In the affiliate marketing model, there are 3 main objects: Advertiser, Affiliate Network, and Publisher. If in the previous articles we have learned what an Advertiser is and what is an Affiliate Network. So what is a Publisher? Let’s learn more about it in the following article.

What is a Publisher?

The affiliate marketing model (Affiliate marketing) is made up of 3 main objects: Advertiser (advertiser), Affiliate Network (intermediary company connecting Advertiser vs Publisher).

So what is a Publisher? Specifically, a Publisher is an individual or organization that helps advertisers promote and market products to users to receive commissions.

Specifically, when joining the affiliate marketing team, Publishers will use their own affiliate link to offer products.

What is publisher?
The publisher is the person who advertises and markets products for the Advertiser to receive a commission

When a customer performs actions such as purchasing, filling out a form, registering, downloading an app, etc., following the affiliate link based on the advertiser’s request, you will receive a commission.

Publishers can completely advertise and market products directly on their website/blog.

In addition, you can use any tools such as social networks, email marketing, etc., as long as a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link, they can receive a commission.

In addition to participating in Affiliate programs directly from Advertisers, publishers can join the community of Affiliate Networks to access a wider variety of programs.

Because Affiliate Network is an intermediary, the bridge helps Advertiser find Publisher and vice versa.

In particular, when working through Affiliate Network parties, they will provide Publishers with campaign tracking tools, helping to increase successful conversion rates when doing affiliates.

What is the difference between Advertiser and a Publisher?

Who are Advertisers? Specifically, Advertisers are companies and businesses whose products/services need to be advertised.

Their product can exist as a salable product or require an action such as downloading an app, leaving contact information (CPL – Cost Per Lead), etc.

Because advertisers cannot reach a large number of potential customers to advertise and sell products.

publisher affiliate marketing

Publisher and Advertiser is a partnership, with the advent of the affiliate marketing model, they need a strong team of Publishers to help them promote, market and sell to them.

As the definition of Publisher is above, individuals and businesses that have followed this career are responsible for connecting Advertiser’s products/services with shoppers.

When Publisher increases the ability to reach potential customers for Advertiser, by default they will receive a commission commensurate with the effort they have spent.

We can brand different Publishers through how they approach customers, how they do to get potential customers for Advertiser.

There are publishers who find customers through advertising platforms or find natural customers through building their own website/blog, social networks, email marketing, etc.

Specifically, depending on the different types of Publishers, there will be different customer searches.


Therefore, choosing the right approach to the capacity is an important factor to help Publishers find the customer traffic to achieve good results..


Popular types of Publishers when doing affiliate marketing

When understanding what is Publisher? then this object is not only the seller, introducing the product.

Besides, Publisher is also divided into many different types such as:

PPC. Partner

These are the people who can spend their own money to gain traffic, customers access the website through the mechanism (pay per click – pay per click).

What is publisher?
PPC is a form of Publisher that pays to run ads themselves to find traffic

While this is a wise way of finding traffic, they can also be abused by traffic from automated bots, creating virtual traffic sources rather than actual customers.

Therefore, when deciding to do affiliate marketing in this form, publishers should design a professional system that can block illegal PPC activities.

Only then can Publisher promote quality traffic to your affiliate link effectively.

Social Media Partners

This form of Publisher is quite flexible and professional in using online social networking platforms.

They know the right strategy to use social networks such as creating accounts, increasing interactions, creating shared content, etc.

Currently, with the development of various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram…for Publishers to unleash their content creation and reach many customers effectively.

Partner specializing in coupons

This is another effective form of Publisher when they attract buyers with great deals, offer discount codes, and update hot deals from Advertisers.

They can post discount information on their website/blog, run ads, send email marketing to target customers.

The target customers known here are online consumers who are looking to shop at “bargain prices” by hunting for promotions and discounts.

I can example some websites that work in this form quite effectively such as Discount Blog, Jamja, Chanhtuoi, …

Content-based website

For those who don’t know, famous bloggers, influencers often create websites with valuable content targeting.

In this form, publishers will build content about their products, or share content from influencers.

This will help drive more traffic to your affiliate link.

Shopping comparison site

This is an effective form of affiliate marketing that many Publishers choose.

publisher affiliate marketing

Trends in investing in product comparison sites for effective affiliate marketing specifically, shopping comparison sites will be like a shopping mall, where many different products converge and put them on the same website.

In addition, they will conduct assessments and comparisons between products in the same field.

Based on that will help customers get a more objective view of the product. At the same time, if they are satisfied, they are ready to visit the affiliate link you provide to buy.


According to statistics, this form of Publisher has a very high conversion rate.

But currently, there are only 2 websites on the topic of successful and effective shopping comparison, Sosanhgia and Websosanh.

What are the steps to becoming a Publisher?

After understanding what Publisher is? As well as understand the popular types of publishers today. The next step that you need to do is determine your own direction when doing affiliate marketing.

In the current development era, there are many ways for Publishers to reach many potential customers.

The important thing is that you have enough perseverance to learn and not give up? If you are determined to get rich with Affiliate Marketing, you can apply some of the following ways to become a good Publisher:

Clearly define the product you want to market

When deciding to do affiliate marketing, you can’t afford to sell every product, every item wants to be marketed with the mindset “the more items you sell, the more commissions you will get”.

This is a completely wrong notion.

what is publisher?
The publisher needs to identify products to sell and target customers

So, when you want to be a Publisher, you need to determine what specific products you want to sell? What are your strengths? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that it can be easily advertised to buyers?

Besides, you should also learn about your target audience.

In order to be able to create the right advertising content for them.

Based on the identification of the two factors above, it will easily help you create an effective marketing and advertising campaign.

Identify channels to promote products and services

Currently, there are many channels to help Publishers find and reach target customers, including paid and free channels.

Free channels can be SEO, Youtube, Blog/Website, social networking sites like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Paid advertising channels are probably advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zalo Ads, ..

Regardless of the advertising channel, people need investment to reap the results. Be persistent in optimizing every day, good success will come to you.

Define an affiliate network to be an affiliate

As we mentioned above, in addition to working directly with Advertisers, Publishers can do affiliates through affiliate networks.

Currently, with the strong development of Affiliate marketing, many different networks have been born such as Amazon, Clickbank, etc.


Besides, we have an article introducing effective affiliate companies and applications for everyone to refer to here.



Build quality marketing content

After determining the right Publisher direction, choosing an effective sales channel, to reach products to customers requires you to create quality content.

If you upload content to sales channels every day but there is no interaction, it is most likely because your content is not really engaging.

what is publisher?

Creating new quality content attracts customers remember, “Content is King“, good content must be content that touches the right customer insight, touches the right pain and problem that they are facing to direct them to the solution that is the product/service you continue. town.

In addition, if you want to create good content, you should put yourself as a customer, to know what information you need to convince other buyers.

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General conclusion

Above are the shares about what Publisher is? Who are they? How to do Publisher?

Thereby, it can be seen that this is the way to help you and yourself to step on the path to success when doing effective affiliate marketing.

Hopefully, the content of this article about what Publisher is will provide useful information so that you can start embarking on this road smoothly and achieve the desired results.

Final. Thank you everyone for following Digital By Rick, if you feel this article brings many benefits to everyone, do not hesitate to share, as well as look forward to our upcoming latest Affiliate knowledge.