Affiliate Tiktok is a new trend of affiliate marketing, along with the strong development of the Tiktok social networking platform.

Currently, Tiktok is a platform that attracts a large number of users and is experiencing rapid user growth in the entertainment market.

At the same time, this is also a channel used by many MMOers to make money. Among them, doing Tiktok affiliate marketing is the most popular.

So, in the following article, we will learn more about what is Affiliate TikTok? and how to do TikTok affiliate marketing to make money more effectively.

About Tiktok platform

Where there are many users, there exists an opportunity to make money. And Tiktok is a gold mine that is being exploited by many people like Facebook, Youtube, .. many years ago!

affiliate tiktok
Tiktok is a globally famous short video social networking platform
For those who do not know, Tiktok is the predecessor of an application called Douyin (meaning a short video) of Chinese origin.
The current Tiktok platform is the global version of the video social network. The whole world uses Tiktok, while China is only allowed to use Douyin.
Basically, Tiktok is a short video social network, a playground for those who want to create or watch short videos with effects, music, and share them on their channel.


Popularity: TikTok is currently available in 150 countries & available in 75 languages ​​(last 2019 statistics).

There are around 800 million regular TikTok users as of 2020. China – TikTok’s place of origin now has over 600 million users of the Douyin app (TikTok’s own version for China)

Vietnamese people use TikTok: TikTok is especially popular in Asia, especially countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, etc.

App downloads: As of the end of April 2020, TikTok reached 2 billion downloads on the App Store & Google Play. Top of the most popular social networking applications in the world.

Audience: On average, each user usually watches Tiktok for at least 52 minutes a day and tends to increase, mainly young people. In particular, this is the platform of Influencers and KOLs working to build brands and communities.

Source: Synthesize internet

With this potential “gold mine”, many people start doing affiliate Tiktok to earn more effective income. So what is Affiliate Tiktok?

So what is Affiliate Tiktok?

Affiliate Tiktok, also known as Tiktok affiliate marketing, is the way you market and sell other people’s products to receive commissions on the Tiktok platform instead of Facebook, Youtube, Website, etc.

On Tiktok, you can create your own channel specializing in product reviews or creating trending trends, fashion trends, etc.

tiktok affiliate marketing
The trend of making Affiliate on Tiktok is increasingly popular

The feature when doing Affiliate Tiktok is that this platform only allows you to place a single bio link to navigate to another affiliate link, placed in the channel introduction.

As for other positions in the post, even if you put the link, the user will not click to navigate to the affiliate link you inserted.

This is the complete difference when doing Affiliate marketing on Tiktok compared to other social networking platforms.

After you insert the affiliate link in the bio, if a viewer clicks on the link and performs actions such as making a purchase, downloading the app, registering a form, etc., you will receive an affiliate marketing commission.

Therefore, to be able to make money Affiliate Tiktok, you need to make content that really attracts viewers, not only for them to interact with the video but also encourage them to go to bio to click on your link and solve the problem. their needs.

In terms of commission value, like other forms of affiliate marketing, high-value products, the more people enter the link and make the team switch, the more money you make.

It is not the case that many people watching videos or interacting can earn money from the form of affiliate Tiktok.

Why does Tiktok affiliate marketing make money?

For those who are participating in the Tiktok platform, I firmly believe that only 30% is for passion, the rest is for work and making money.

shopee affiliate marketing on tiktok
Opportunity to earn attractive income from effective Affiliate Tiktok

In, the majority of users operating on Titkok mainly do affiliate marketing. They see this as a job that satisfies their passion for entertainment and earns money.

The job of a Tiktok Affiliate is to spend time, effort, brainpower, equipment investment costs to get the results they deserve.

Specifically, those who have a product they want to sell (Advertiser) they cannot reach all of their potential customers.

But these potential customers, the publishers like us, KOL, Influencer…. Be accessible to both create value for the advertiser and earn your commission.

More specifically, with Tiktok affiliate marketing, you not only earn money from marketing orders but also through generated orders.

Specifically, as long as the viewer clicks on your affiliate link in the bio for a certain period of time, usually within 30 days and they don’t click on someone else’s link, this order will still be successfully recorded.

Advertisers will not need to distinguish any products, as long as they still buy products on that platform, Publishers will get money.

Hearing that, you think it’s easy to make money with Affiliate Tiktok, right?

No, when you start doing it, you will find it difficult to experience the “new mats” for the first time.

So, to make money effectively with Affiliate Tiktok, you can apply the following tactics.

How to make money with Affiliate TikTok?

This is a question that many people are interested in when they want to make money from Tiktok affiliate marketing.

