For products with rough, bulky, … or difficult delivery, sellers can ship themselves on shopee. The following article, Digital by Rick will guide you on how to register a seller channel on shopee
No shipping available Shopee is a frequent problem for people new to Shopee to shop. Don’t worry, read the tips below right away!

1. Seller self shipping on Shopee

The seller will be able to ship his own products if he meets the following 2 conditions:
  1. Has its own transport team.
  2. Products listed for sale are bulky and cannot be used with regular Shipping Units.


Currently, the “Seller self-shipping” channel is only open for a few Shops selected by Shopee. The seller can find out the terms and conditions and the process of registering to open a seller’s self-shipping channel in the content below.


How to install Self-Shipping Seller Channel on Shopee

How to set up a “Seller self-shipping” channel
There are 2 steps to set up a seller channel with self-shipping on Shopee:
  • Set up a “Seller self-shipping” channel for Shopee

Step 1: Go to Seller Channel >> Shop Setup

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopee

Step 2: Go to “Shop shipping settings” and turn on Seller’s self-shipping channel for Shop

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopee

  • Set up a “Seller self-shipping” channel for Shopee products

Step 1: Go to Seller Channel >> All Products Mục

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopeeStep 2: Go to the product details you want to set up, go to Shipping and choose to enable the Seller self-shipping channel for the product. Then, click Update to save

How to process orders on Merchant Channel
Step 1: Go to Seller Channel >> Order Management Section >> select “All”

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Step 2: Go to Waiting for pick up >> Select Delivery

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopee

Step 3: Enter the bill of lading code (if any) >> Select Deliver

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopee

Step 4: Check the order in the section Delivering

người bán tự vận chuyển trên shopee


Note: The items below may be converted to Shopee self-shipping sellers

  • Electronic device
  • House and life
  • Sports and travel
  • Electric Appliances


If your Shop is selling products in one of the above categories and wants to open a Seller Self-Shipping channel, please contact Shopee’s Customer Care Department for the fastest support.

Sellers, please prepare a video about the products Shop is trading, video content includes:

  1. The video clearly shows the 3 sides of the product (length, width, and height). Need to display at least 2 different products.
  2. In the video, the Seller must write down the Shop information, the category, and the product listed for sale with the same product.
  3. Video length: up to 1 minute.

Shopee will review the information and respond to the results to the Shop within 14 working days.

2. There is no Shopee shipping available with the product

Many people are quite confused when encountering this case. However, this only happens for new users and it is not an error at all.

We can fix it in a very simple way like this:

  • You just need to change to another delivery address.
  • If not, please choose the same product but in another shop

không có hình thức vận chuyển khả dụng shopee

Above is how you can open a subscription to a seller’s self-shipping channel on shopee.
Hopefully, through the above article, you will be able to make and deliver your orders in the most satisfactory way! Please continue to follow my series  Sell on Shopee to have more shopee business experience!




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