition (new or old)
  • Product SKU —> Find out what is a product SKU ? to boost sales

Shop description on shopee

So we already know how to post clothes for sale on shopee is not too difficult, right?

  • Next!In order for the product to reach users faster, the seller must let them know the benefits, features, dimensions, … of the product so that the customer can make decisions that are suitable for the product that the seller sells. goods being offered

    You can apply the following 3 ways to be able to describe your shop on Shopee in a specific and clear way.

    1. Product Specifications

    The seller must provide complete information about the product’s parameters such as:


  • Weight
  • Material
  • Color

mô tả shop trên shopee

2. Provide the use and benefits of the product

Sellers must state the use of each product so that customers can confidently order that product

mô tả shop trên shopee

3. After-sales, warranty policy

When customers have come to a purchasing decision, this is a key factor for them to easily make a final decision.

mô tả shop trên shopee

  • If it is a used product: The seller must clearly state the external and internal condition of the product, and how much the product’s performance still meets. Don’t be fooled, ignore the little details.
  • If the post has multiple products: The seller must list each product clearly.

Product information should not contain phone numbers or websites intended to entice customers

So with the information that Digital by Rick has provided above, sellers can rely on each criterion to describe the shop on Shopee and how to post selling clothes on Shopee.

Good luck!


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