Suddenly on a beautiful day, Shopee account was banned for unknown reasons?

You need to buy a very necessary item but your Shopee account is banned, what to do?

This article Digital by Rick will guide you to avoid account lockout and unlock banned Shopee accounts, please follow along!

How is Shopee account banned (permanently locked)?

Before Shopee proceeds to permanently lock your account, your Shopee account will be limited for 1 time

tài khoản shopee bị cấm

So what is a limited Shopee account?

A restricted account means that the system will restrict and hide some features on your account. For example:

  • Lock the payment feature after receiving the goods (you can still buy and pay for the product in advance)
  • Shopee account is banned from ordering for a certain period of time (continued violation will permanently lock the account)

tài khoản shopee bị cấm


The violations of Shopee’s policy

If you violate the terms below, you will definitely be limited to your limited shopping account

Write a review or create a virtual order

The case of writing a virtual review is usually because the seller has just posted a product and intentionally left a 5-star review but there is no real order.

Usually, they will use 1 account to evaluate many products, many shops on the same Wifi 1 IP network in a short time.

This makes Shopee suspicious of that account.

The case of creating a virtual order is that your Shopee account is banned from placing an order but when the shipper arrives, you do not want to receive it or you order many products, many shops but cancel many times, making your purchase history invalid. good.


Note:  If your account does not receive the goods 2 times / 30 days, it will be blocked for payment when receiving the goods.


Abuse of Shopee promotions or subsidies

Wishing for users to shop a lot on its commerce platform, Shopee often launches attractive promotions, Freeship Extra Shopee codes.

Some users tend to use multiple accounts on the same mobile device, a network IP address to enter the same code, enjoy the same offer.

Make Shopee recognize abnormal signs, so the account is banned for a while, maybe even the account is restricted by Shopee.

There are scams and frauds.

Accounts are banned when committing fraud, cheating, appropriating property on Shopee

The most common are the Shops that have the behavior of ordering for themselves.

Especially if you intend to create multiple accounts to order products from your shop, this will make your Shopee account banned for a while.

Selling poor quality products, imitation goods, counterfeit goods, prohibited goods according to the provisions of law.

Wherever you are, always want to direct sellers to a clean sales environment, good products, say no to fake goods, fake goods or violate the regulations of the State and Shopee also always comply with the provisions of the Law.

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Shopee account is banned immediately if violating this clause. Please really pay attention!

The username/Shop name is the same as Shopee’s official account

You must not have the same or similar name as Shopee’s official account such as:

Shopeevn, Shopeestore, Shopeechaua,….

Shopee account is banned if the account name or shop name is the same as other e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Sendo,…

If you intentionally get such names, your Shopee account is permanently banned and cannot be restored.

Using vulgar, offensive, inappropriate language and images in the sales process as well as when communicating with Shopee.

Although Shopee is an e-commerce platform, you are also not allowed to use market words when participating in buying and selling goods on Shopee.

If Shopee’s moderators detect that you use offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate images and language, they will block your Shopee account.

tài khoản shopee bị cấm


Note: Shops selling goods when chatting with customers also avoid mentioning keywords such as “deposit”, “transfer”…

How to fix when Shopee account is banned

When your Shopee account is banned or limited, you can apply some of the following solutions to fix it:

Temporary fix

If you are looking to buy goods on Shopee urgently but your account has been locked, you can apply this option.

Once your Shopee account is locked, only Shopee employees can unlock it. As for you, the only way to create a new account is different.

However, you do not have to create a new account to continue shopping on Shopee. Because if you do it wrong, the registered Shopee account will also be locked.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when you create a new account:

The personal information on the new account must not be related to the banned Shopee account. You must use a completely new phone number and email information to register

Do not use a device that has been logged into a previously banned Shopee account to create a new account. Because Shopee’s system can check and detect your new account lock. It is best to use another device to register.

You should reset your internet before creating a new account. Turn off wifi or 3G/4G and then turn it back on to avoid duplicate network IP addresses.


Contact Shopee support center

When your Shopee account is banned, you need to contact customer service for assistance. If within 30 days you do not complain to Shopee, your Shopee account will be permanently restricted.

Contact channels for Shopee include:

  • By Hotline: 19001221. This is the fastest way for you to meet Shopee’s support staff directly. The fee when calling the Shopee hotline is 1000 VND/minute.
  • Email: Shopee’s email response time is within 48 working hours.
  • Live chat on the Facebook fan page. You can go to Chat to request support on Shopee’s official Facebook fan page.

How does Shopee handle locked accounts?

Upon receiving your complaint, Shopee’s Risk Management Department will ask you to provide some documents/information to complete the account recovery. This may include documents/documents. following version:
For Buyers:   Proof of purchase (Invoice, pictures of purchased products, etc.)
For the seller:
  • Business license (if any)
  • Good delivery receipt
  • Minutes of product origin certification
  • Sales invoice/receipt
  • Business model declaration

Shopee account is permanently banned if:

  • Shopee did not receive any response within 30 days. From when the account limit notice was sent to you.
  • Your account recovery request was not approved by Risk Management.
So with the above notes, we can avoid the Shopee account being banned by strictly complying with Shopee’s regulations and terms. Let’s be careful with our behavior when buying and selling on Shopee!
Good luck!
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