When posting or modifying products on shopee, sellers will encounter the phenomenon that the product is in a pending state.

There are many questions that arise such as how long does shopee browse products, how can the products be approved as quickly as possible?

Digital By Rick today will share all product problems waiting for shopee approval from my experience!

Browse products What is Shopee?

There will be 2 most common cases that cause a product to be pending approval:

1. Post a new product on the shop

Usually, the products posted will not be approved, but if your products have “real, genuine, big brands…” materials or brands, they will fall into censorship on shopee


For example, a product will fall into a pending approval state:

Wallet products with “real leather” material

Genuine brand shoes products “Nike”

2. Edit product description, title, material, variation

When editing the above items, the product will also be reviewed, depending on whether the change is more or less.

However, for editing inventory, price, and product size, there is almost no product review.

How long does it take for Shopee to review products?

According to Shopee’s official document, the product will be approved in 2-3 working days.

However, in my experience, Shopee will approve the product within 24 hours if the product does not violate Shopee’s regulations on posting products.

How to quickly promote products that are pending approval on shopee

Here are a few tips to speed up the browsing time on shopee for everyone

  • Change no more than 30% of the old content (Including title, description, variation…)
  • Call the Shopee hotline 1900 1221 to ask the shopee operator to send a request to quickly update the browsing time with the shopee technician
  • Brand should be chosen as “No Brand”
  • Limited material choose parts that contain the keyword “real”
  • Go to Shopee Mall (It will limit approval and if approved, the browsing time is also very fast)

Notes to avoid being temporarily locked/locked after approval

Yes, when the product is in pending approval, there will be some cases where it will change to a temporary product lock.

Usually, when temporarily locked, it will be because your product violates Shopee’s regulations on product posting after editing.

Please note the following points to avoid falling into a temporary lock state:

  • Product hashtags cannot exceed 18 pieces
  • The description must not contain a link to a website other than shopee
  • The title must not have keywords: “100% Guaranteed”, “Genuine from the country…”, “Imported 100% from…”, “100% real”, “Real ingredients… “


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