Then let’s find out the answer right here:

4 factors for TikTok affiliate marketing to make money

– Those who need to access the link

– Affiliate link from the right platform

– High converting products compared to other products that address the same need

– High Commission for the product compared to the total cost: money, time, intelligence, effort, .. you spend.

Determining the approach to Affiliate TikTok

In the trend of making affiliate Tiktok, there are 2 directions for Publishers to get started:

affiliate tiktok
Need to determine the direction to be an affiliate carefully on Tiktok

– Choose marketing products first and then create compelling content to convert for products

In this direction, people need to carefully research how affiliate networks are having programs to pay commissions to publishers?

Then you conduct a search, analyze and put on the scale the commission value of the products, along with the ability to make your content attract many viewers on Tiktok?

When choosing and determining the product you want to be a Tiktok affiliate, you proceed to create a marketing link and start creating content around that product to make money.

– Make content, build a channel according to yourself and then find the right Affiliate product to convert

In this direction, it will be the opposite of the above Tiktok affiliate direction.

Specifically, in the first stage, just satisfy your passion for building video content on Tiktok according to your wishes.

When you have a strong enough audience and followers, you will begin to consider finding products to make affiliates suitable for your audience.

You need to note, the video content you create needs to have the best topic, it needs to match your interests, forte, and ability to reach the right audience on Tiktok.

At this point, when you market the product, there is a reason for the viewer to click on your affiliate link and help you earn money.

Making Tiktok content

When doing a Tiktok affiliate, the content is the “backbone” to increase the number of viewers, from which there are conversions for you to earn money.

When making video content on Tiktok, you need to remember the main principle is to provide the best value to viewers.

tiktok affiliate marketing
Carefully study the content of building a Tiktok channel
You can make a series of video content around the product, then cleverly incorporate the messages that want them to click on the bio.
In addition, you can create a friendly relationship with your viewers first, when they love and trust you, they will ensure they will support the products you market if they have a need.


Currently, there are a number of forms of viral and accessible content that people can refer to, such as:

– Education: Video content shares knowledge based on facts, not personal opinions. The same topic, if you have a more creative way of introducing and explaining it, it will still get more attention.

– Engineering/technology: Let viewers see actual images of technology products, electronic devices, etc., with reviews to create trust. .

– Advice/motivation: What makes content easy to go viral on Tiktok is partly in the character’s voice, how to display subtitles, along with the content that needs to bring positive and useful values ​​to viewers.

– DIY (Do it Yourself): The video needs to guide the process of achieving a specific result after doing it.

– Good tips: The content focuses on useful life tips that are easy to follow.

– Photography: Content instructing how to pose, take photos, how to use smart photography equipment to make it easier for viewers to visualize.

– Instructions: Instructions for using software: Word, Excel, .. or popular App: Capcut, VSCO, ..

– Fitness/health: The content guides the methods of health training.

– Art: Painting, film, sculpture, music, ..


Sign up for the right Affiliate program

Tiktok is just an affiliate marketing platform, not an affiliate marketing platform and directly pays you commissions.

affiliate tiktok
Choosing the right Tiktok affiliate marketing program

Therefore, everyone needs to choose the right affiliate marketing program to borrow the Tiktok platform to reach potential customers more effectively.

Currently, there are 2 types of platforms that provide affiliate marketing programs for people to join such as:

– Doing affiliate marketing with e-commerce platforms like Shopee affiliate marketing on Tiktok, Lazada, Tiki, etc. The advantage of this form is that the commission is higher but the risk is also higher.

– The second is to do affiliate with affiliate networks like Accesstrade… with more security but less commission.

Each program has its own strengths, but I find that when making a Tiktok affiliate through affiliate networks, it will be more secure, you are even supported with a lot of modern measurement and tracking tools.


If you do not know whether to join the affiliate marketing program of a reputable, safe, fully paid company, you can refer to the article Reputable affiliate website in Vietnam, which affiliate marketing company should you choose. select? to choose the right path.


Follow TikTok Affiliate Report

Each affiliate platform you choose will have tools to track the Tiktok affiliate marketing program you are implementing.

Therefore, regularly monitor the items of order reports, income, payments, commissions, etc. to get strategic adjustments to build more attractive video content.


Above, we have shared how to make money by affiliate Tiktok in detail.

Basically, when doing affiliate marketing on any platform, everyone needs to invest time, effort, and money to achieve the best value.

Also, everyone should work together effectively with multi-channel content marketing strategies so as not to miss out on better monetization opportunities.

Final. Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, if you feel the article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to our upcoming latest Affiliate knowledge.