Surely you are not too familiar with how to make money from Affiliate Marketing. This is an extremely developing MMO trend in Vietnam now and in the future.

But! If you are looking for all sorts of ways to make money with affiliate marketing, but it doesn’t work?

Maybe it’s because you don’t know the top 3 most popular ways to make money with affiliate marketing today, which we will introduce shortly!

Let’s find out more!

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing with websites, blogs

The form of making money affiliate marketing through websites/blogs is considered a sustainable method of making money, chosen by many affiliate marketers.


make money from affiliate marketing
Build a website/Blog to make money from effective Affiliate Marketing


The affiliate marketing business process through the website is quite clear, you need to:

– Build yourself one or more personal websites or blogs.

– Build content for your website, SEO articles to TOP search pages or share them on social networks, forums, .. so that more people know.

– Insert affiliate link into banner ads, articles, …

– Customers find the article, click on the affiliate link. If there is an action such as buying a product, registering, filling out a form .. is when you receive a commission.


Especially with how to make money with affiliate marketing through websites/blogs, there are many outstanding advantages, which are very suitable for beginners who do not have much investment.
And the most popular way is to build a website in combination with website SEO.
Because once your website is on the TOP of Google search results, Coc Coc,…. Starting to have a large amount of traffic, you can take advantage of it to turn it into an extremely effective “gold mine from affiliate marketing”.
Here are some types of websites where you can start earning income from affiliate marketing:
– Affiliate website makes money from sharing discount codes, promotional news (coupon site).
– Product review website.
– Website to compare prices, compare products.
– News website.
– Website guide sharing tips.
– Make money with affiliate marketing from Cashback Cashback Website.


We have a series of detailed A – Z website/blog building instructions, you can read and implement easily.
It’s not too difficult to create a blog and make money from it right!


Make money from affiliate marketing through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also known as a way to get rich from affiliate marketing through social networking platforms.


Maybe you don’t know?

The number of people using social networks (MXH) worldwide has reached 3.5 billion people, accounting for about 46% of the total population in the world.

According to the latest data, the 17 largest social media platforms today all own more than 250 million monthly users:

Facebook – 2.41 billion people

YouTube – 2.00 billion people

WhatsApp – 1.60 billion people

Facebook Messenger – 1.30 billion people

WeChat – 1.11 billion people

Instagram – 1 billion people

QQ – 823 million people

QZone – 572 million people

TikTok – 500 million people

Sina Weibo – 465 million people

Reddit – 330 million people

Twitter – 330 million people

LinkedIn – 300 million people

Snapchat – 294 million people

Viber – 260 million people

Pinterest – 265 million people

Discord – 250 million people


So, if you are a newbie just starting to make money from affiliate marketing, you can fully take advantage of this potential tool available to try.

make money affiliate marketing
Social is always the platform to help improve the effectiveness of Affiliate business

With affiliate business from Social Media Marketing, people can post products and services on available platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Importantly, you must create really valuable content to attract the attention of readers, gain high traffic to affiliate links, help customers access products and services you provide.

Basically, the way to make money from affiliate marketing on social networks will mainly through activities such as:

– Live-streaming (live broadcast)

– Create and share article content.

– Develop fanpage, group.

– Share videos.

So Social Media Marketing is an extremely effective method for you to do affiliate marketing.


As far as I know, the most successful people when making money with affiliate marketing mainly own social network accounts such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube with a large number of followers.

If you are a person with high creativity, know how to create viral clips that attract many views, then the affiliate marketing channel through Tiktok is a perfect choice.


Make money from Affiliate Marketing through PPC Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, is a set of methods of running marketing advertising. Specifically, you will have to pay for each click on your ad.

For example, we must have heard a lot about some terms like running Facebook Ads ads, running Google Ads ads, etc. PPC is the common name of this form.

monetization dashboard

Investing in running ads always reaches customers faster

The ads when run will be displayed on the respective search engines, social networks, websites, banners on Youtube videos, ..

The difference of this way of making money affiliate marketing compared to the above two ways is that you have to pay to find customers.

Although you have to invest a rather expensive budget, in return, the effectiveness of running ads will be faster than the above methods if you target your target customers correctly.

In addition, to be able to save money on running ads when making money from Affiliate Marketing, you need to optimize your ads to achieve higher rankings at lower costs.

And of course, the choice of where and how to run an advertising campaign must also be based on the appropriate level of each person (knowledge, skills, budget) and by market, each type of product.


But I see, if you choose to get rich from affiliate marketing from products of small value, you should usually not choose to make money from this affiliate marketing.

Because the investment cost will easily be higher than the commission you receive, if possible, go “slowly but surely” by building a website/blog or creating influential social networking sites to earn money. attract stable, long-term and more economical traffic.


General conclusion

Above are the top 3 ways to make money from affiliate marketing that are very popular now and in the future.

Remember, the potential to get rich from affiliate marketing in Vietnam in the future is huge. There have been many people including myself living by affiliate marketing, becoming financially free, free time, buying houses from this way of making money.

So, consider choosing the affiliate marketing method that you find most suitable, or you can apply all of them flexibly to maximize your income.


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