Affiliate Marketing is a trend of the 4.0 technology era, an attractive online money-making trend that many entrepreneurs, bloggers, content creators or yourself can experience.

However, you cannot jump into this “front” with a “beautiful mind”, without learning about what affiliate marketing is? There are no specific affiliate marketing plans yet.

So, in today’s context, let’s dissect in detail what a specific form of affiliate marketing will do!

Let’s go!

Learn about what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate translates into Vietnamese as affiliate marketing, this is a business model based on revenue sharing between product/service providers (called Advertiser) and marketers (Publisher) to consumers. use (Client).

How to do affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing – The trend of making money online

Basically, this model is quite similar to working as a sales associate. But the commission that the affiliate receives will be automated through the affiliate link.

In general, if you create a certain product/service and want to sell more, reach more customers, you can run an affiliate marketing program.

Through this program will connect with Publishers, they will promote your products/services in any way. When someone makes a purchase through their affiliate link, you will have to pay the corresponding percentage of the commission specified for them.


**Note: In the content of this article, we only focus on affiliate marketing from the Publisher perspective, that is, those who are intending to make money from p.r.o. just affiliate.



So, from the perspective of the Publisher, doing affiliate marketing is the process of generating income from advertising and introducing products/services of suppliers through your own affiliate link.
When a customer buys a product through that affiliate link, you will receive a corresponding commission.
That is the difference compared to other forms of MMO. As well as being a factor that can generate passive income for publishers when doing affiliate online marketing.


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4 Main objects in affiliate marketing affiliate marketing

In an affiliate marketing campaign, there will be 4 main parts as follows:
learn about affiliate marketing
The life cycle of making p.r.o. affiliates between objects
  1. Provider of products/services (Advertiser)

    This is the object that pays commissions to Publishers who sell to them in affiliate online marketing campaigns. For example, Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Getresponse,,….

    Depending on the supplier, they will have separate affiliate marketing programs, which will mainly revolve around CPS (cost based on each successful order) and CPL (cost calculated based on order). each information the customer has) only.

  2. Partners – people who make money from Affiliate marketing (Publisher)

    These are the people who are looking to earn extra income from doing affiliate marketing like you and me.

    About Publisher regardless of industry, gender, region. You just need 2 things:

    – A computer or phone connected to the Internet.

    – Thinking and skills to make money from affiliate marketing.

    ==> At this point, you can join this exciting journey of making money online.

  3. Buyer (User/Customer)

    Are potential customers who will buy products through your affiliate link.

  4. Affiliate Network (Marketplace / Affiliate Network)

    When learning about affiliate marketing, you must have heard of Affiliate Network. In essence, this is an intermediary that connects advertisers with publishers to find each other more easily and quickly.

    At the same time, this object will be responsible for checking purchases, tracking commissions, paying commissions to Publishers.

    Usually, now, Publishers mainly participate in affiliate online marketing via Affiliate Network. Because:

    You can do affiliate marketing directly through advertisers. You take the Affiliate link to promote and find customers to buy through your link.


However, do you guarantee the supplier will pay you commission regularly?



Therefore, it is necessary to have an intermediary to help you solve that problem, ensuring that the commission always goes to your pocket in a clear and transparent way.
Therefore, Affiliate Network will help you and Advertisers to be transparent about commissions, avoiding future lawsuits.

How does Affiliate Marketing calculate commissions?

Surely when learning about affiliate marketing, you will be interested in how much commission you receive for each successful order through Affiliate Link, right?

In fact, the commission when you do Affiliate Marketing will depend on the Advertiser or the Affiliate Network.

Usually, the commission for each order through a successful Affiliate link will be calculated from 3% – 20% or some places will also calculate a specific number.

For example, this is the commission when you do affiliate marketing for Shopee

affiliate link
commission level when doing Affiliate at Shopee

So what exactly does affiliate marketing do affiliate marketing?

Read here, everyone can understand how it works when doing p.r.o. What is affiliate marketing, right?

Surely, many people think that just finding a supplier, registering an affiliate link and selling products is enough!

It’s not that simple! Because there are many people who failed at the first time to experience this way of making money online, and I did :)).

So, to really know what to do with specific affiliate online marketing? Please follow my steps below.

Step 1: Choose the right product and niche when doing Affiliate Marketing

Before starting to work “making money” with affiliate marketing, you need to decide which products/industries/services you will promote and sell.


For me, there are 2 ways to help you find products to do effective affiliate marketing online:

– Do affiliate marketing for the product that you have been using. Now you will be more confident about the information, its effects and benefits.

Thereby, it will also increase the trust of the end customer who decides to buy products/services through your Affiliate Link.

Choose products according to your niche. A niche market will have so many different products that it will be difficult to sell them all.

So, apply market research methods, products based on your available expertise to reach customers more easily.


p.r.o. What is an affiliate?
How to identify a niche market?

For example, you love the field of fashion, and especially women’s fashion. Then boldly choose products related to women’s fashion to do.

Step 2: Find & register to participate in the Affiliate Program (affiliate marketing program)

After determining the area you want to do Affiliate Marketing, the next step is to learn about affiliate marketing programs.

