Are you looking to make money online from doing affiliate marketing? Are you looking for a network of affiliate websites, a reputable affiliate marketing company in Vietnam?

Then, in today’s article, we will introduce to you a list of affiliate websites in Vietnam, the best affiliate company that you should join!


Note: Content to introduce reputable affiliate companies, we will have 2 segments:

First: Affiliate networks (Affiliate Network), this is an intermediary between Publisher and Advertiser

Second: Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program), these are separate programs developed directly by Advertisers produced and provided.


Let’s dig deeper together!

Affiliate marketing website in Vietnam

Affiliate Network, also known as an affiliate marketing network, is an intermediary, a bridge for product suppliers and marketers.

Because, the supplier (advertiser) has the source of goods available, but is limited in the data source and searchability.

And affiliate marketers like us (publishers) have enough advertising and sales capabilities but no investment capital, can’t find reputable and quality products to sell.

At this time, the Affiliate Network websites appeared as “matchmakers” who “separated” for advertisers and Publishers to find each other.

At the same time, Affiliate Network will be responsible for managing and providing information for both parties. They will receive commissions from advertisers and pay Publisher according to regulations.


According to a survey from Forrester Group, 83% of large companies use Affiliate Network to connect and ensure policies for Publishers.



So, are there any reputable affiliate marketing website networks today?

AccessTrade (AT)

This is a famous and pioneering Affiliate Network in the Vietnamese market, launched in 2001 but officially present in our country in 2015.

website affiliate

Currently operating in Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia under Interspace Co, Ltd (Japan).

Personally, I think this is a reputable affiliate marketing network in Vietnam with the most diverse products and categories today from E-commerce, health, education, finance, tourism…

In addition, AccessTrade is also an affiliate marketing bridge that many big brands cooperate with such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Vntrip, Citibank,…

The strength of this affiliate marketing website is to provide a professional reporting system, for publishers and advertisers to easily manage and track.

In particular, with this affiliate website system, which is updated accurately in real-time, the tools to create links and support banners are very intuitive.

Therefore, being a “fuzzy chicken” like me is also easy to manipulate and experience.

Regarding the commission issue at AccessTrade, it is assessed at a stable level, ranging from 4-8%. There are even some products like finance which commission up to 20% for each successful conversion.

In terms of payment, the AccessTrade affiliate website is rated very well by experts and the Affiliate community.

They usually pay on time (on the 15th of every month) with a minimum payment of 200,000 VND. If you have not reached this minimum threshold, it will be rolled over to the next month.

Recently, the affiliate company AccessTrade has also developed the AccessTrade IQ program, with the aim of helping people answer questions when joining an Affiliate with AccessTrade.


===> Learn how to become an AccessTrade affiliate

MasOffer (MO)

As one of the reputable affiliate marketing websites in Vietnam, MasOffer was built and developed by Eway Joint Stock Company (the owner of ePlay Game Platform, AdFlex, …).

website affiliate

Therefore, MasOffer quickly became an attractive destination for many Publishers who are passionate about making money. Up to now, the number of publishers here has reached more than 10,000 members.

In addition, the affiliate website MasOffer is also a front that attracts many great partners with many industries, products/services with high commissions for everyone to participate.

In particular, pay commissions at may offer as well as AT at a minimum of 200,000 VND and receive a salary on the 20th – 25th of each month.

At the affiliate website, MasOffer is evaluated by the Affiliate community as its main strength is technology.

This affiliate platform provides publishers with tools to increase conversion rates, extensions, link creation, etc. to earn more commissions.

It seems that the MasOffer affiliate website is gradually asserting its position on the affiliate company community to increase its competitiveness with other affiliate marketing sites in Vietnam.


===> Learn about MasOffer affiliate program here



AdFlex is known as MO’s “good brother” because they all have the same management unit, Eway.



Recently, AdFlex operates in the field of games and smartphone applications.

But before the great influence of Affiliate, they have begun to turn to this new field to create a new playground for the local affiliate website community.

With a background in providing games and mobile applications for Smartphones, the marketing products at AdFlex mainly revolve around this genre.

Besides, AdFlex also develops many new categories of beauty, fashion, health, … with commissions of up to 400,000 VND/product.

website affiliate

Especially, when participating in this affiliate marketing network in Vietnam, AdFlex will receive support from Landing page, banner ads, related technical issues in the professional system.


===> Learn about AdFex affiliate program here


Web affiliate

Vatgia is a veteran classifieds site in the village of “ads website” that almost everyone knows. With the advent of many e-commerce sites, this platform is gradually disappearing.

web affiliate

However, recently, due to noticing the explosive affiliate marketing trend, Vatgia has also officially joined.

With the affiliate marketing program of the affiliate company Vatgia, everyone will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products to market.

According to my research, I found that the affiliate company Vatgia currently pays a high commission for each product. There are many products with commissions of up to 5 million VND/unit.

