Continue with the series of DIY website designs with WordPress.

This is the 2nd post I will talk about how to install wordpress on the hosting control panel Cpanel.

So you have completed 2 steps to buy domain name and hosting, good job. Just a little more and you can install the website platform on your own server.

In the user section, click on Service List, select Hosting and Sign In

After successful login, an interface of Cpanel will open.

This is the control panel for all activities on the server as well as the database of your website.

Add / Addon domain name to host on Cpanel

After entering Cpanel, look on the left-hand side and select Addon Domains (Meaning add a domain name)

After clicking, enter your domain name in the section New Domain Name > Add Domain


Note: The domain name you enter here must be the same domain name you pointed to the previous host.

If you have not seen Lesson 1: How to buy a domain name, hosting & pointing a domain name to the host, please review the section Pointing domain to Hosting to check if the domain name has been successfully pointed or not!

You just need to enter the first line, the information below the system will automatically fill in. Then click Add Domain.

Install SSL certificate for website

By the way when you are installing the necessary things on Cpanel, please install SSL to keep your website protected.


What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a standard of security technology, encrypted communication between the Web server and the browser.


Normally, SSL will cost to own, but the Hosting I guide you to buy has been included in it.

On Cpanel > Security > Let’s Encrypt™ SSL

Once in, scroll down to Issue a new certificate and find your domain name, then click + Issue

Just leave a checkmark in the 3rd column as shown below and then click Issue.

However, this part is only installed on Cpanel, in order for your website to activate this part, you will need to install one more Plugin and I will add it in Lesson 10: 11 Necessary wordpress plugin should be installed

Install WordPress into your website’s directory on Cpanel

Scroll to the bottom and look at the bottom corner of the page, you will see the icon of WordPress

The WP settings page interface has appeared, please click Install Now

After clicking Install, the installation panel of WordPress will appear.

Please note the following sections:

  • Software Setup: insert the domain name into Choose Domain, note that the In Directory section should be left blank.
  • Site Settings: this is the name of the web, leave it as default, and can be customized later.
  • Admin Account: this part is to create the website’s ID and Password, remember the account you created
  • Choose Language: choose the language as Vietnamese.


I will use the domain to guide everyone in this series!


After installing these parts, click Install to install wordpress on hosting.

Ignore the Theme selection at the bottom of the page, if you receive the following message, it is considered successful.

Then go back to the domain name you installed in wordpress, you will see an interface like this:

So you have created a website that can run on the internet.

Everyone who enters your domain name on your website will now be able to see your website, now let’s move on to choosing a theme for your beautiful website!

Instructions for choosing a Website Theme (Interface)

WordPress is open source, so you don’t need to know programming to install many different professional themes on your website.

The interface of the website will have 2 schools as follows:

  • News website, personal blog: These websites are suitable for a simple interface, mainly to display the article page so that readers can access the information the website wants to convey.
  • Business website: This is a type of website that introduces an organization or business, embellishing information, services and products of the business.

Digital By Rick, please note that this is a self-made website design tutorial series for beginners. So I will guide you through the most basic and fastest things to be able to make a website yourself.


However, if you want to design a professional website yourself, it cannot be learned in this series because there are many related things such as coding, web customization, UI/UX website…

If you are in need of a professional website to serve your business plan and needs immediately, please contact Blinkatz – A company that builds a reputable digital conversion system in Vietnam, only from 399k/month. was able to buy a genuine website with all lines of business.

Come on, now I will guide you to use the most downloaded and customizable interface according to WordPress users, which is the Flatsome theme.

Instructions to download & install the Flatsome theme

On the market, Flatsome theme is a very popular theme so it can’t be downloaded for free, it costs on which is $59 for a full license key.

Don’t worry, I will share with DR readers the license key I’m using so you can access all the features of Flatsome.

Just because I share the key doesn’t mean I’m advocating for illegal use, if you really have the conditions, I encourage you to buy the key to support the author who worked hard to make the interface ^^

  • Link to download Flatsome theme and license key: here!

After downloading, please log in to the website you created earlier!


The path to login in WordPress is: Add /admin at the end of the url (path) to enter the login screen.

Example: demo.digitalbyrick/admin

Then enter the ID and Pass you created above to log in.

Upon successful login, you will be entered into the dashboard interface of WP, select the interface on the right.

Click on Add new > Upload interface, now select the Flatsome theme downloaded earlier and install it.

After uploading successfully, click Activate, you have successfully installed wordpress on hosting & installed the theme on WordPress. Congratulations!

After activating Flatsome, a panel will appear to set up the interface. However, please click Not right now to exit

Now click on the house icon in the upper left-hand corner and select the View page to see the new interface of Flatsome.

Please continue to follow Lesson 3 to know how to use the basic operations in the WP dashboard.

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>> Lesson 3: Instructions for using wordpress and basic items