This stage will take a long time to learn, but because the immediate “revenue” is coming very close, don’t be afraid to invest.

Usually, the Affiliate program of a certain company will be located at the bottom of the website.

In addition, I have a tip for people to easily find any online marketing affiliate program that is thanks to the “know-it-all” Google tool.

Specifically, on the Google search page, you search for keywords according to the structure “Brand name/product/service” + “Affiliate Program”.


Currently, there are many affiliate program networks from many different companies for you to find products to promote:

Vietnam: AccessTrade, Shoppe Affiliate, Lazada Affiliate, Aflex, Masoffer…

International: CJ, ShareaSale, Linkshare, Rakuten, Amazon, Impact Radius, ClickBank…


In addition, when choosing and deciding on a certain Affiliate marketing program to promote, you should also note:

– Is the product high or low competition?

Who is the main audience for you to promote the product? (draw customer portrait)

– Does the product have a high or low commission?

Is the policy to record commissions as CPS, CPL, CPO or CPI…?

For example: Currently, the trend of searching for affiliate marketing programs at e-commerce platforms like Shopee is chosen by many people.

Because, on these e-commerce sites, almost everything is sold. So your Niche ability is also sold on it. Therefore, this will be a very good place for you to start registering as your Affiliate Marketing by following the link

Step 3: Create your own Affiliate link

After you have successfully registered to participate in the Affiliate program. Now the next step that you take is to turn the original link of the product into your own affiliate link.

Because if you don’t do this, no system will record the click rate, the rate of successful orders. At this time there is no basis for the Advertiser to pay you a commission.

In addition, because of a product, there will be many Publishers doing Affiliate Marketing. So Affiliate links will be the basis for calculating commissions for you or others.

learn about affiliate marketing
Examples of affiliate links

If there is no Affiliate link, it means that this is not affiliated with online marketing!

To create affiliate marketing links, people will work directly at the registered address as Affiliate Marketing,

*Last update 10/14/2021: Shopee is currently very difficult to register for the affiliate marketing program, so you can register as an Affiliate Shopee through other affiliate platforms in Vietnam.
Here, I will guide you to create Affiliate link Shopee.
1: You log in to the Shopee Affiliate admin page.
2: You go to “Tracking” / “Tracking”.
3: You copy and paste the original product link into the Deeplink section -> click “Generate & Copy” to create a successful affiliate link.


Once you have registered as an affiliate marketing member, creating an affiliate link is not too difficult.

Step 4: Promote products and services

Here comes the important step. After being a member of the “big family” of affiliate marketing, you will start selling and advertising to receive commissions.

The promotion and marketing of products with your affiliate link will depend on each person’s experience and ability to “sell“.

do affiliate marketing
Build product promotion campaigns with Affiliate Link
You can apply the strategy of introducing products through email marketing, sending messages to friends, sharing on Facebook groups, social networking sites, websites, if possible, you can run ads.
I see, now the trend of doing Affiliate Marketing on Tiktok is very effective, so everyone can refer to it and start working!


Note: Many people when doing Affiliate Marketing often spam links on most social networking sites. I do not encourage you to do this, because there is a high risk that you will have your social network account blocked for violating that policy.


Step 5: Get commission from p.r.o. affiliate

Invest and make efforts, here is the step to get results.
After your affiliate link has successful orders, you will receive a commission from the Affiliate Network or directly from the Advertiser.
do affiliate marketing online
Join affiliate online marketing to receive attractive commissions

Depending on the number of successful orders that you market, you will receive a commission worthy of your effort.

Making money from Affiliate marketing for a Publisher is as simple as those 5 steps. That is also the most accurate answer to the title question. What exactly does affiliate marketing do?


Don’t forget: Measure, evaluate and scale the model, increase revenue

After learning about affiliate marketing, what do you do? Just like starting to practice, after each campaign, don’t forget to measure and evaluate the affiliate campaign you are doing!

Doing Affiliate Marketing affiliate marketing is like implementing a business plan. You should also have regular reports, analyses, and performance measurements.

affiliate marketing affiliate marketing
There are always assessments and measurements when doing affiliate marketing affiliate marketing
You need to ask the questions: Why is your Affiliate Link CTR rate high but the Conversion rate, purchase low? Or customers won’t even click on your affiliate link.
Are you marketing the wrong way? Or is the product/service outdated? The call is not attractive enough? Does high product cost? Or is your promotion channel not suitable?…
All of these questions need answers. After analyzing and measuring these things, it will help you to adjust your affiliate marketing strategy, increase the conversion rate, and increase the effective commission.


In theory, doing affiliate marketing is not too difficult, can completely help you create passive income.
But when it comes to working, it’s not easy. If you want to make more money, the mindset of approaching Affiliate Marketing is very important. Requires your own seriousness, a lot of things to learn, to update every day.
As long as you work hard, you will surely get the best results.
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Hopefully with the instructions on how to do Affiliate marketing, the affiliate marketing that we provide will help everyone to start researching and implementing!
Final. Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, if you feel this article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to our upcoming latest Affiliate knowledge.