What to write on shopee package? Enter the bill of lading code manually? Do you need a printer to sell on shopee?

These are the questions that first-time sellers approaching e-commerce, especially Shopee.

There are too many problems with new sellers that make them confused to find a solution, so with experience in advising new shops selling on Shopee, Digital by Rick will guide you all the way for the first time. Shop on Shopee so that you can solve the problem of what is written on the shopee package and related questions!

What is a consignment note? What to write on shopee package?

What to write on shopee package? The consignment note is the place where we must print all the basic information about the order, and is the proof of deposit for that order. For example:

  • Bill of lading code (can enter the code of the waybill manually)
  • Code orders
  • Seller information
  • Buyer Information
  • Order volume
  • Amount due

ghi mã vận đơn bằng tay

Does Bill Sell on shopee need a printer? Print Shopee delivery slip

If you are a large business or store, you must have a printer to easily print invoices and documents faster than writing by hand.

In my opinion, if you have stable sales of more than 4.5 orders per day, you should use the printer, because it will save a lot of time and importantly…


It makes your package when reaching customers, they will recognize your professionalism.



So where to buy reputable and quality printers?

I have used a few printer brands, but there is one brand that I use and find it very good and effective. I have also been introduced to many sellers to buy this printer.

In addition to being used to print shopee bills of lading, it is also used for many other printing purposes. But the most valuable feature of the printer I am about to introduce is:

  • The “unique” ability to PRINT WITHOUT INK helps shop owners SAVE a pile of money on monthly ink purchases
  • Especially, after printing and pasting immediately without adhesive tape, you can save a lot of money to buy adhesive tape
  • Print speed of 1 second, 1 single helps to print thousands of applications a day in just 15 minutes
  • Print on all 4 floors: Shopee, and parties GHTK, GHN, Viettel Post, J&T, EMS, KiotViet, Sapo, Quick, Suno, Haravan, Vending machine, TPOS… print from Word, Excel, Bartender

Check it out by clicking on the image below:

máy in đơn hàng shopee, máy in nhiệt shoptida


Think about it, if a customer receives an order and sees that the order has an irregular, unclear handwritten bill of lading, how will they feel? Surely they will judge our shop as unprofessional. So do you need a printer to sell on shopee? My answer is still yes.

In fact, the seller does not need to print the consignment note on the box but only needs to write the bill of lading code by hand (print). However, to ensure that the delivery process is as accurate as possible, we should fill out all information and print it (write the bill of lading code manually), thereby easily manage the number of orders manually.

How to print a delivery note on Shopee:

After you know what to write on the shopee package

Here you will be able to have more questions “Do you need a printer to sell on Shopee?”

The answer will be right below!

You can print (write the waybill code manually) Shopee Consignment Voucher in the Seller Channel by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Seller Channel

ghi mã vận đơn bằng tay

Step 2: Select Manage Shipping > Manage Orders

ghi mã vận đơn bằng tay

Step 3: Select the item Waiting to pick up goods

ghi mã vận đơn bằng tay

Step 4: Select the words Print Delivery Note under the Action column

ghi mã vận đơn bằng tay



– Before delivery, please follow the steps below:

Print (write the bill of lading code by hand) 2 copies of the Consignment Note

Print (manually write the bill of lading code) 1 copy on the box/bag, note that the section Print (manually write the bill of lading code) must be clearly displayed.

Keep a Printed copy (write the bill of lading code by hand) as a delivery document, if there is a problem, you can rest assured to solve it.

So we know how to write what to write on shopee packages and answer the question Does selling on Shopee need a printer?. Please apply it in your orders to be able to accurately manage and create professionalism for your customers!

Wish you have a good trade!

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