Surely you have heard from once through the term SEO, SEO Web, SEO Standard Content … So what is SEO?

What is SEO?

When you step into the field of web making or online marketing, more or less surely you have heard of SEO and many people recommend you to do SEO. So what is SEO? And how can you achieve SEO success?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization. To put it simply, when you search for a certain keyword on Google. In addition to the positions with the word “Ad”, the first positions below are using SEO to get that position.

Web SEO is a combination of analytical tools, website optimization techniques and Content Marketing to perform.

What are the benefits of SEO Web?

Having a good position on google means that you will have a lot of traffic (the term refers to traffic) on your website.

When customers search for a keyword related to your product, if your website appears in the first position, customers will have a very high click-through rate to your website. If the content you build is good and solid, it will bring in sales very naturally.

SEO is different from Google Ads in that it is free (If there is a fee, it is also a fee for services and agencies to execute SEO web campaigns for you). Digital By Rick is also currently offering SEO optimization services for websites at extremely low prices for small shops ^^

SEO still has downsides!

SEO is undeniably an effective digital marketing channel. However, if your website is brand new, just created and completed the design for a few days. Then at least 6 months after the new SEO project brings results.

If your business purpose is to sell as quickly as possible, then SEO is not the channel that you should choose. Google Ads can replace SEO in this case!

I’m currently going in the direction of getting traffic right on the first posts. Because my concept is that you don’t need to be in the first place to still be able to sell. As I said, it depends on whether your purpose is Branding (Brand Recognition) or Selling (Sales).

Is web SEO difficult?

It is also difficult for me to answer this question. Theoretically it is not too difficult to do, however in practice it is different.

The other thing here is that a lot of businesses are building a lot of traffic on their website => Leading to a lot of competition. Not only Vietnam but also many other foreign markets.

Basic process when SEO web
Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research with the help of tools and user and competitor analysis.

Step 2: Build content content

After having the best set of target keywords and quality, proceed to build the structure and content for the landing pages to target keywords.

Step 3: Onpage

Onpage optimization for keywords like title, H1, meta description, images, readability for deployed content…

Step 4: Offpage

Off-page optimization or in other words building a system of backlinks pointing to the homepage and important pages.

Step 5: Track the results

Monitor results and continue to optimize SEO factors according to Google search engine standards.

Step 6: Advanced Optimization

From ranking and traffic achieved, continue to analyze in depth and optimize advanced such as bounce rate, time on site …

Is SEO a career & should become an SEO-er

SEO is currently an industry in Vietnam. And many of you ask me if I follow SEO, will I have a sustainable career? Then I definitely have!

Google is currently the largest search engine in the world, and if it crashes, don’t worry. Other future search engines will also be similar to Google’s previous algorithm. It’s impossible that google crashes :))

I have been talking with SEO hardcore seniors for over 7 8 years in the industry. Then I really see SEO can become a long-term job for those of you who like perseverance, analysis, inference & love the website. If you don’t know if you are suitable or not, then start working, maybe you will be addicted!

So that you have grasped a certain part of SEO, please follow my next sharing to have more knowledge about SEO.