Referring to the affiliate marketing model, you must have heard the term, Advertiser? But the keyword “What is an advertiser? There are always hundreds of thousands of search results on Google.

So, if you are looking to find out what is the meaning of the term Advertiser? The content of this article will help you answer in the most accurate way.

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What are Advertisers?

The explosion of the internet, along with the rise of making money online (MMO) has brought the wave of affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) to strong development.


What are Advertisers?
Advertiser is the advertiser, providing products in the Affiliate marketing model

In particular, this is one of the catalysts to help businesses increase sales and fulfill their mission of attracting customers.

As one of the 3 basic components of the affiliate marketing model, the Advertiser is an indispensable factor. So what is an Advertiser?

When translated on Google Translate, Advertiser means advertiser.

In the affiliate marketing model, an advertiser is an individual/business that has a product/service available for sale and wants to promote to achieve the desired revenue.

In this way of making money, advertisers will need a large team of Publishers to market their products/services and they will pay commissions directly to Publishers.

How do advertisers make money in the Affiliate scheme?

After understanding what is Advertiser? So how will Advertisers make money in the Affiliate marketing model?

Most providers today will often pay attention to ROI (Return on Investment), one of the revenue-on-cost metrics.

Advertiser affiliate marketingAdvertisers will earn money from Publisher’s support in marketing and promoting products

Simply put, ROI will be a measure of the amount of money that Advertisers receive per dollar of expenditure they have spent.
Specifically, Advertisers will earn money through the number of customers who have purchased through the referral of the Publisher and converted into revenue for them.
In addition, advertisers can also link with affiliate marketing companies to find publishers to sell, or work with advertisers to pay for each successful action (purchase, form filling, registration, …).



What is the Advertiser’s profit-making process?

Step 1: Customers accessing Publisher’s affiliate link can place on their website or social networking sites. (The affiliate links are all fitted with a tracking tool so that the Advertiser can track and determine from which source the clicks and purchases come from, from which Publisher)

Step 2: Customers make conversions such as purchasing, registering, filling out forms, downloading apps, etc.

Step 3: Affiliate network will send a notification to Advertiser about the number of successful orders, Advertiser will confirm and agree to pay commission for that order.

Step 4: Affiliate Network will pay a commission to Publisher based on successful orders.

Step 5: Advertiser will receive payment, and will pay commission to Publisher and percentage corresponding to Affiliate network.


In general, advertisers will earn revenue through cooperation with publishers or Affiliate networks based on the affiliate marketing model.

How does Advertiser cooperate with the Publisher?

There are 2 ways to help advertisers meet Publishers: direct and indirect.

Directly here means that advertisers will search for Publisher by themselves on community groups, groups, friends, etc.

The two parties will perform affiliate marketing contracts, with different regulations and commission rates as agreed by both parties.

What are Advertisers?
The operation model of Advertiser in Affiliate marketing

Indirectly here is understood that advertisers will cooperate with Publishers through Affiliate Network. This will be an intermediary partner to help advertisers connect with powerful Publisher communities.

At the same time, this affiliate network will provide the necessary technical background for promotion, and will directly resolve disputes, collection, and payment of commissions..

With the advent of intermediaries that are affiliate marketing networks, Advertisers will simplify the search process and negotiate the commission issue with Publisher.

Besides, advertisers will also easily measure the effectiveness and performance of ongoing Affiliate marketing activities thanks to the support of Affiliate networks.

How do Advertisers make good use of Affiliate Marketing?

If you understand what is Advertiser? Then to make good use of the effectiveness of the Affiliate marketing model, do not ignore the following strategies:

Use multiple Publishers

One of the factors that help advertisers maximize revenue is to use many Publishers.

Specifically, instead of manually searching for Publishers on groups, forums, etc., it will take a lot of time, but the number of participating Publishers will be limited.

What are Advertiser ?
Connecting to many Publishers will help Advertiser promote more products

Therefore, joining networks is the best option to help you have a strong Publisher team and community.

Not to mention, Affiliate marketing also provides many advertising platforms, helping your products/services quickly reach a wider and wider audience.

Always test and refresh your products/services

Knowing that, when doing affiliate marketing, the Advertiser will reduce the time, effort, and cost to do marketing as before.

However, in order for customers not to “go away and never return” and to successfully upsell, it is very important to always check and improve the quality of products/services.

To do this, advertisers should listen and receive customer feedback through Publishers so that they can change and improve products/services better and better, more in line with customer needs.

Identify the best source of customer traffic

A good point when doing affiliate marketing is that on every affiliate link of Publisher, a tracking tool is attached.

Thereby, Advertisers can completely measure and track which source of customer traffic comes from the best source, which publisher works best.

What are Advertiser ?
Always measure and monitor the effectiveness of your Affiliate marketing campaigns

Thereby will help you have the right offers for that Publisher so that they help you sell more products, as well as increase your sales and profits.

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General conclusion

Surely reading this far, everyone has better understand what Advertiser is, right? In short, Advertiser is an advertiser, a product provider and they will pay Publishers to support the marketing of products under the affiliate marketing model.

So, if you are a manufacturer, business owner but do not know how to increase revenue and develop your brand, the path of affiliate marketing is a choice worth experiencing.

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