What is Internet? Frequently asked questions by fresh graduates, so what is it and what is the Intern position in Marketing like? I went through a few internships and today I will share with you some “bloody” experiences when interning!

What is Internet?

The intern is collectively called for interns, possibly fresh graduates or those who want to practice in a certain company. This internship process usually takes place within 2-3 months, depending on the company’s regime.

What is intern?

Your salary during these dates is usually 85% of the full-time employee’s salary. That is, when interviewing, you will be offered a salary as an official employee, for example, 7 million. Then your probationary salary will be 85% x 7 million = 5 million 950.

During this probationary period, you will also not be entitled to social/medical insurance and other benefits of full-time employees. However, the amount of work you do will be many times higher than them 😀

My trainee experience

I mentioned above that the jobs of an intern are many, but don’t be discouraged. Because in my opinion, this could be the most precious time of your entire career.

If this is your first time reading my blog, then I would like to introduce my name is Rick, my real name is An & my current job is a Digital Marketer.

This time is really necessary for you to hone your basic knowledge of the industry. Because there are so many new things, when I meet them, I feel very stressed. But after a few weeks, you will really catch up with the pace of the company.

marketing intern

This is a time when you can make a lot of mistakes, but the company allows you to do it. Try to experiment and learn as much as you can during your internship, when you become an official employee, you will have a lot of experience to solve problems encountered.


Don’t just learn a piece of knowledge about the position you’re applying for


Here are the reasons I see why you should ask for or give yourself the opportunity to learn more about an internship.
  • When you practice, you don’t know which field in Digital marketing is right for you, because it’s really a lot of fields
  • Knowing many arrays will help you a lot later on because you will have to face it in the future
  • You will be different from other trainees & your chances of being officially admitted are very high

Basic difference between an Agency & Client

When you practice in these two environments, you have to understand the basic activities of each party, the Agency will have a huge workload because they receive a lot of projects from brands, and the Client seems to be a bit easier. when you just need to focus on your company product.

difference between agency and

At Agency

When I joined the Agency to intern, my main position as Facebook Ads. Previously, I studied MMO (Make Money Online) for a few months before going to practice, but about Facebook Ads, I’m a fresher  (Meaning I don’t know anything yet kk).

In my opinion, the internship period is really not easy, because your knowledge learned at the university or previous online courses often cannot be applied immediately.

Why is that? Because each agency will have its own process and process. So your work does not always apply immediately to their workflow. You will need a period of about 1-2 weeks to train their working process.

At that time, I also supported other intern teams to do exercises on Content, Design, SEO, Google Ads (It was called Google Adword at that time). Actually, at that time, I learned a lot of things at once, and the pressure with headaches also increased many times.

The joy:

  • You will learn a lot of knowledge in different industries
  • You can handle multitasking very well
  • Gain knowledge in many different areas of the industry (If you work hard)
  • Dynamic environment, fun to say


  • Very high pressure
  • You hear a lot of swearing because you haven’t hardened your hands yet
  • When you practice for a while, you will find yourself not suitable for that field (That’s why I recommend you to contact and learn many other fields)

At Client

Fortunately, I was able to practice at both Clients, and my first official job was at Clients.

As I said above, the Client seems to be easier to breathe than the inherent pressure of the Agency, but each place has its own difficulty. Instead of taking the time to learn a lot of things at the Agency, you have to dig very deep into the product industry your company is selling.

The joy:

  • The work will not be as stressful as the agency
  • Learn in-depth about the industry you are working on
  • Show it off to everyone because usually big brands know it


  • Not being exposed to many other industries
  • Other areas in Marketing will also not be learned much

Due to not having as much pressure, I sometimes get bored

Channels to search for intern jobs

Here are some ways to find the right intern job:

  • Group: Internship – Career Opportunities (HCMC) (My first internship was thanks to this gr ^^)
  • Website : BrandsVietnam Recruitment

After the article What is Intern, you probably already know some basic information about it, hope you find an intern job that suits you!.

Minhg has a lot of articles about Digital Marketing on this blog, please refer to it to have a lot of experience that you have experienced in practice.