If you are learning about the model of making money online, especially the affiliate marketing model, you must have seen the term Niche Site. So what is a Niche Site?

Let’s decipher what is Niche Site? How to Build a Niche Site in more detail right here!

Let’s go

What is a niche site?

A niche site is simply a website with content or products that specializes in a particular niche and targets a specific audience.

What is a niche site?
Niche Site is a website that specializes in providing information about certain products/services, targeting specific customers

In English, Niche means “niche“. In business, MMO, Niche or Niche Market is the expression for the niche market.


I will give an example when it comes to cosmetics, it is not a Niche site. But acne cosmetics is a niche site already.

But acne serum is a smaller niche site called Micro Niche Site.

Thereby you will see, these websites will mainly focus on acne skin care products, for the target group of people with acne.

It will be completely different from general skin care websites that target all subjects who need skin treatment, regardless of gender, age, etc.

From there, these Niche Sites will target a specific audience only, to provide them with the information and how to buy the products they need.


I am sure that by now you must have understood more or less about what Niche Site is?

So what are the ways to make money from it and how to build and develop it when doing affiliate marketing? Let’s find out more with us!

What are the forms of making money with a Niche site?

Surely to many people when it comes to Niche Sites, what is it? Always think of this as a popular form of making money with Affiliate marketing.

This is true but not enough. Because you absolutely can make money with Niche Site through many different ways.

Typically as

Make money with affiliate marketing with a Niche site

When do you know what is Niche Site? Then they are used to make money in the most popular affiliate marketing.

What is a niche site?


If you want to better understand what is Affiliate? How to make money from Affiliate Marketing can be read in the article “What does affiliate marketing specifically do?” to understand better.



OK, to better understand what is the benefit of Niche Site when doing affiliate marketing, this is a tool to help you find customers automatically when accessing affiliate links without having to offer.

Take a simple example to help you understand better. When you have a need to buy a face wash, what is the first thing you will do?

For me, I will type the keyword “Larose Posay facial cleanser” into Google. I’m sure most people find it this way.

Then you will click on the search results that Google displays for reference.

So, if your Niche Site is at the top of the search impressions, this will definitely attract customers to automatically click on your website without offering.

In that article, you can place affiliate links. If the customer really wants to buy, they will perform the action of clicking on the purchase link, this time you will receive a commission from the affiliate.

Easy to understand right?

Thus, everyone just needs to create their own Niche Site, try to put it on the top of Google search results. Now making money from affiliate marketing is completely automatic.

Even when you are sleeping, if someone comes to the website and makes a purchase, the commission will still be paid to your account.


In Vietnam, the affiliate marketing model is increasingly developing and is expected to continue to grow in the future.

So, this is a good time for you to build a Niche Site to start making money with affiliates.

Make money from selling products and services with Niche site

In case you have available sources of goods or are active in sourcing, you can build your own niche sites to sell and make money.

do niche marketing site

With this form of making money from Niche Site, it will be more profitable than other forms of making money, because you do not need to pay rent for premises and employees.

But in return, you have to do more steps yourself in sourcing goods, hiring shippers, taking care of customers, ….

Make money from advertising with Niche site

If you are an MMO money maker, you must have heard of Google Adsense, right? This is one of the ways to make money by placing banner ads on your website.

In addition, there are also many other ad networks for people to make money from advertising with Niche Site such as media.net, infolinks.com, etc.

Your job is to have a separate Niche Site with stable traffic, then register an account with specific ad networks.

Then you can proceed to put their banner on your website, that’s it!

The amount you get here will be based on the amount of clicks on the banner ad. I see in Vietnam market, for every 1000 views you will earn about 1$.

In particular, if your Niche Site has a lot of traffic, this way of making money from ads is quite effective.

Earn by selling courses or Paid Membership

Depends on what niche you are targeting? What are you building a Niche Site? To be able to sell the courses you create to your customers.

Examples in a niche are makeup or weight loss. You can shoot videos to create makeup courses for novice ladies.

What is a niche site?

At this point, the Niche Site is the means to help you promote your personal brand and the courses you create.

In addition, you can also collect membership fees (paid membership). That is, members who want to access to see information on your niche site have to pay.

The niches that can apply this form such as fitness, learning English, learning to cook, etc.

Why should newbies make money with Niche site?

When understanding what a Niche Site is, people can see that this model has been applied by longtime MMO players from the past to now.

