Google Data Studio – Smart tool for generating tracking statistics from your data, developed and provided for free from Google.


With this tool, it is possible to help marketers:

– Create reports easily with just a few basic mouse clicks.

– Aggregate data from more than 460 connected sources such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google Analytics,…

– Generate real-time automatic reports in the most accurate way.



Here are other great features from the tool to help you “save battery” for performance reporting marketers will find very convincing:

Freeing up labor thanks to 4 “easy” from Google Data Report

With this tool, you will no longer spend too much time making reports on traditional excel. Instead, it would be:

– Easy to collect data

With Google Data Studio, you only need to do a few simple steps to connect and collect data from different sources together.

These sources can be Google Sheets, Google Analytics, electronic marketing products like Campaign Monitor, or other social networking sites…

– Easy to customize

People can create reports directly on Google Data Report with 1 page or 20 pages and flexibly adjust the metrics, according to the changes they aim to achieve.

– Easy to share

After creating a report on Google Data Report, whether you want to schedule sharing, get a link, email it or simply download it, Google has built-in the tool for you.

– Easy to read

This tool contains a lot of options presented in a scientific, intuitive way with pie charts, trapezoids, triangles, time series charts….to make it easier for anyone to look at.

Besides, you can also allow report readers to get real-time data, as well as filter information with filters so that people can easily interact instead of just static reports on excel.

Pull/Connect data to over 460 different sources

Google Data Studio completely allows you to generate reports against a variety of data sources without the need for additional programming operations.

It only takes a few seconds, people can connect Google Data Studio with many different sources such as:

  • Products in Google Marketing Platform include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360…
  • Google user products like Sheets, Youtube, and Search Console…
  • Databases include BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL…
  • CSV file data uploaded to Google Cloud Storage…
  • Social networks like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter…

Set goals, KPIs and compare and contrast data

The next plus point of Google Data Studio is that it allows users to set goals, KPIs and compare and contrast with previous period data easily.

Also, this tool will assist with accurate percentage calculations, even if your numbers have changed from the previous period.

Based on that, people will easily analyze the campaign to make more appropriate changes and additions.

Dynamic reports view data in real-time

If your reporting tools were previously static (data not automatically updated).

With Google Data Studio, there is also a “more beneficial” function when:

  • Enables dynamic report generation, where users can change metrics and view accurate real-time data.
  • Allows users to filter reports and metrics by adding different filter fields.
  • Easily get metrics information in 1 chart to see the correlation between them.

Report templates are available on Google Data Report with the visual quality

To help users start using reports more quickly, the Google Data Report team has built a repository of report templates available on the system.

Typically: Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, BigQuery, Search Ads 360…

You simply copy the template, connect the source data and view the data quickly in just a few minutes.


Source: Data Studio Help Center



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