Hello everyone, my name is Rick, my real name is Nguyen Thien An. I am a person who likes researching and work in MMO & Digital Marketing for more than 4 years.

I will summarize in detail for students or working people who want to approach Digital Marketing with the aim of understanding more about it, the most general knowledge.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is roughly understood as digital marketing, it is a part of overall Marketing. Currently, the cost of operating on the digital platform (Digital Platform) almost accounts for the majority of the budget in the overall marketing plan.

In the era of Digital Marketing 4.0 and coming 5.0, digital marketing is playing a very important role. The reason it has a strong position in the industry is that the habits of users are gradually changing, they are “present” on the Internet almost all day. Surfing the phone, surfing the computer, Smart TV…


“Digital Marketing is a strategy of using the Internet as a medium for marketing activities and information exchange”


There are three main elements of the job of a Digital Marketer: using digital media, reaching customers in a digital environment, and interacting with customers. Those are the most general job descriptions.

Difference between Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing.

Marketing is a word that has been around for a long time and was redefined by Philip Kotler, the father of the marketing industry as follows:


Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit.

Marketing is an exploration of science and art, creativity, providing value to satisfy the target market and bring profit. It covers all that marketing is.

Early traditional marketing such as books, flyers, loudspeakers, signs, televisions is one of the very old tools used for marketing. In my opinion, it is on par with Digital Marketing.

What does Digital Marketing include?

  •    Online Marketing: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Website marketing…
  •    Non-Online Marketing: Sms marketing, TV Advertising, Digital OOH Advertising (Out-of-home advertising such as
  •    outdoor electronic signs), Radio Advertising…

So it can be said that Online Marketing is only a small part of Digital Marketing.


Strengths & Roles of Digital Marketing

As I said, digital media is holding a very important position in the marketing industry, so now let’s go to learn about its Role & Strengths in this advertising industry!

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With marketing style based on Big Data (Big data includes parts such as analysis, collection, data monitoring, search, sharing, storage, transmission, visualization, query, and privacy) of companies like Facebook & Google. Users are active on their platform, from which advertisers, as well as Marketers, can choose the right target customers according to Age, Hearing Gender, Interests, Behavior…

Following in the footsteps of target customers

For traditional advertising, it is impossible to follow the target customers who have reached them. For example, people who intend to make a purchase and see the product advertised on TV, but for some reason forget or do not purchase. And we don’t have any followers to market to them again.

As for online ads, when customers have visited one of our products in an advertising post on FB or on our website. We can completely remarket (Remarketing) with many different ways and tools to those customers. From there, greatly increase the sales conversion rate without having to spend too much money.

Measure and control each parameter in detail

Parameters such as views, likes, cost per view, cost per click on ads, etc. are all listed in a very detailed and methodical manner. Marketing tools today are so powerful that. There is not a single parameter that we cannot recount.

Even the customer surfs on the product on the website & stays there for a long time and then exits the page. Can also be measured.

This is one of the strongest points that Digital Media can offer.


Low budget, optimal

The effect comes from having the right selection and having the right measurements. In general, it reduces our advertising costs online significantly. No need to spend a huge amount of money promoting your product like 10 years ago.

If you know how to measure and optimize effectively. Your costs can be reduced by more than 60% of what you have spent in the past.

Classification of channels in Digital Marketing

Currently, in Digital I can classify into 3 main types of channels as follows:


Paid Media

Paid advertising is when we will spend money to display media publications to customers. The main channels are Digital Ads of Facebook, Google, Zalo, Instagram. The advantage of deploying on this channel is that spending money can get immediate results.

From the specific statistics, the parameters that must be returned from the tools, depending on the purpose, we can navigate it according to our wishes. However, there is a downside that this Paid Ads market is very competitive right now. The more you spend, the more your ads will get priority over others.

If you overuse Paid media channels, your costs can increase and lead to negative revenue if you don’t know how to optimize your ads well.

Owned Media

This is an advertising channel owned by businesses, the cost to operate on these channels is not very high. Here we can use content marketing to build brand awareness and direct fans to our liking. This can be a 0 dong marketing channel if you know how to operate it well.

The channels in this category are Business websites, Fanpage, Social media, Mobile Apps…


Currently, Digital By Rick’s website has many series of tutorials on how to build sales and information channels to support an online business. Let’s refer!

  • Design your own website
  • Effective website SEO
  • Make money from website
  • Selling on shopee
  • Create a professional sales fanpage


Earned Media

The last channel is the generated advertising channel. Which means you can’t control it.

Prominent forms in this channel are Viral videos, word of mouth, and exchanges between users on social networks. And keep in mind that because it “generates” you don’t know when the arising will be positive and when it will bring harm to you.

Digital Marketing includes what, what areas?

Here, let’s go to the areas in Digital Marketing, I will list some of the main areas according to my experience as follows.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This is a marketing segment on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex… but currently the most popular is still Google. In SEM, it is further divided into 2 types: SEO (Search engine optimization) & PPC (Pay Per Click).


SEO is search engine optimization to get keywords to the top of Google or other search engines. The advantage of SEO is that the cost is not high, but in return, it takes a long time for your optimization parts to have an impact on customers.

Customers when searching for a certain keyword, if you are keeping a high position on the search engine, then almost 85% of customers will click on the link to lead to your website. And once they’ve “fallen” into the funnel, you’re free to reach out to them.

PPC is also known as Paid-Per-Click Advertising. Currently, I will only mention Google Ads, then customers with SEO and ads from google will immediately see the results after running the campaign.

