One of the effective models of making money from Affiliate Marketing is investing and building your own websites/blogs. But to build a complete website you need to have affiliate plugins to support it.


Besides plugins for websites such as SEO support, security, information collection, social signal support, etc., equipping affiliate marketing plugins such as shortening, searching or inserting Affiliate links, etc. Factors that help lead you to the door of affiliate profits more effectively.



So, if you are new to making money with this affiliate project, let’s join Digital By Rick to immediately refer to the following professional support affiliate plugins.

Plugin Affiliate Egg

It must be said that this is one of the plugins for affiliate blogs chosen by many affiliate marketers.

Plugin Affiliate EggPlugin Affiliate EggWith many convenient linking functions, along with easy usage, I firmly believe that when you have installed it on your website/blog, it will bring many unimaginable benefits.

The main function of the Affiliate Egg plugin is to get product data quickly. It can help you retrieve images, product prices at a faster speed.

In addition, Affiliate Egg can also get and post products to your website/blog automatically. Currently, I find this function is not very stable, so it is not appreciated.

More importantly, this plugin supports shortcodes, which you can insert anywhere in your post.

Therefore, the Affiliate Egg plugin is very suitable for those who are building an affiliate website by writing reviews and product advice more quickly and effectively.

In Plugin Affiliate egg will support 2 parsers in Vietnam including Lazada and Tiki. You can also upgrade and extend the parsers if you have programming skills.

However, this is a paid Affiliate Plugin, if you want to use it, you have to spend about $69.

Affiliate Plugin Content Egg

Content Egg is known as Affiliate Plugin WordPress has the advantage to help you build a pretty smart price comparison website when it will help you get product data in any e-commerce site through API.

Affiliate Plugin Content Egg
Affiliate Plugin Content Egg

At the same time, it will also automatically update prices and product data through just a few simple installation steps.

At the same time, Content Egg is also supported on blogs, woo-commerce, pages, posts and easily synchronizes products with just a few simple clicks.

In addition, like the above Affiliate Plugin Egg, in Content Egg there will also be support for adding shortcodes so that you can easily attach them to your articles.

Moreover, in Content egg, there are a number of other extremely useful features for the process of making affiliate projects such as:

– Display price history chart: When the plugin updates the price automatically, it will display a price chart with the price information, the time history of price changes on each detailed product.

– Automatic Price Alert: It will send a notification to the user’s email when the product price changes if the user has subscribed previously.

– Add a discount code: Content egg will help you create a discount code right on your own article. At the same time, it will also automatically update the expiration time of the code to more professionally.

– Automatically identify the deep link: This is definitely a useful feature that everyone needs when making an affiliate blog. It will help identify your deep link for thousands of links with just a simple operation and you can change it easily.

Currently, this Content egg affiliate plugin has 2 free and paid versions. If you have a need for domestic use, you can experience the free version with basic functions.

But if you want to use advanced functions, you should invest some money to use the paid version for about $ 49, which will be more useful when building your affiliate project.

When this plugin will fully support web parsers not only in the country but also abroad such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank….

Affiliate Plugin External Importer Pro


If you want to build a website to make money from affiliate simply, import many products automatically from e-commerce sites, then immediately use this External Importer Pro Plugin.

It is very useful when it helps you to extract product data from e-commerce sites and automatically import it into woocommerce on your own website quickly.

With this affiliate plugin, you have complete control over the amount of data input from images, descriptions to product prices.

marketing plugin affiliate
Affiliate Plugin External Importer Pro
Along with that, the External Importer Pro Plugin can also help you get data of users who have interacted and commented after purchasing the product. Really useful, right?
Not to mention, the tracking link system of the External Importer Pro Plugin is extremely convenient and smart.
It allows you to distinguish your affiliate ID and helps you create external affiliate links with thousands of products you import.
In addition, when buying the paid version for more than $ 10 for the External Importer Pro Plugin, you are also supported with 4 additional analyzers on Vietnamese e-commerce sites including Tiki, Lazada, Shopee and Sendo.


That’s enough for you to easily create an affiliate product website and earn commissions from effective affiliate programs.


Affiliate Plugin Pretty links

Pretty Links is a link management plugin in an affiliate marketing website that is quite popular with more than 200,000 websites using it.
In particular, this is a very good affiliate plugin for SEO, beautifying links as well as helping you to shorten affiliate links in effective articles.
Affiliate Plugin Pretty links
Affiliate Plugin Pretty links

Also, with Pretty links you can also enable auto-links for certain keywords.

Along with this affiliate plugin, this plugin also allows you to set up redirects which is very useful if there are links that return 404 errors, permanent 301 redirects and temporary 302/307s.

Affiliate Plugin WP Mail SMTP

Why use WP Mail SMTP plugin for Affiliate projects?

Because this is an affiliate plugin that helps you send automatic emails to loyal visitors to your website.

Currently, WP Mail SMTP has more than 2 million users, so its influence can be seen in the affiliate blogging community.

blog affiliate
Plugin WP Mail SMTP

Specifically, when using the WP Mail SMTP affiliate plugin, you will no longer have to worry about sending emails to each subscriber every day.

Even if your website’s server is blocking the SMTP port, the email will still automatically send quickly and successfully.

In particular, the WP Mail SMTP plugin is very suitable for price comparison websites.

Because once users are interested in the price of a certain product, they will track the price of the product regularly via email.

In case of the product price changes according to the needs of registered customers, this affiliate plugin will automatically send email notifications to them without you having to do it.

MonsterInsights plugin

If you are an experienced affiliate blog making money, then you probably want to know which of your articles are getting the most traffic, where users are coming from, and what they do when they see your website.

Then it’s time to install the MonsterInsights Plugin on your website. This is the best Google Analytics Plugin for your website with more than 2 million websites in use.

This plugin will display and provide you with useful information and analyze your website in full detail.

At the same time, the MonsterInsights Plugin will help you automatically track your links easily such as Track clicks on URLs, banner ads, off-page links, ..

You can combine this data with other affiliate reporting plugins to get a general analysis.

Thereby contributing to improving the effectiveness of affiliate marketing to increase commission sales.


Thus, I have introduced to everyone some essential affiliate plugins when doing affiliate marketing with a variety of features.

You don’t have to install all of them on your website, but most of them are very useful tools in the process of building your affiliate blog website.

So with this article, I hope you have chosen a plugin that is most suitable for you.


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Final. Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, if you feel this article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to our upcoming latest Affiliate knowledge.