After you’ve created it, how to optimize your Fanpage for SEO, is an indispensable step for Facebook to identify your page.

Page Description

SEO Fanpage

The location adds Fanpage description
Click on the 3 dots -> Edit Page Information.
After a table appears, enter a short description of your page. (For FB to understand what your page is talking about). If you have a website and Email, the better you fill it out, remember that the more information you fill in, the more trustworthy your page will be in the eyes of Facebook.
Then click on the last line “View all information”

SEO Fanpage

Open the Page info extension
A new table will appear, this is a table showing detailed information about your Fanpage. However, you only need to correct the “Username” part because it is the URL of the page. Remember, the shorter and more relevant to your page, the better.

SEO Fanpage

Edit Username Page
For example, I will set it as “shoponlinevn”, then your Fanpage URL will be
And finally, “Page News” is next to it and you can see in the picture below, add an image and a sentence about your page.

SEO Fanpage


Add Page News

Post Frequency

Posting continuously at first will help a lot for your page. It will help FB rate your page as positive and will show your page to more people.
A reasonable posting frequency should be 1 to 2 posts a day. I will guide you on how to post in detail in the following articles or if you want to understand deeply about Content (the common name of content), you can watch my Complete Series of Content Marketing.


Equally important in synchronizing your page’s identity. You should add some hashtag at the end of the post that mentions your brand name as well as your product. Each post should be added to and synchronized across all of the Page’s posts.
For example: #shoponlinevn #quantaynam #vnxk #quantaychatluong


This is the term for SEO (Search Engine Optimize), roughly you can understand that on another website that has your Fanpage link attached, then Facebook will evaluate your page better depending on the reputation of the other Website. . So is Seo Fanpage.
For example Website A is very strong -> In A’s article, there is a link that people click on that will point to your Fanpage -> FB will appreciate your page more because site A is strong and reputable.
It’s called Backlink.
Usually, if you don’t have money to put your fan page link on a strong website, you can also go to free forums and forums to put your link. Usually, you will create an account on that forum -> Write a short article about your page and put the link at the end of the post.
And if you want to understand it deeply, it’s very complicated, you can refer to my SEO Learning Series, I have detailed instructions on how to do it.
If you can read this far, you are very confused and think: “Oh my god, so many things are so confusing, how can I learn them all.” . It’s okay, I used to be like that, but think about your business dream, the 4.0 era without knowing these things is very disadvantageous, learn little by little and don’t get discouraged. “Having a merit to grinding iron, one day it becomes a needle”. [ Or if you want to save time, you can hire me to do:)))))) ]. Stop joking around, let’s move on to the next part.

Share Social Media

That is, you share your Fanpage URL on other social networks. Like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube… and many other social networks.
There are two advantages here that you both have Backlink from another social network and also get Traffic (Views) from other social networking sites to your Fanpage. This is extremely beneficial for SEO Fanpage.

SEO Fanpage

Facebook’s search engine
And after all the above SEO Fanpage techniques, when potential customers search, you will have a lot of advantages to occupy the first position on Facebook’s EdgeRank search algorithm.
So there are two parts Create an SEO Fanpage. Let’s go to the detailed article on how to post and sell on FB.
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