As for those who are just starting out with this form of making money, building Niche sites will give you incredible benefits such as:

Low level of competition

When starting to make money from business or affiliate, one of the biggest difficulties is how to compete with the long list of competitors.

When the opponent has been present for a long time in the market, they already have a brand and you are just starting out, with little capital it is difficult to compete.

What is a niche site?

Reduce the rate of competition when focusing on certain niches
Not to mention, even if your website has poured a lot of money into top SEO, the big guys in the industry have done it before you. You certainly can’t compete with them either.
So, if you choose a smaller niche and then develop your own niche site, it will be “easier“, even if you SEO to the top of Google, you will also be favored by customers because of their right products.

Low investment cost

By focusing on specific market segments will help you minimize costs compared to spreading.
As understood, what is Niche Site? then to build a niche site does not cost too much.
You only spend money to buy a domain name, hosting takes about 100K – 200K/month.
Perhaps, the biggest expense when building a Niche Site is hiring Copywriters to build content for the website. If you can write it yourself, that’s great, it will reduce a lot of costs.
The cost will not be too high, you just need to invest time and effort.
It is very difficult to make money from business, but it requires as little capital as making a Niche Site, right?

Passive – sustainable income from Niche Site

One of the points that I want to build niche sites is thanks to its sustainability and stability.
niche site
Always generate passive income when building a successful Niche Site
Because once you have built a perfect niche site, to the top of Google, with good traffic, customers will automatically find you and help you make money passively.
If you choose to be a long-term niche business such as essentials such as fashion, electronics, tours, etc., your niche site will help generate money forever, until there are no people left. just buy more.


In addition, when learning and building a niche site, it also helps people learn more knowledge about marketing, even if you have no previous experience.
However, for a beginner with a Niche site, even if you understand what a Niche site is, you will surely encounter many difficulties.

What are the difficulties when making money with Niche site?

When doing any job, there will certainly be many difficulties of its own, although the definition of what a Niche Site is is very easy to understand, but when you start doing it, you will see that nothing is easy.

What is a niche site?

Typically as:
– Niche your site SEO forever not to the top of Google due to the level of competition is too great.
– Google’s algorithm changes often, even Google can penalize it when SEO is wrong, deliberately violating Google’s policies.
– This job will not be suitable for lazy people.
If you are lazy or give up easily when SEO does not go to the TOP, when you see that Google penalizes you without finding a way to fix it, you cannot succeed.
You need to determine that making money with a Niche site is the same as investing in a business, it takes seriousness, long-term determination, enthusiastic investment, time and effort to succeed.
If you do it the right way plus the spirit of perseverance and persistence, your Niche site system will surely bring many good results for you.


Starting to the main part, how to build a Niche site to make money online?
The content below will help you!


Detailed instructions for creating a Niche site to make money online

If you have read this far, I am sure that you are already interested in making money online with Niche site, right? Because the concept of Niche Site is very easy to understand.
So, to start building a detailed Niche site, here are detailed step-by-step instructions for you to start implementing.

Step 1: Research to choose a potential niche

This is the first step when making money with Niche Site, because “first and last will come in“, so people need to make smart choices.

What is a niche site?
Niche market research is extremely important

Note, the niche is less competitive, the next steps you take will be easier. If the niche you choose has little competition but great demand, you will have the opportunity to bring in a lot of money.

On the contrary, if the niche you choose is too competitive, but competes with the “big guys“, then even if you plow your face, you may not be able to rise to the top 20, or even have to surrender early.

So, study this step carefully, prioritize choosing niche products/services that you have knowledge about, but still have to meet the needs of the market in the long run.

Step 2: Keyword research

After identifying a potential niche, start to move on to keyword research related to your chosen niche.

Because when SEO a niche site, keyword research is extremely important. Because it will largely determine the success or failure of your campaign.

Keywords are understood here as words and text that users enter into Google to search for information.

For example, if I am looking for information about Bosch dishwashers, the keyword here is Bosch dishwasher.

So, when researching keywords, you must understand what is the meaning behind this keyword? Searchers what information they want to find through that keyword.

If you understand this, you will be able to give the right information content to the needs that they seek. As well as directing them to your niche site to sell products and make money.

If you stand from a sales perspective, you can divide keywords into two main types:

Purchase intent keywords: For example, Shopee discount codes, the users who search for this keyword are mostly ready to buy, they just need to have the code to make money immediately.

Information keywords: With this keyword, they mainly want to know more information about a certain issue, if appropriate, they will search for products/services to buy.

