If you are doing affiliate marketing or making money online, you must have heard of digital products. So what is a digital product? Why should you invest in digital products when doing affiliate marketing?

All will be answered and analyzed in detail by Digital By Rick in the following article.

What is a digital product?

Digital products, also known as digital products, in English are digital products. These are products that are online, formless, untouchable or have no physical properties.

What is product number?
Digital products are online and technology products


For example, videos, online courses, ebooks, etc. are digital products. They cannot be handled, grasped, smelled or tasted like physical products.



However, these digital products are created from the physical product itself. Such as turning a regular book into an e-book.

Therefore, in the era of digital technology, digital products are gradually becoming more popular and popular.

At the same time, this is also a product that many business people, especially those who are doing affiliate marketing, certainly do not miss this effective opportunity to make money.

Why are digital products preferred over physical products?

After understanding what is a digital product? So why do digital products have more advantages than physical products when doing affiliate marketing?

What is product number?
Digital products often bring more benefits than physical products

In my opinion, compared to physical products, there are many benefits to trading digital products. Typically as:

– Don’t worry about inventory status, if you can’t sell out of stock, it will be empty.

– No need to store products, warehouses like physical products.

– No need to spend money, time to deliver goods.

– Customers can receive products immediately with just a few simple mouse clicks.

– No costs related to materials, installation costs, ..

– ….

With the above benefits, it does not mean that you can arbitrarily create any digital products to sell.

When understanding what is a digital product? You also need to understand that in order to sell a product, the product must really bring real value to the user, helping them solve the problem they are facing.

Therefore, you need to learn how to create valuable digital products that meet the needs of customers, then no matter what type of business, like affiliate marketing, it will be highly effective.

How can you make digital product affiliates more effective?

Being a digital product affiliate is not much different from being a physical product affiliate.

What is product number?
Making digital products requires careful research

Importantly, you need to clearly define who are the customers you want to market to? Who are the potential customers?

When you identify customer insights, then you can advertise, market, and introduce your product’s strengths. Remember, create value first to build trust with customers after the sale.

The main difference with being a digital product affiliate is that explaining the benefits of some products is more difficult than illustrating the benefits of physical products.


For example:

For a physical product like you want to buy a lipstick, you just need to go to a cosmetic store, find the right product to buy and pay.

But with a digital product like a course, you have to focus on educating customers, posting on blogs, websites, landing pages, etc.

With a focus on putting as much valuable referral content on the internet as possible.

At this point, you have the opportunity to make an impression on customers, and convince them that they need the digital product you provide.


However, with product information what is the number? To sell them, you also need to choose the right digital products to market.

After understanding what digital products are, what digital products are currently available to be effective affiliates?

Popular digital products in Vietnam to make affiliates popular

Do you have a clear understanding of the concept of digital products? As well as its advantages over physical products, you can start looking for products to act on.

Specifically, here are some digital products that you can research and learn to list in your affiliate marketing products list.

Online courses – digital products for professionals

Online courses are training programs, taught online instead of going to school.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many people participating in online courses. Especially customers who do not have time to learn face-to-face.

With an online course, they can study in any free time without having to worry about meeting offline hours.

So, if you have any experience, you can completely build your own online courses such as Affiliate marketing course, makeup course, cooking course, ..

In case you do not have any skills, you can do affiliate marketing online courses of some reputable units such as Edumall, Unica….

Electronic Books (Ebooks)

The trend of reading e-books is more and more popular. It is predicted that e-books will quickly dominate the market compared to conventional reading.

Regarding e-books, you can completely create your own books on any topic you like.

After you have a complete product, you will no longer have to worry about printing books, finding publishers, etc. The only thing you need to do is marketing, marketing, and marketing to earn passive income.

Otherwise, you can also search for good, interesting e-book products to be an affiliate.

Nowadays there are many entrepreneurs who also create series of e-books, you can also learn and do affiliate marketing with this item.

However, in my opinion, in Vietnam, the sharing of free ebooks is rampant and difficult to control, so in order to sell them, the book must be really valuable.

Photography – digital products for photographers

Currently, the trend of viewing images is quite a lot, every day millions of people produce content on websites, facebook, newspapers, etc., so the need to use unique images is constantly.

So, you can also create digital products that are photos created by you. Many photographers, fine art often go in this direction to earn passive income every day effectively.

There are now many tools to help you retain all the rights to your photos when reaching out to potential customers like Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, ..

In addition, if you are an affiliate with this digital product, you can learn about programs on some photo selling platforms such as Shutterstock, Alamy, 123rf, 500px Marketplace, etc.

Theme, website plugin – digital products for business for technical people

With understanding what is digital product? people mainly see these products being sold on websites, blogs, etc.

So, now there is a great need to use your website building elements such as Themes, plugins, etc.

In fact, you may not believe it, but now there are many publishers who make a lot of money from selling WordPress themes in Vietnam.

What is product number?

Premium website templates will help you generate completely passive income, you only have to create a theme once. Update again from time to time, but now there’s not much time left.

In addition, you can also create plugins to serve your website needs such as navigation buttons that suggest font combinations, social sharing buttons, ..

If you have programming skills and unlimited creativity, then you don’t have to worry about not having a passive way to make money from your passion.

Computer software program

If you are a programmer, a computer expert, do not miss the opportunity to make money by creating your own software and applications.

For example, the demand for online entertainment is growing, you can build interesting online games to sell them on platforms like CH Play, App Store, ..

Or a lot of software these days is sold as a subscription instead of a license. This means that customers will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to use the software.

You can completely build useful software and collect money to maintain each month. As long as they pay, they can continue to access the software.

Typically, applications for photography, dating, etc. often use the trick of giving a trial for a few days and then collecting maintenance money. This is also a pretty good way for those who are good at technology to increase their income.


The podcast is an online social networking platform, where you share or listen to the confidants, share, … of inspirational people and you can also create your own Podcast page.

Most podcasts are free. Entrepreneurs and content creators use this platform to promote their images, brands, products and services.

However, you can also create a podcast that makes money by asking users to sign up for more in-depth guidance on something.

Alternatively, you can also go in the direction of Freemium. This means people can listen to your podcast for free, but if they pay they get more incentives.

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We are entering the era of digitization, technology 4.0. Therefore, when understanding what digital products are? then you can see the need to pay attention to digital products that promise to be very popular in the future.

In addition, this is an opportunity to help affiliate marketers have the opportunity to effectively increase income with digital products. This is really a gold mine for MMO people.

Of course, what is digital product knowledge? in this article at a basic level, providing information only.

You can consider this as the first brick to help you build a more effective affiliate marketing strategy. Who knows, someday you will also have the motivation to create your own digital products.

Final. Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, if you feel this article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to our upcoming latest Affiliate knowledge.