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After the last 3 lessons, you must have been quite headache & tired because you have to absorb a lot of new knowledge.

So in this article, we will relax a bit and reduce the amount of knowledge by referring to some commonly used terms in WP.


Even if your website language has been changed to Vietnamese, sections like Customization are still presented in English entirely.

So please save this article so that if you encounter a confusing term later, you just need to Crlt + F to find it again!


Basic terms

  • Page: General pages
  • Post: Posts
  • Category: Categories, article categories
  • Blog: Articles in general
  • Archive: Name of the archive item
  • Theme: General interface
  • Plugins: Extensions
  • Widget: Literally translated as a widget, but here is the content displayed on the Sidebar.
  • Sidebar: The bar that appears next to the left or right-hand side in the article section
  • Form: Sections for users to enter information

Terms of installation parts

  • Dashboard: Also known as Admin Dashboard is the wordpress website administration area
  • Header: The top part of the website where the logo and menu are located
  • Logo: Representative image of the brand
  • Menu: Just like going out to eat or order, it also shows the structure and items contained in the web
  • Footer: The footer of the website, usually to show information, phone number, address…
  • Shortcode: A special code that replaces predefined content.
  • Typography: All about web typography

Terms of Interface Parts

  • Section array: Separate array of frames on the web, a section array will correspond to a piece of content (including images or text or videos)
  • Elements: Small elements in a section.
  • Text : Text HTML paragraph
  • Gap: Space between parts
  • px: Pixel is the unit of length and width on the website
  • Columns: Vertical columns
  • Row: Horizontal row area
  • Button: A button that leads to another page, another link in general
  • Title: Title
  • Image Box: Image box, including 1 image + Text
  • Slider: The area contains many banners, can be adjusted for banners to run automatically
  • Banner: The image is installed with text, unlike the Image, it only has an image
  • Search Box: Search Box
  • Testimonial: Reviews, customer testimonials
  • About & Contact: About & Contact
  • Call To Action: A call to action word or publication from the reader

So that’s the terminology part, you have grasped some basic calling on wordpress & its meaning.

Now it’s time to “makeover” your website. Flatsome theme has a part I really like, Flatsome Studio

This is an extremely powerful tool and has brought about an era where everyone can build and design their own website without having to deal with complicated code.

Let’s find out together!

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