Therefore, people need to carefully research keywords to target the right audience to be able to determine whether SEO keywords are floating on TOP or not.

Step 3: Choose and register Domain Niche site

As you understand what is a niche site? This is just a website.

So, in order for the website to work, you need to have a domain name for them.

Currently, there are two trends in choosing domains that people often apply: EMD (Exact Match Domain) and branded domain name (Branded Domain).

If before, people only chose EDM domain names because it would be easier to SEO. Because just focus on a few keywords in a few websites, then go backlinks to be able to get to the top.
For example, an EDM domain like Thongtacconghanoi.com, this domain contains the keyword Thong Cong Cong, the right keywords you want to SEO, the ability to go to TOP faster.
However, in this day and age, Google no longer favors EDM domains. Because when looking at pretty spammy EDM domains, readers often lose their trust.
In my opinion, building niche sites under branded domains is a long-term trend that you should follow, as well as helping you easily expand your niche later.

Step 4: Register Hosting for niche site

Hosting is understood as a place to store website data, every time someone accesses it, the hosting will be responsible for serving these needs.

What is a niche site?

When registering for hosting, everyone needs to pay attention to choose a reputable provider, along with an appropriate hosting package.
Because if the page load speed depends on the configuration of the hosting package you are using. If the loading speed is slow, it will make readers feel uncomfortable and want to leave your website even though they have not read the content.
Not to mention, website speed is also a factor for SEO. So, if you want to get to the TOP, don’t let your website operate at a slow speed.


We’ve got a detailed guide on buying domain names and Hosting that everyone can refer to to make the right choice.


Step 5: Install WordPress website

After having a domain and hosting connected together, it is also known as a domain game about hosting.
The next step in building a niche site is to install WordPress to manage the content posted on your website.

Not to mention, WordPress is also a widely used and SEO-friendly website content management system.
With this system, you can design the interface for the website, create articles, manage content, etc.


See the article “Instructions to install wordpress on hosting & choose a web interface” we have written in great detail, you just need to follow each step.


Step 6: Develop content for what is Niche site?

Perhaps this is the part that takes a lot of time and effort and you even have to maintain it until you no longer want to do business.
In this step, if you can write, you can write articles for your website in your free time to reduce the cost of hiring others to write.

However, the content when writing on your website should focus more on the reader, see what they need, how you can help them by providing valuable information.
When writing articles, you should not only focus on SEO standards without caring what readers want through your article.
Because in the long run, your website ranking is good or not depends on the quality of the article. That is clearly shown in the behavior of readers such as CTR rate, time on site, etc.
Please note that Google is very smart and the rankbrain algorithm will help Google evaluate those things.

Step 7: SEO website

After knowing how to make a niche site, what is it? Then the important step to help your website reach potential customers is to SEO them to the top of Google.

In SEO, there are two schools: On page and Off page.
First: On-page SEO
On page are things that you will optimize related to your website itself, be it the interface, articles, website speed, interface optimization on mobile, ..
Of which, perhaps optimizing article content is the most important when it comes to on page SEO.
In addition to focusing on “SEO standard content” such as keyword density, heading tags, article length, etc., Google is now smarter.
If the content is not presented in a natural way, writing for the reader is difficult.


So, I have updated the content trend that strengthens SEO that is being applied effectively, everyone can read more here.



These are all factors affecting rankings on Google that you can completely optimize yourself.

Second: Off-page SEO

This section will usually talk about backlinks – other website links pointing to your website.

Currently, Backlink is an important factor in Google considering ranking the website to the top.

When your website has backlinks from reputable sites with the same topic, it is always appreciated by Google.

However, when you are just starting to build a Niche Site, you should prioritize the On page SEO factor first. When the content is well-organized and user-friendly, with Google, when you do a little more off-page, you will quickly get to the TOP.

Because you don’t do well onpage but have jumped to offpage, Google will penalize it.

Step 9: Optimize Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is understood here when customers read your article and they take the action you want such as clicking on the affiliate link, purchasing link, registering the form, ..

So, to optimize this conversion rate, people need to measure the reader’s behavior towards your article content through supporting tools.


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So you have come with us here. Surely with the above knowledge, you have a better understanding of what Niche Site is, right?
Within the scope of 1 article, I cannot share in detail step by step the implementation of building Niche Site. However, you can completely start building your own niche site starting from the basics with the above information and start making money from this platform.
Final. Thank you everyone for following the content of Digital By Rick’s article What is a Niche Site, if you feel this article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to new Affiliate knowledge. our next best.