Hello everyone, every product on shopee has a product code to distinguish them clearly! So what is shopee product SKU? & how to find a good SKU that gets many searches to sell!

What is shopee product SKU?

SKU is an acronym for Stock Keeping Unit. In goods management in general and on Shopee in particular, the SKU code is used to classify products and represent the extended attributes associated with that product.
SKUs are usually placed under the following formula:


Product symbol + size + color

Example: Product size 35 white t-shirt

=> Product SKU is: AT35T

Why is it better to have an SKU on a product than not have it?

When selling on a small scale, SKUs may not be necessary because your products are few.
However, if you have or plan to sell a lot of products, then you should convention the SKU code right from the start to save time on product management later.
Right! SKU codes will help you manage inventory, orders, shipping, sales, promotions very well because each small variation in the product has a unique SKU code for it!
Imagine that a school has nearly 5000 students, the student code is the way for the school to effectively and closely manage all students in the school.

How to add SKU to products on shopee?

Please login to Seller Channel at Shopee:

The product has no variant

Select All Products > Select the product to edit > Drag to More Info at the bottom of the page!
Fill in the SKU and click Save

Products with variations

If the product has many variants, you must fill in the variant’s information in the product classification groups
After adding an item classification, you adjust the price, initial inventory quantity, and classification SKU of each item category to manage.


How to find product SKUs that are in extreme demand?

This is a question that many people are interested in at the moment, how to find the hottest product codes for business.
An SKU is hot or has a lot of searches and you sell at that time, the order and revenue will be huge.


For example, the product “Mini hand-held fan” in February and March sold very well because the weather was very hot at that time and the main target customers were students (Teenagers loved the products very much. many colors & most schools in Vietnam do not have air conditioners)


So how do find these products to keep up with the trend?

Digital By Rick today will give you tips for finding these SKUs!

Step 1: Prepare a table of potential products

Prepare a table of potential products that include the following criteria:

  • Your available products
  • Products that you think have potential (Demand by weather, by time, by function for each region…)
  • Product categories appear a lot in Flash Sale Shopee (https://shopee.vn/flash_sale)

Then it includes all the products as shown below:

sản phẩm trend shopee

Step 2: Use Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the useful tools in finding hot and trending issues in a short period of time.
Visit https://trends.google.com/trends/explore (Discover)
Then enter the product names in the search bar to see the trend, note to see the trend at the latest time, if the score is 85 or higher, it means that the product is hot and has many searches.

sử dụng google trend để kiểm tra xu hướng sản phẩm

Note all the trending points on the potential products you selected above, then use the Filter function in Excel or Google Sheet to find the hottest products.

sản phẩm shopee đang có xu hướng cao

So you can already search for products that are in high demand at the moment, then just search for the source of the goods and post them on Shopee for sale!


So you already know the SKU searches, but are you administering the SKU the right way? Taking notes manually is not a good idea, it is both time consuming and costly in personnel. Keep reading to find a tool that solves this problem!


Sales tool to help control SKU, sales & inventory on each code optimally?

Most of the sellers now are only approaching the online business in the most basic and manual way.
But this is the age of technology, the software, and tools to support the sale are released a lot.
After using 4 5 sales software, I found Sapo Go to be the most satisfactory software supplier!


Currently Sapo is offering a free 7-day trial, if you agree, it will not cost you money. After 7 days, it costs 160,000 VND a month to continue using.


Why is Sapo Go my choice? Because it solves the following problems:
  • Comment / Inbox gathered in a single place (Messages from Fanpage & Shopee are all in one place, easy to control)
  • Close orders directly on the software (After chatting, you will create orders right on the chatbox)
  • Notify bad customers or bomb goods (Huge data warehouse automatically identifies numbers with high cancellation rate)
  • Strict product control (Since there are thousands of product SKU codes, the software also automatically arranges and categorizes in the most intelligent way)
  • Detailed reports (Inventory, Revenue, Closing staff, sales performance, number of cats, inbox … are all shown on one dashboard)
DR readers will get 7 days of free tool trial. Get it here!
Thank you everyone for following the article What is a shopee product SKU? Please read other articles in the Shopee Sales series to learn more about Shopee experience and knowledge!
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