Hi everyone, a lot of customers ask me why now their fan page has a very low organic Reach even though a few months ago the interaction was very stable.

The answer is that Facebook may have updated the EdgeRank algorithm again. Currently, the organic reach is only about 2 – 5% of the total page likes. But don’t worry, read this article carefully to understand about EdgeRank to maximize the visibility of your fan page.

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank according to Wikipedia means the Facebook Algorithm used to decide the display of content to users.

Formula of EdgeRank = Affinity + Weight + Time – Decay. A marketer can often actively control 2 of the 3 points above to increase the visibility of the business to customers.

Facebook edgerank algorithm

Affinity stat

This is an index showing the degree of correlation between two subjects (Between you and the user). It determines which content should be prioritized to show on Newsfeeds.

The reason you often see the posts you like, share or view a lot, the content from those fanpages keeps showing up on Newsfeeds is because of Affinity.

Recently in the update, Facebook has introduced another term to measure the Affinity index, which is Last Actor (the last 50 user interactions).

If the customer’s last 50 interactions on Facebook were on your Fanpage, your Affinity quotient will increase. This means that you will be given priority to display over other fanpages that users have liked.

Weight Index

If Affinity is a priority metric that evaluates which content is shown in feed, the Weight metric determines which content has priority if their Affinity scores are equal.

Weight is usually calculated on post format factors like Video, Image, Link, text, and interaction like Like, Share, Comment.

The current priority of Weight is: Video > Photo > Link and Share > Comment > Like

Of course, the current situation is that Facebook is trying to compete with Google to dominate the Video segment. That explains why Video & Live Stream content is being favored for display. Just knowing how to push interaction will immediately “bite” Facebook’s proposal and get a huge amount of self-directed reach.

Time stat – Decay

The simplest way to understand this metric is that it talks about the Age of Content, which measures how long the content is visible on the feed. New content always takes precedence over old content.

So how can an old content be displayed longer?

Something everyone wants because the content is displayed to customers, the probability of an order will be very high

That’s due to an accompanying algorithm called Story Bumping. Facebook developed this algorithm to optimize the user experience, based on previous behaviors to display content that is directly relevant to them.

Thus, spam & useless or irrelevant content for your customers will be removed from display.

How the algorithm is doing in 2020

According to the Hootsuite documentation, Facebook is trying to make users understand their algorithm, so that Mark can control something called Ranking Signals.

Documentation by Hootsuite site in the US

Rating signals are the user’s past behavior scores that FB collects. Do you like someone’s posts, who do you text, what live streams do you watch, and at 8 o’clock every night…

Facebook announced there are 3 main parts in Ranking Signals:

People or places you often interact with
Post format that keeps you the longest (video, link, photo, etc.)
The hotness and virality of those posts

Since 2019 FB has had a button on the right corner of the article: “Why am I seeing this post or ad?” to explain to the user. In case Facebook’s algorithm is wrong, users can actively click to limit the display of similar content.

7 Tips to increase EgdeRank and Reach for fanpage

Once you understand the theory above, here are some useful ways to actually get some control over the algorithm.

Increase “conversationally stimulating” content

The content hits hard on questions, content with mixed opinions so that your fans can interact on the fanpage as much as possible. From there Affinity and Weight will increase at the same time.

Content stimulates interaction

Or organize minigames – promotional events that stimulate users to Tag each other in the comments.

  • Look at the picture guess the word
    Do a quiz
    Comments in a row
    Find different points
    Take pictures in the right place
    Take a Like
  • Lucky number – lottery
    Lucky Numbers – Random.org
    Predict the outcome
    Clever crossword
    Share your experience
  • Crossword
    Special hours
    Invite friends
    Review to receive gifts
    Lucky Draw
    Guess the price of gift hunting

Please post while the fan is online

This is one of the basic mistakes when you keep drafting and posting without checking the time. In my experience, Setting a Calendar also reduces reach more than articles that are compiled and then posted immediately.
Because I think if you book too many schedules, FB will think you only focus on quantity, not quality.
Now, most people can reach people by content:
6 am – 8 am: Entertainment, light, news content
11 am – 1 pm: This is the time when you can insert sales articles for the F&B industry, other industries can also insert sales articles because this is the time when users take a lunch break and have a lot of time to watch.
16h – 18h: This is the time when you get off work at the office, and it is a habit of Vietnamese people to go on Facebook at these times 😀
19h – 22h: This is the golden hour as well as the most terrible views on Facebook. Use it to navigate your customers.


If you have too many posts to upload but don’t want to be squeezed Reach, then use a 3rd party tool. I have an article “Instructions to schedule and automatically post on facebook” you can refer to.


Never Post Posts That Make You “Fall Out”

Articles that are 100% copied from other people, articles with no value, things about medicine & medicine, physiology. Adding copyrighted videos will lower your EdgeRank

And worse can lead to Squeeze, Cut Reach. There are many cases where there are more than 20k Like pages, but when posting, only 0-1 people can be reached. That is your page has been put on the Black List & restricted from displaying.

My solution is to run light ads in some articles & chat with Facebook support to remove this restriction.

Posting a video longer than 3 minutes is a plus

As shared above, Video content is receiving a lot of favor from Facebook.

  • Increase loyalty: Videos that users can search to come back to watch
    Watch Duration: Minimum of 1 minute of viewer retention & minimum of 3 minutes
    Uniqueness: Must not be “fried” from other video sources & must provide a lot of value

Cool Tip: Use Facebook’s Live Stream & Take advantage of the “Premiere” section to increase views

Let’s “educate” users to choose your preference

Post content that urges users to turn on “Preview” of your Fanpage. Thus, 95% of your posts will be displayed on Newsfeeds. It’s terrible, isn’t it?

Make them mention you more

Hard Fan mode, Call for Check-in and Suggestion will be a huge plus for your Egg stat. Make them constantly mention you.

Run Facebook Ads to increase EdgeRank

There is nothing to prove, but I see that the more I run ads for Fanpage, the more Mark will prioritize you :D.

However, a plus when running interactive ads is that you can actively target the right audience. Real people are likely to like your content.

See also : Common Mistakes That Make Facebook Ads Unapproved


Above is what I understand about EgdeRank, if you know more or find that I have made a mistake, please comment below. Hope the above sharing can help you understand the EdgeRank algorithm & Increase the visibility of your Fanpage more.
See you in the next posts.