Welcome to the series of tutorials on using Facebook Tool. This is a series of articles that I have compiled to guide you through the tools (also known as tools) that I find interesting and have used. Hope it will help you save a lot of time and effort when doing Facebook Marketing.
And today will be Postcorn, a tool for posting, composing, scheduling single & mass on facebook (and many other social networks, this part I will talk about later).

Cost to use the tool

Website: https://postcron.com
This is probably also the question of many people whether the tool is free or not. This tool is free but limits a lot of functions like scheduling and bulk posting. The free version can only post one at a time.
With $8/month (if you buy 1 year) or $9.99/month, if you buy monthly, you can schedule up to 100 posts. Of course, it depends on the needs and frequency of people’s posts.

Method 1: Bulk upload of available posts from Google Sheet to Tool

The process is like this: Create a file on Google Sheet  => Fill in the information according to the tool’s form => Download the .csv file to your computer => Upload to the tool to customize.
The following is a sample on the tool’s sheet, you need to fill in the following information:
Content: This is the content that will be displayed on the fan page (Including title, description, hashtag….)
Year : Example:2020
Month: Example: 04
Date: Example: 20
Time: Example: 13 (The tool will interpret itself as 13:00 PM)
Minutes : Example: 00
Image Link: This is to insert the URL of the image you want to appear (make sure the link is not broken)
Then download the .csv file (Go to File => Download => Format .csv )  from google sheet and upload it to Postcorn.
At this point, the tool will upload a series of people’s posts. However, please delete the first post (because I left the format as Content, date, month … for easy identification, the tool will report an error. The tool will read from the first row, so you just delete the first post. the error will be gone.
If you have inserted the image URL in the previous step, there is no need to upload the image, the tool does it by itself. However, I recommend you to put it in the sheet and upload it in the following tool. Because sometimes your image URL is wrong, it will not load the image, so editing will take a lot of time.

Method 2: Bulk download with directly imported content

In this way, you still create the google sheet file as above, but the first column (Column A) let all be “.” matches the number of articles you need to post. For example, you need to schedule 15 lessons, please “.” 15 times
Then just upload the normal CSV file and upload it to the tool, then it will understand that you are trying to post with a dot. Just click on each article and then edit it again.
So it’s done. Thank you for watching, I hope that the article about Tool Facebook will help you to partly manipulate manual posting on Facebook. Follow Digital By Rick and Tool Facebook # series to stay updated with great information about digital marketing tools ^^