If you are in the middle of reading an English document? Or do your friends text you with an English sentence that you don’t understand what it is? Instead of copying – pasting into Google translate which takes many cumbersome steps, add the Transover utility to your browser right away, you will be surprised!

A little bit about the “utility” to look up Transover vocabulary

Transfer Chrome Extension is one of the utilities integrated on the browser with the main function of automatically translating languages ​​around the world.

As soon as you install and activate the extension in the browser, you just need to click or lightly touch the mouse pointer on a word on the screen, it will immediately be translated into a new language installed by you right next to it.

In addition, this utility also has many more support options for people to choose from such as:

– Text to speech

– Reverse translation: from your language to the language of your choice

– Type and translate in a pop-up

– Copy translation to clipboard

Instructions for installing the Transover utility in Chrome browser

Similar to installing other Extensions on Chrome, Transover is also quite simple with specific steps as follows:

– Step 1: People go to Google Chrome’s Utilities Store and type in the search keyword Transover. Or can be accessed here.

– Step 2: Click “Add to Chrome”, a notification popup will appear, and select “Add Add-ons” for the browser to install. After the installation is complete, the Transover icon will be displayed immediately in the right browser.

– Step 3: Set the language and how it works. By default, Transover will convert the language to English. To change, users can click on the icon and press “Option”.

At this time, an interface will appear on the screen for the user to choose the language they want to convert to (usually Vietnamese will be selected).

About the item how it works can be “Click on Word”, which means you click on the word you want to translate and the results will be displayed. In addition, you can also change it to “Point at word”, which means that just pointing at the word will automatically translate.

Once the setup is complete, click “save” to finish. Then, just go to any website and find the word or phrase you need to translate to see the results. Both convenient and effective in promoting your language!


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