Are you in a business process but still not knowledgeable about Facebook in general and Facebook Marketing in particular? Or you may be looking to prepare to launch an ideal career, then this article is definitely not to be missed. After this article, there will be a series of Facebook Marketing self-study series from A-Z compiled and drawn from practical experiences. Without further ado, let’s go into the definition above.

In this first article, I will show you an overview of building a sales channel and running ads in the most objective way. Let’s get started!

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing Basics!

Facebook is currently the most famous social network in the world, it has almost dominated the social network for nearly a decade, with the number of users up to 3.3 billion people, and in Vietnam alone ranks in the top position. 7th with 58 million users. Only that much can you feel the fertility of this land.

The Facebook Marketing process has many stages, from free to paid. Build a Fanpage to be the “facade” of your business, run ads with calculated campaigns to reach your products (services) to more people and potential customers with appropriate strategies. physical. You can simply understand that.

Is it easy to do?

I can’t say it’s easy or difficult here, but if you’re well-equipped with knowledge, it’s like going into battle armed with many weapons. The risk will be significantly reduced.

Because this land is so fertile, there are many people rushing to use Facebook as a tool to make money for them, they can use “black hat” tricks to overcome their opponents. And if you are still in a daze without at least the basic knowledge and rush into it, what the outcome will be, you probably have already guessed.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Build a sales channel or a professional community

Fanpage is no longer strange to you, isn’t it, but to use fan page effectively, not everyone knows. It will be more suitable to use if you want to build a sales funnel. There are many stages that must be done to optimize and nurture your “façade” every day. I will present this knowledge in great detail in the Facebook Marketing self-study series.

Unlike Fanpage, Group is more suitable for those who want to build a large community or in a particular specialty. And the latest updates of Facebook, Group brings more interaction than Page, just need good content and some small optimization tips. You will have a huge source of fans and unexpected visitors. That is the powerful impact of Facebook Marketing

Use Facebook Ads to speed up reaching customers

You must have heard of this form of advertising. It means that FB will display your articles, images, videos to users in the form of fee-per-impression.

The skill of running ads is one of the essential things to learn, nowadays there are many advertising services on websites or groups. Not only of large agencies (Advertising companies), but also many teams or individuals doing advertising services & teaching advertising.

Whether you use the service or go to online courses (90% nowadays are scams, money is lost just to teach basic things, headlines run thousands of applications a day…) You should also prepare yourself with some basic knowledge. To fight the case of losing money when starting an online business on Facebook.

The basic skills of FB Ads that need to be learned are as follows:

  • Read and understand the metrics in the ad account
    Targeted thinking, budget optimization
    Prepare a content plan for ad delivery
    A few tips and tricks to maximize efficiency

Self-study series Facebook Marketing A – Z

I also go here and there, reading documents to learn, and it is difficult to find the knowledge online to learn. That’s why I wrote this series and will try to keep it as simple as possible so that beginners or those who already know a little about Facebook Marketing can understand and keep up. Come on, let’s start the battle on Facebook!

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