Hi everyone, it’s still a stressful epidemic season, so Digital by Rick will continue to post articles on shopee selling tips.

There are many people who wonder why their shop has few visitors, which leads to fewer orders being sold.

Even though it’s still very hard to post products, choose beautiful pictures and good products to sell.


The answer is :

If you want to have more people visit your shop, the most essential condition is that your products must show up in high rankings on Shopee’s search engine.

And as a rule, we can use a simple and free way that is to push products on Shopee.

What is a push product on shopee?

đẩy sản phẩm trên shopee

Product push on shopee is a push action to increase visibility for products present in your shop.

This push tool is integrated in shopee’s toolkit for free and it’s completely free

Pushing products will help your shop increase traffic significantly!

Products after pushing will increase the ranking on shopee’s search engine.

Continuously pushing products is also a way for Shopee to identify sellers who work continuously and hard.


Because if for a long time your product does not increase in rank, then shopee will equate your shop with not working hard. From there, significantly reduce the visibility to your shop.


How to push products manually

Go to Seller Channels > Products > Select products to push > See more > Push products

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The push limit on a product is 4 hours, after 4 hours you can click push the product again.


However, manually pushing products takes a lot of time and effort when you have to watch exactly 4 hours and click on each product one by one.

But there is still a way for you to push the product automatically.

How to push shopee products automatically

This is a way to save everyone a lot of time and effort. We will use a product pusher day and night even while we are sleeping.

You need to prepare the following 2 things:

  1. Fplus’ Shopee Plus tool (100k/month, quite cheap with a powerful shopee tool with many features)
  2. A VPS virtual server (From 163k/month)


Note: If you do not have a virtual server, you can still push the product, but only when the application is enabled on the machine, the push will work.

Step 1: Download Shopee Plus here!

Step 2: Install and you get a 7-day trial, you can extend it if you use the app after the trial

Step 3: Use Facebook login cookies to limit account lockout.

Download the extensions and extract to a folder. https://plus24h.com/download/getcookie.zip

Copy and paste this address into chrome://extensions browser and install extensions
Select the original extracted extensions folder, after successful upload, continue to your Facebook to get cookies

Step 4: Create an account and log in to your shop (Don’t worry when logging in because the app has a privacy policy, and they don’t have the PIN or phone OTP of the account, so there will be no way they will take your shop. Friend)

Step 5: After successfully logging into the shop > Go to the product tab > On the right-hand side of each product, there will be an auto-push section > Click on auto-push.


In addition to automatically pushing products, Shopee Plus also has a lot of interesting utilities such as logging in to multiple shopee accounts to use at the same time, posting and editing products in bulk, cloning the shop, increasing the follower for the main shop with secondary nicks. …


So everyone knows how to increase shopee visitors by pushing products on shopee, products after continuous automatic push will increase more than 50% chance of showing on page 1 and 2 of shopee.

However, to stay in a high position on page 1, there are still many other factors needed, you can refer to other articles in the section Selling on Shopee to know a lot of knowledge to sell on shopee. Please!

Wish you good luck and sell well ^^

well ^^