Commissions will be paid monthly directly through the bank account.


===> Find out about Vatgia affiliate program here

Website affiliate Optimise

Optimise is an intermediary affiliate web platform like AT or Adflex. This is an affiliate marketing network that was born in the UK and is now present in many countries, including Vietnam.

Optimise is a new affiliate network in Vietnam but also has highlights such as:

– Many big and famous advertisers around the world such as Amazon, Pizza Hut, Shopee, Lazada, Grab, Lixibox, Bamboo…

– Diversify campaigns with many different fields and industries such as e-commerce, finance, tourism, education…

affiliate marketing

A special feature of Optimise is the payment of commissions twice a month on the 16th and 29th. Surely everyone wants this.


No matter which web affiliate network you choose, you should learn in detail about the operating mechanism, operating network, commission payment policy, marketing products, etc. to choose the right “revealing place”.


===> Sign up for affiliate Optimise here

Affiliate marketing program in Vietnam

In addition to joining the affiliate marketing networks at the affiliate marketing websites above. You can also refer to more affiliate programs from brands and businesses.

It May be mentioned as:

Website affiliate

Actually, for Lazada, I don’t know if it should be classified as a web affiliate network or an affiliate program right?

Because Lazada now uses an affiliate marketing management system for the entire Southeast Asia region.

However, because of Lazada’s own marketing products, I will temporarily put it in the form of Affiliate Program web!

You know, Lazada is an e-commerce site for a long time in Vietnam. Here you can find almost any product in any category.

vietnam affiliate

At the same time, Lazada is also a big name in the market, so it also creates trust for Publishers to join affiliates to make money.

However, there is an inconvenience that currently Vietnamese affiliates are using HasOffer’s Affiliate management system for Southeast Asian countries that do not have Vietnamese language.

As for the issue of paying commissions at Lazada, you can rest assured that it is reputable.

But, it takes up to 75 days (more than 3 months) for you to receive the commission, as well as the minimum amount received from 500,000 VND or more.

Surely many people will feel a bit discouraged, right?


Therefore, if you want to quickly receive fast commissions, with a lower minimum payment, you can choose to join the affiliate networks that I recommend above.

There you can still promote products on Lazada.


===> Register as a Lazada Vietnam affiliate here


Shopee Affiliate Program

Shopee! The “shopping capital” has been imprinted in the minds of Vietnamese people.

At the same time, this is an e-commerce floor that has a great influence on Vietnamese consumers at the moment, with the largest number of visitors in Vietnam.

affiliate company

Currently, Shopee has also been developing its own affiliate marketing web platform, giving everyone the opportunity to make money effectively.

Because it is a shopping paradise, the categories and products on Shopee Shopee website are extremely diverse, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right marketing products.

As an e-commerce site with the largest traffic in Vietnam, the customer’s purchase rate is very high, contributing to increasing your commission rate.

In particular, the commission at Vietnam affiliate website Shopee is very attractive up to 11%, commission payment is paid once a month.


What I like when doing Affiliate at Shopee instead of through other Affiliate Marketing websites is that the orders are updated in real time, the system is always stable and there is less chance of losing orders.

Dashboard management, statistics are very online, with many interesting parts such as: Statistics of product categories that customers have purchased, which industries have many orders, … thereby helping me to access a good customer file than.

Although there is one downside that I don’t like is that the dashboard does not statistics which urls generate conversions, which takes time to optimize.

The rest of the commission is updated every week on the detailed dashboard for everyone to follow.

===> Find out about Shopee Vietnam affiliate program here affiliate website

Zanado is one of the e-commerce websites specializing in trading fashion items on a fairly large scale in Vietnam.

Therefore, the affiliate marketing programs here are mainly fashion items, which are very suitable for women with “fashion” who are looking to earn more income, so they should join.

website affiliate

The commission of Vietnam affiliate Zanado is also quite high, reaching 25%.


===>Register as Zanado affiliate here


Kiotviet is a famous company providing solutions and sales management software in Vietnam.

Kiotviet’s marketing program is mainly about introducing customers to learn about and buy products/solutions.

web affiliate

With a customer, you immediately receive a corresponding amount from this affiliate marketing website. Specifically:

500,000 VND for the first 1 customer
600,000 VND from 2nd to 5th customer
700,000 VND from the 6th customer onwards
Along with many other attractive gift programs at this affiliate website.

In addition, on the market today, there are many companies in many fields such as finance, tourism, Hosting services, … are developing their own affiliate programs that people can refer to.

===>Learn more about the Affiliate Kiotviet program here


Certainly, in Vietnam and around the world, there are many affiliate company websites that we have not mentioned in the article.

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Hopefully, this article, it will help you choose the right affiliate marketing company or Vietnam affiliate program to start your career getting rich from Affiliate Marketing.


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