No need to spend too much time on SEO, but you will have a very good display position when new users search for keywords. You can actively search for keywords you want to promote and set ads. However, this is a short-term solution that cannot nurture a long-term business. Depending on the purpose, we can look for different SEM options.

Social Media

As a channel operating mainly on social networks such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram marketing, Zalo ads… The job when implementing these channels is usually planning content production, building familiar hard fan files & Run digital marketing performance on advertising display tools.


The segments in Social Media can be mentioned as Copy Writer, Content Creative, Video Editor, KOL, Influencer…

This channel in 2020 is trending with the term Social Commerce, where influencers with the community in their niche can use social networking sites to launch their own sales.

Email, SMS, Automation Marketing

These are marketing channels with information left by customers or paid for by businesses. A potential sales channel with almost the lowest cost of all channels. However, the effect it brings is great.

Once we have information such as the email and phone number of a potential customer (collectively, a Lead), we can build a scenario to take care of or reach out to them automatically. Please note that it will be counterproductive if you do not have a methodical digital marketing plan because your customers will be very upset if they have to receive a series of spam emails and promotional SMS continuously every day. Such types of marketing must be used with great care.

If you are a student or someone preparing to enter the digital marketing industry, then you should not skip the next section below. Marketing in Vietnam is divided into 2 main areas: Client & Agency.

Marketer’s promotion path in Client

Client means doing Marketing on the side of brands, they will be customers of an agency like Pepsi, Apple, Samsung… Here are marketing terms that talk about your promotion path if you do it. in a client.


  • Marketing Intern: As an intern, when you’re fresh out of school or entering a new company you usually have 2 months to try a job to see if you’re a good fit for the culture and the job. Be very passionate when in an Intern position because in my experience, the more you try to learn & work during your internship, the your background knowledge will be very solid.
  • Marketing Executive: After finishing the Intern, this is the position of marketing staff. You already have some background knowledge as well as familiarity with the day-to-day work at the company, then the Executive title will be at the level where you execute the strategies .
  • Marketing Leader: About 1-2 years after finishing the executive position, you will have enough specialized knowledge to work, but to become a leader you also have to learn how to operate a team. Indeed, this period is very difficult and challenging. But try to pass because you will experience a lot of new things & be independent in the steps of your plan.
  • Marketing Manager: This is a higher rank than Leader after 3-4 years, which can be roughly understood as you will manage the leaders in the company. This position is equivalent to Marketing Specialist (marketing specialist), because you have encountered many different projects and campaigns. Your main job at the company at this time is mostly in terms of project management and the members involved in that project.
  • Marketing Associate Director: The position of vice president of marketing is more senior management and makes most of the decisions when the company’s director is not present. Marketing management and staffing for projects are the main jobs in this position.
  • CMO – Chief Marketing Officer: Is the last position as well as equivalent to Marketing Director as well as the largest position in the company. Decide on the entire strategy to the implementation of the Marketing segment at the Client.

The marketer in Digital Marketing Agency in Vietnam

Divided into many departments and areas of work, the Agency is always a dynamic and very attractive environment for marketers.

Here, I will take you around to see how an Agency is operated.


Creative Department

This is the creative department, the backbone of an agency. Create and design marketing communication ideas for clients.

Copy & content department can be collectively known as Creative, also known as content staff or content executive. As someone who devises tactics, strategy (collectively, strategy) content, and words to convey the message to customers in the best way.

Planning Department

It is a very interesting department and I personally aim to pursue this department the most. To be a Planner, you must understand the product, the insight of the target customer. How are they experiencing the product, how do they feel when using it, and how do they best remember the brand?

In Client, this position is similar to Brand Manager, where you have to control everything about Marketing research, Brand Awareness, Brand association.

Accounts Department

There are many people wondering what is an account profession? It’s a major job working with clients, understanding their needs and making briefs of requirements, and bringing them back to other departments in the agency to execute. This is a very stressful job because it requires a lot of skills such as communication, project management as well as extremely harsh time control.

However, this is also a department that learns a lot and has a wide range of expertise because you will have access to many different industries, and different internal departments. You will be able to follow a project from the moment you receive the Brief to the time of completion and acceptance of the project, instead of other departments being only involved in a part of the agency’s project.

Playing the same role as a consultant, you will act as an expert to advise customers on which communication directions are most suitable for their industries and products.

The highest level you can get will be Account Director at the Agency.

Media Department

This department often appears in Digital Agencies, their main job is to do performance marketing. They control the performance on advertising tools like FB Ads, Google Ads, Ad Network, Mobile Marketing, Mobile App Optimize…

Digital Marketers can also join the Media department with an additional role of SEO, Website Marketing…And the characteristic of this department is to specialize in marketing techniques such as mastering the use of tools and measurement tools. Measure and check project performance.

Some schools & courses about Digital Marketing

Digital schools in Ho Chi Minh City can be mentioned as FPT Skilling, RMIT, University of Finance and Marketing…

If you are not in Ho Chi Minh City, there are also many courses online. However, be careful because now there are many fraudulent marketing “masters” to sell poor-quality courses. Digital by Rick was created by me so that I can share the knowledge that I research and learn in the process of working for free.

Follow my blog to get more perspectives on Digital Marketing!


That’s all I want to share with you about what Digital Marketing is and Understanding it from A – Z, because I can’t include all the information in one article, so I’ll see you in part 2. Let’s talk about what’s missing in this article.

Thank you everyone for reading.