To be able to accurately answer the question “Should I do affiliate marketing at this time or not” depends on many factors.

Over the years, the concept of making money from affiliate marketing in Vietnam is no longer strange, even booming.

There have been many successful people, as well as rich from this MMO path. That is also the reason that many new Publishers are worried that this time it is difficult to start making money from Affiliate.

So, if you are wondering whether to do Affiliate marketing at this time or not? Let’s decode the details with Digital By Rick right in the following article.

Should you do affiliate marketing at this time?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous and familiar forms of making money online.

Although it has been around for a long time, up to this point, it still creates a strong attraction for those who are looking to make passive money.

Should you do affiliate marketing?

Even many experts and even myself predict that from 2021 onwards, the affiliate marketing model will continue to bloom.

So should you do affiliate marketing at this time? Why did I predict that? Because:

Covid-19 pandemic promotes strong online shopping trend

2021 is probably the most eventful year when the world has to receive the Covid 19 pandemic. So many people are confused whether to do affiliate marketing at this time or not?

This Covid pandemic not only affects human health but also has a strong impact on the global economy.

should do affiliate marketing

Social distancing makes it impossible for people to leave their homes. It raises a big question “if businesses suspend operations and people are isolated, how can they access products”.
Because of this, in this time of “thousands of weights hanging hair”, businesses have turned to online marketing channels as “lifesavers” to be able to reach customers effectively.
At the same time, the Covid-19 epidemic is also the cause of the increasing trend of online shopping.


According to the 2021 E-Commerce White Paper, the percentage of internet users in Vietnam who participate in online shopping increases from 77% in 2019 to 88% in 2020.

The widespread Covid-19 epidemic and complicated developments made consumers choose to shop online more.

Data from the General Statistics Office in the first months of 2021 also show that the demand for food products increased by 4.51% over the same period last year.



Therefore, this is an opportunity to help businesses survive the epidemic. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for Publishers like us to earn extra income effectively.

Delivery and shipping channels are booming

If you are wondering whether to do affiliate marketing at this time or not? Then the answer is very good.

One of the next reasons why I predict that affiliate marketing will be effective at this time is that the distribution and transportation system (Logistics) is expanding.

should do affiliate marketing

In Vietnam today, a series of transportation businesses are flourishing. In addition to familiar names such as Viettel Post, Economical Delivery, Fast Delivery, etc., many new names appeared in the Logistics market to improve delivery performance between buyers and sellers.

Since the development of affiliate marketing, the logistics industry has also benefited a lot.

When everything is now ordered online from shopping to dining, etc., Logistics units will continue to boom in all parts of the country.

At this point, Publishers to Advertisers are not worried about selling, no one will ship anymore. Is affiliate marketing worth it?

E-commerce platforms are trying to expand market share

It can be said that the trend of doing affiliate marketing at e-commerce platforms is becoming a trend of Publishers.

In particular, consumers are now more familiar with shopping at e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Tiki, etc.

Learning the model and development of foreign e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, etc., but the sales page in Vietnam gradually directs users to become more affiliates, as both a buyer and a seller.

Therefore, affiliate marketing programs through Lazada Affiliates, Shopee Affiliate, and Sendo Affiliate are always well received by Publishers.

In fact, it can be a significant source of revenue if we’re on the right track.

The payment process is becoming more and more convenient

In the near future, cashless shopping is what will happen. When all purchasing and payment processes are completely handled online on mobile phones or magnetic cards.

Even now you can completely shop online without paying any money upfront.

At the same time, users can pay by many different extremely convenient methods.

Even when doing affiliate marketing, you no longer have to meet to receive money, but all commission and payment activities are done completely online easily.

With the above reasons, it completely helps you to be awake enough to decide whether to do affiliate marketing at this time or not?


Indeed, the time to come will not keep up and affiliate marketing will continue to explode in the present and future for Advertisers to increase revenue, and Publishers to earn more effective income.


What are the opportunities for Publishers when doing affiliate marketing at this time?

As explained, should you do affiliate marketing at this time? Everyone can see the affiliate marketing model is really an extremely potent way to make money online.

Specifically, users will be increasingly lazy, they will sit at home and own items from brands they trust, then buy online.

The delivery problem has been handled by shipping units and you can pay in many different forms.

But the most important thing is that you still have to have money to buy goods. So, to earn passive money, even buy goods and earn commissions, doing Affiliate marketing is an opportunity for you.

After getting the answer to “should you do affiliate marketing”, then why should you learn and start doing it? What opportunities for Publishers’ “newbie system”?

Affiliate Marketing generates passive income


If you do not know how to do specific affiliate marketing, what to do? You can read the detailed article that we have published here to see the mechanism of making money from this affiliate marketing model.



It is simply that you search for Advertisers or Affiliate Networks to sign up for affiliate marketing with them.

Should you do affiliate marketing?

Then you will use affiliate links with corresponding products to promote and market on the platforms you have available.

It can be a personal website/blog, a social network, etc. with really valuable content to create customer interest.

When someone buys with your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

You don’t need to do anything extra, it always brings you revenue. That is true and sustainable passive income.

No need to invest capital

The opportunity for Publishers to do affiliate marketing is that there is no need to invest capital. You are not a seller or a producer.

You are an intermediary connecting advertiser with shoppers who have needs and benefit from selling goods.

So, you do not have to pay import costs or worry about problems with the goods if any occur.

No need to care about customer service

In today’s increasingly fierce business environment, with products of the same quality, what customers care about is after-sales service.

Enterprises with more professional working processes and better after-sales service will gain the upper hand in the market.

However, the opportunity for Publishers when doing affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to build and control complicated processes, headache research promotions, return products, delivery…

All these problems will be handled by your advertisers. Your job is just to introduce the product, the more customers click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, the more your pocket will be full.

Work from home if you like, then take a break

If working as an ordinary salesperson has just “paid three piles and three dongs”, working 8 hours/day, the answer to the question “should I do affiliate marketing or not?” will be suitable for you.

Because when doing affiliate marketing, you are completely flexible in terms of time.

có nên làm tiếp thị liên kết

People can work at any head, even just lying in bed can still make money from affiliate marketing.

This work will help publishers be completely proactive in terms of their scheduled time.

But there is a fact you should know, doing affiliate marketing at this point is easy said but when you start doing it is not as easy as you think.

You will have no income if you do not invest seriously and smartly.


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